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    Saw this a couple of months ago and left a comment on the channel. The creator of this vid claims he reached out to both sides and comes to the conclusion that the strife between TRS and SOF boils down to some sort of misunderstanding. This leads me to believe he didn't reach out to anyone on the TRS "side" of things who had any info beyond what's out in the public sphere. If he did I have no idea how he could think there was any misunderstandings between us.

    Aside from that very brief and uninformed glossing over of the studio drama in the first minute or so this is pretty much a standard game review.
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    Seemed like a good review to me. Good as in honest...

    It's a little unfair to point out flaws in the workshop maps vs the SOFs Maps but that's not really his fault now is it...
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    I am so clueless to this type of stuff being dropped. Do some of you have a Google alert of SOCOM and stuff? Although it does have H-Hour in the title so that may have something to do why it doesn't hit my radar. Let's see what they have to say...
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    Close the end of the video someone mentioned about playing SOCOM on Xlink tonight on the mic.

    That right there about says it all, they would rather play a 14 year old game with awful netcode and hit detection and the added network issues with Xlink than play H-Hour.
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    Oh geez. Oops!
  7. S_L_I_C_K

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    fuck off paul.
  8. S_L_I_C_K

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    yeah i would like to see this guy show up here and ask some actual questions.
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    Wait, are these the guys that "secured" the "Mod" with the explosive rounds talking all this?
    Odd that he seemed to know people around here personally though. That was a WTF moment, wasn't it? All in under 2 minutes. Misunderstanding? Leading with StevieBizzle and misunderstandings doesn't compute in the slightest.
    And the Rosie quote was again glorious is that they didn't have enough money to secure the Mo-Cap for Stevie because Tom already flew North and jumped on that mattress and forgot the tacti-ladders and just put himself in the game with long hair and no climbing. I do like though that they gave him a buzz cut after I said it was silly.
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    The game is ass and has been ass, I don't care how much it's improved when literally it's 2017 and they're still having frame rate issues as well as hit detection problems. The colors look bland still and the sound quality is atrocious.

    If the kickstarter money would of been given to the community to work on we would of had a game by now but we got conned by the David Sears name and we took the bait, you live and you learn.
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    sometimes I cannot believe what I see people saying...


    yeah! just do that stoopids!
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    lol the game would get laughed off the stage
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    I've never seen a more retarded forum in my life than what they have going on over there.
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    They should not have you banned.. I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile here is the community update they did today;

    Hello H-Hour Community!

    Around the Studio:

    The dev team are catching their breath while monitoring the stability of the game post upgrade to UE4 4.15; a major piece of work. With the great response from the community in providing dump files, they were able to quickly stabilize the game with three successive hotfixes being released last week. They are still monitoring servers, logs and community reports to determine when they can return to full development once again and what their focus for next patch should be.

    Workshop and custom mappers are a huge part of what makes H-Hour great so a lot of time was devoted to upgrading the tools and guide for our community mappers. The devs are currently continuing to focus on working with the community mappers to support their bringing their workshop maps back for everyone. The team has assisted where needed in answering migration questions and will now begin testing the maps deemed ready and providing feedback so these custom maps make it into our DLC pack for the next patch. To date we have Catacombs (formerly Requiem) by Wolf, Black Vein by Harry62, RainForest by Newybond and upcoming fixes for Desert Raid by SelflessOne. Given the requests the team has had, I feel confident other maps are not far behind.

    I want to personally thank our community dev team for all their hard work in putting this great patch together and the community mappers for once again stepping up to migrate their maps for everyone to enjoy! I also want to thank our loyal supporters on Twitter and Facebook, the Youtubers who made sure post-patch videos were produced, the streamers on Twitch and those promoting the game through forums and others sites. This community is amazing , full of passion and you all definitely deserve much recognition for your efforts on behalf of H-Hour. This truly is a community driven project!

    Patch News:

    I must say, although two months is a long time, the number of things that the team has produced in that period is quite impressive:

    * Engine upgrade to 4.15

    * Workshop tools upgrade and move of maps to DLC

    * Animations (lots and lots of changes here!)

    * New camos for all character models

    * Claymores!!

    * New security features

    * Improved networking

    * Gun tuning!!!?!?!?!

    * Better overall graphics and optimizations

    * Customizable crosshair sizing/color

    * A TON of bug fixes

    For more information on what was in the patch, check our patch notes.


