Guide: How To Get The Patch To Work On Any Console Without The Patch

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    Introduction: For everyone that doesnt have the patch and is willing to take a extra step to get the patch you have arrived in the right spot my friend i have successfully loaded the patch without having ever downloaded the patch many of you may know i recently just joined xlink under Krazy_Kimahri however i have brought to the community something that everyone who wants to play HDD maps or even just dont like how glitchy Pre patch is i do this to improve the gaming experience of anyone that wants it.

    DVD Decrypter <-----
    CDVD Generator 2.00 <-----!c4V0nDRB!9mdFp0H1kNNvH6nERqpHeKl6ahfznMxeYtwZDUlv97w
    APACHE00.ZDB <-----
    Step by Step:

    Step one: First we need to create an iso of our socom 2 disc :) Insert you socom 2 disc into your DVD drive on your PC/Laptop.

    Step 2: Open DVD Decrypter if its not installed already go ahead and do that now.

    Step 3: Ok so from here what you want to do is select your socom 2 disc from the drop down menu then select your save destination after click the button on the bottom that has a disc -> HDD image on it will say Decrypt when you high light it

    Step 4: After it has created your iso go to the location that you saved your iso to. (If you havent installed winrar you definately need to do that now)

    Step 5: Open the ISO with winrar and you will get a list of files and directories inside of a window it will look something like this
    RUN........ highligh all of the files in this window and extract them somewhere you will be able to find them i suggest making a folder specifically for the extracted iso such as SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT.

    Step 6: After winrar has finished go ahead and close winrar we do not need it anymore

    Step 7: Now we want to find the SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT folder and open the directory and navigate to to the run folder and then to the RAW folder so your file navigation should look like this SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT->RUN->RAW

    Step 8: Now that you are in the RAW folder this is where the APACHE00.ZDB that you downloaded from above comes into play you want to take the file you downloaded and Overwrite the one that is inside of the RAW folder.

    Step 9: If you guys are hanging in there we are almost done if you need a ciggarette a sip of beer or a bongload to your face i suggest you do it now because ive dedicated this step to those of us who are addicted to stuff in such lmao. (If you are confused please re read and make sure you havent skipped any steps)

    Step 10: Ok now here comes the fun part we need to have the Folder SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT Open on the screen and open CD_DVD Generator.exe the file i had you download as a pre requisite to starting the Tutorial

    Step 11: CD_DVD Generator will prompt you to continue and exsisting project or start a new project CLICK START NEW and then will prompt you to select whether it is going to be a CD Master Disc Or A DVD Master Disc Or a Dual Layer Master disc Select DVD Master Disc

    Step 12: ONE BY ONE! Copy the folders and files into CD_DVD Generator in the same order as they appear in the SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT FOLDER.

    Step 13: after you have done that Click the VOLUME button its on the top left of the CD_DVD GENERATOR and for Disc Name type in SCUS 97275 and for license select America

    Step 14: Now at this point what you want to do is go to file and Click export IML it will prompt you to select a save destination At this time use the prompt to navigate to your SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT folder and save the IML File Here

    Step 15: We are almost done Creating Your socom 2 r0004 Patch ISO! Pat yourself on the back we have made it this far you should know that you are doing a great job!

    Step 16: Ok now what you want to do is Open IML2DVD.exe i have supplied The Download link under requirements

    Step 17: Once you have opened IML2DVD where it says IML Path click the [...] to the right and Select the IML file you saved in your SOCOM 2 PATCH PROJECT FOLDER and where it says save iso as select your desktop!

    Step 18: Wait until you get a message saying save complete and verified then exit IML2DVD Your done with the hardest part of this tutorial!!!!!! Gratzi!!! you now have an iso with the r0004 patch hardcoded into it.

    This is where most people are going to run into this question well now that ive done all of this how do i use it on my ps2 there are a few methods i have come up with to run this... however the easiest method is to use a ps2 with Free MCBOOT on it but seeing as how most people do not have that i will explain how to run on a slim ps2 with no MCBOOT First


    (i will be updating this tutorial over the next 2 days with pictures and possibly a video of this entire process however it is strongly recommended that you use this guide as a refrence at all times when doing this if for some reason you run into issues creating an iso either Me Or .stealth. can help you get thing up and running we have been working very hard to bring this to xlink and to the socom 2 community that still thrives today we apprieciate your support. and thank you to dominator94 for all of his thoughts on making the patch happen.)

