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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by SkiMask, Jul 28, 2016.

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    How are the physics? Does it still feel like braking on ice half the time? I have been racing on iRacing for the past part of three years now simply so I can have some clean races. But I have always liked GT but if the physics are not there its a no buy for me.
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    I want to hold my opinion back until I have played all of it. Specifically, the other mode which I now gather is Arcade mode. Great.

    I can tell you right now if the game turns out to be more closer to the "sport" mode then I wouldn't really fuck on it with your dick. Or whatever.

    Let's see if they open her up a bit more and let us look under that hood. Still can't tell you if its 4k or runs locked at 60 on Pro because I haven't actually done my research on it and I think that might be because subconsciously I don't want to find out the game is this bad for controller users.

    I literally almost never give up the gas (my racing isn't really that great) BUT you'll find me swooshing around corners as if the camera is turning and not the car. Check that out again. I encourage you to look at the horizon when I hit an apex. Again, I AM IN SPORT MODE. However, it's cheese. There is another mode called "ARCADE".

    Um. What could that POSSIBLY feel like when Sport feels arcade? I'm sort of scared to know.

    Wheel? Probably fucking awesome and great for it.

    Couldn't get the cars I own yet to turn anywhere near what you inferred. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    The cars unlock with "Daily Miles" and also with completing other tasks I am sure. Lately, they have been unlocking pretty easily and dole out a car a day. Just picked up a Jag and it's souped. That might have better handling and become more important to be technical. Right now? The Audi with 4WD and the other cars they start you with have been super blah, but as you've seen, I just grab and go. They do afford all the same abilities to customize (no livery editor yet?) and I am not sure, but they may not do anything cool with an actual garage to display. Kinda sucks.

    Oh and I have yet to crack them forums over there yet and so I might do some thorough analysis of that and report back some insider stuff at how the dev is responding to users.

    Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!
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    The track looks so different from what Im used to in iRacing and Assetto Corsa. I will go run some laps in the car I have been racing on iRacing lately and show you how much the track differs. Its really the only thing I can compare from that video. I wonder how Gran Turismo build their tracks. Both iRacing and Aessetto Corsa have laser scan data of the track track surface, and features. Ill go run some laps now. They might be ragged because my setup is going to be two updates old and needs to be updated on the fly so this should be fun for you.
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    Feel free to post up a video to compare. Remember that this is also going to be VR compatible so I assume some of the circuit tracks feel that "tunnel" type vision to it, but some amazing things just happened...

    Red dot is the input on top the column.

    Daily car I picked up was a Nismo GTR. Then they took the training wheels off...

    And that changed everything.

    Set it to Professional and no aids. The races opened and here you see the CPU open a can of whoop ass.
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    Wow I love hitting that highway run in Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, looks good, sound is better than I thought it would be too.
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    Yea don't think you can compare GT to Assetto and definitely can't compare it to iracing. Those replays look crispy.
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    Now that I have seen other tracks, I can't wait to see how Laguna looks. Here is something cool: Tracks need to have more life and smudges than a GoPro on 1080 would. I know that's asking alot, but I thought GT would've figured that out by now and took it's sim to the next level. Don't get me wrong VR nice, but I would like a taste of the campaign and to have seen improvements other than guys with flags after you went into the sand.
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    So they are kicking up the live events now and they pull you right into them when the countdown ends. I wasn't destroyed, but lost the one position I ever took. I think it was a push in the end.

    And do let me know what views you would rather see more of. I like TP as you would expect but can play in any of them.
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    Sorry about yesterday and flaking out. Will definitely do the daily's tonight and incorporate your suggestions. I also hate that I didn't spend the damn 20 minutes unlocking the Workout Challenge to get another car. Typical GT triggering!

    Now that I have played without aids and have seen more tracks than just the 3, I am excited every day to play.
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    Played with AIDS, played without AIDS.

    Worst lap right here.
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    Yeah it was fun learning and getting into it all, can't wait for GT Sport. Taking a pic of the model of car on your key ring but you have to wait until you take images off your PS3? I'm confused.
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    Playing with aids is aids
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    Naw just a bit lazy and have to plug in the PS3 to my PS2's HDMI and will go lookin for them Organ Donor GTR pics and post them up here (for those that didn't know Organ Donor sent me his GTR pics via PS3 messages as that was where he stored them). Taking a pic at work of my keys in the pocket and posting here took a nano.

    The PS3 would take a minute, but you've given me the strength to endure that extra bit of time in order to see Organ's beast of a machine in the realz and to post them in the vehicles thread. Maybe in doing so, you'll explain @NumbLeg what your first ride was and a little story to go along and I'll snap that die cast model tonight?

    Deal? Ah hell, I'll do it for you any day.
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    Shit you KNOW IT. I even tried, as you saw, to see if it even kept me competitive with the wheelers and HELL NO! Even a perfectly driven lap is almost half a minute behind them custom gear heads, as it should be.

    Sound though still has me concerned and I also heard 500 cars. Ok so half them versus GT5 so I expected all premium versions and while ALL have premium insides some of them don't provide a back seat view and that's odd to me.

    Also finally picked up two decent rides in the Gr. 3 class. Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG GT3 and a Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 '16 all raced out. Stay tuned as they're shuffling the tracks to allow for faster cars on something other than the oval. I'll also upload them 3 lap stunnas everyone hates and the Daily Prize cars doing the truffle shuffle for 50 seconds.

    For now:
    123.JPG 1234.JPG
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    So I figured out the cars (200ish total, 36 in beta; I have 23) and started to take off some of the aids. Slowly but Shirley.

    For me the game is sort of like a fine wine. I am liking online events more, but I really still just want to play the regular 'ol campaign and lose myself in that for months. I didn't go any further into seeing how many tracks will be showcased for the beta, but I am thinking it might just be Brands, Willow and Nürburgring. Oh can't forget that Oval.
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