Guide: How To Get The Patch To Work On Any Console Without The Patch

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    How would one go about finding this out. I'd love to get a patched version of CA for Clan Tags and anti-cheat detection

    SHUDRSKI Butterstick

    Will this work on ps3? I know it says any console, but ive exhausted my ability in the tech world to make something work for the ps3. Just not tech savvy enough to make it happen. I can fix a garbage truck at work by listening to it and knowing the problem. Downloading/transferring/changing data in folders is like Alien sign language to me at the moment. Working on it though.
  3. The Combined Assault patch won't add clan tags to LAN and as anti-cheat detection that won't really have any addition cheat detection at this state. If anyone cheating they are banned and not able to play.

    To use it on backwards compatible PS3 you probably need Codebreaker disk. Which will require doing that each time you want to load patch.

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    I know that if I have a CFW ps3 it will probably work with ulaunch, or swap magic, or action replay, ive heard of several disc swap methods. Just wish there was a way to burn and play. Shouldn't a ripped version with the patch already on it work? Harry thought, I may be mistaken, a Memory dump of the base game with the patch ripped on it could work, since the base game launches the patch. Again I may be mistaken, not very good with all this stuff. But I'm interested in the codebreaker disc part. Your saying that I could use a codebreaker disc to launch a patch, and then put my reg disc in and it should work? any codebreaker disc in specific (Preferably one that does not have any cheats for socom whatsoever so I can avoid that community pounding?)
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    Is there an updated link to the file that has everything you need in it?
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    i made a youtube video on how to run it on a PS3 but i am not sure if it ok to link here since it has iso in the youtube description. i pmed you with link

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    Thank you for that

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