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    I will be making a video on this tonight. It isn't as hard as it looks.
  3. Krazy

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    The steps definately make it look longer i broke it down so that people with very little computer knowledge could do it as well some steps are actually 1 but i split into to 2 so it was simplified
  4. .Stealth.

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    Im working on getting the DLC Maps onto the iso also.
  5. Stealthness

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  6. .Stealth.

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  7. Suade

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    Nice job on this.
  8. Cygars

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    first im not against this but why will go tru all this ? patch did nothing but wall slide and m60... so whats the point ? people complained back them will keep complaining now patch or not patch.. socom 2 its broken game patch or not patch.......... but its the best out there, just play the game how it is.
  9. Stealth

    Stealth Foxhunt

    I thought so too, but after not playing in this type of environment for two years due to the servers going down..... I have noticed quite a bit of a difference.

    So far, the patch that remedied issues which are not able to be seen very easily. Like tweaking the hit detection on character boxes just behind the neck and slightly below it, between the shoulder blades. They made this area a dead spot, for multiple reasons; More newb friendly or "forgiving" game play due to added sponginess.

    They also tweaked the actual base game play a bit too for the wall slide,.... because the AKS-74 was also altered. With the patch, this weapon was way different, a much MUCH more reliable/effective weapon. Now its' w/o the patch it's horrendous. All of this btw is just off the top of my head, there's more to it.

    I used to seriously wreck people with that AKS and now ..... well lol, thought it was me at first.

    As to wether it's worth it or not, I assume so, but I haven't tried any of this out, looks like a pain in the ass. I'm not sure many people are doing or will do it. That's the only thing I can think of keeping me from doing it.
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    This not work, because the patch was made to be run on memory card, once online or lan mode are selected the game reboot
  11. Krazy

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    cuz u cant play with peple that are unpatched when ur patched. u have to play with people with the patch
  12. SkiMask

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    Meanwhile you have guys running around booting rooms because they know not what they do. Awesome.
  13. Krazy

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    yea skimask i know but people don't listen or pay attention unfortunately i figured by now it was common sense that r4 and r1 cant play together
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  14. SkiMask

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    Totally agree, but even I didn't know that until I REALLY looked into it and not until after I played XLink for a whole summer. Most new to XLink though would never even think that was obvious in the least. Here's to hoping you got some commonsensical mutherfuckers running through looking for the heads up. And btw, I appreciate that some of you are looking to take your SOCOM to the next level. Kudos.
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  15. If someone have a v7, or under Playstation it is much easier to get the patch. You just need to change the system console id and link id to match a already encrypted patch.

    There even a arena message when you join the SOCOM 2 arena about the patches so I surprise no one read them when they are new to xlink.
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  16. SkiMask

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    YOU'RE SURPRISED?!? I'm surprised Team XLink is surprised.
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  17. Krazy

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    I always thought that would work but I could never get anyone to cooperate with me enough. I mean of course I do tend to do a lot of research before asking so I usually have about 50,000,000 ideas in my head non of which are easy I mean I'm not even on xlink anymore and I'm still trying to figure out a way.. but its like I say every piece of information that's out there is only helpful for the ultimate goal all we can do is try its up to the people to decide what method is for them. gtclPimp decrypted the Combined assault patch but you need a code to use it from what I saw. but its a hudge step in the right direction at least for CA the mod disc method works great for me because I just swap the discs at the loading screen and swap back if I want the patch and all I gotta do is extract an iso replace the patch file on any of the socoms run through cdvd gen rebuild it and then whala

    WESTC0AST Butterstick

    Can you point my me in the right direction for doing this.and would it work for s3,ca?
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  19. Yes it probably be easier to walk you through in live chat like on XLink Kai, or SVDL. If your PS2 have the firewire port you can change your PS2 Link Id and Console Id. If you do not see the firewire port this means your PS2 is above version 7 and this method won't work for you.
  20. SkiMask

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    Some night down the road light years ahead of where us neanderthals are now slinging our shit and rubbing sticks, I would like to get a serious core group of SOCOMers to give SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALs Combined Assault Platoon Night a chance.

    "/u for unlimited and /s for 32 people. This only works on SVDL however and not XLink Kai."

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