    From the Development Team -- Fred talks Animations

    Coffee Please?!

    Hello all, Fred here.

    First and foremost, I want to thank the entire H-Hour community for their continued support and patience while we went through this long update. The past two months have been full of sleepless nights and long days for the entire team so we could get this patch out to you guys, and I really hope that you enjoy what has been provided.

    You saw our patch notes and heck, that is quite a large list for such a small team. For me, it has been a race to get in as much time and focus as possible on .... Animations! You know-that thing you all have been asking for over a very long time.

    I think it is obvious that these last two months included a lot of work on the game animations. Most of the animations that were used in game previously were completely replaced in this process – the skeleton was (once again) revamped, many animations that were missing (strafing with guns down) were added, and any animation that wasn’t replaced was touched up at least a bit; some more than a bit.

    Now when I say that EVERY animation in game was touched, I mean it. But before I go any further, I want to preface that almost every animation in game still needs to go through a cleanup process, but that will be saved for a later date – after more important things such as ladders and jump-to-climb are added in. So why don’t we all take a little trip through each of the core animations that are currently in the game and talk about them a little bit.

    Good old jumps. Jumps may be one of the most difficult things to make look “great” because of the way the mechanics need to be coded in game. If you break it down in your head there are three parts to a jump – the start, the in air, and the land. To make everything look good, each of these needs to be timed perfectly. In real life, you would jump differently if you were jumping down a hill, up a hill, or on flat ground. In a game, there isn’t a straightforward way of applying that logic to accurately reflect what would happen in real life, so we do our best.

    To make things look as fluid as we could, we have introduced a variety of jumps. There are now eight different jumps in the game which correspond to movement (stationary or moving) and gun type and position (pistol or rifle AND relaxed or guns hot position). Using a combination of these jumps, we get an overall better-looking jump.
    NOTE: There is still a small “float” in the jump that has been added because we don’t have a jump-to-climb mechanic YET. We didn’t want to impede movement around the map so we decided to give the player a little extra jump height. Once jump-to-climb is in, we’ll be lowering the jump height and the jump will be more fluid on a flat surface.

    And Oh Yea! You can jump from crouch now.

    A ton of work went into this. Virtually all the movement animations were replaced to allow for more fluid movement of the character. Further improvements are planned to be made to make the character move more freely, but I’ll touch on that in a moment.

    We added a few things that were missing from the current movement system that we believed were extremely important to the fluidity of the character. First was the addition of animations for strafing. Before the patch, when you strafed side to side the character’s gun would go hot due to missing animations in the strafe area of the locomotion graph. With the implementation of the new animations, you will no longer go guns hot when strafing side to side….. unless an enemy is nearby. Second was a build out of the blendspacing; the part of the animation that lets all those movements come together in a fluid scene. People using a keyboard and mouse will not notice this change as they only have two options; running and walking. Controller players however will now notice when they push ever so slightly on their sticks, their character will walk even slower than the standard walk animation. Before when you walked slowly on a controller, your character would do a fast walk with the character’s feet sliding. Since this game is slated for console, I figured now was as good a time as any to add in that functionality.

    Now although the character movement is smother after this patch, the character still looks a little stiff. Soon, we will be implementing the addition of aimoffsets to the character when in the idle position. Aimoffsets will allow the character to look around while stationary. This will add another level of freedom in character movement as the character’s feet won’t automatically move when you look left and right. Rather, the character will turn at the waist until it can’t turn anymore and then you will take a step. Most of the work has already been completed for this addition but some framework needs to be done to complete the process. This addition will hopefully rid us of the stiffness in the character.

    Random Thoughts
    A lot of other discrete animations have been added to make things more fluid, such as, leaning with a pistol, prone with a pistol, claymore planting, giving control back to the character sooner during the knock back animation, ectara, but you can see a lot of that in the patch notes and in game.

    Many more things need to be added to improve fluidity to the game outside of the core gameplay functions. Some of these include having jumps based off speed and direction and adding new animations sets for when your character is holding a grenade instead of a pistol or rifle. And let’s not forget that hand IK! All this stuff will come in time, and I am excited to continue to work on making the gameplay as smooth as possible from my end.

    What’s Next
    Now that the framework has been cleaned up (once again thank you for your patience), we can move full steam ahead and work on those things you all have made clear are important to you. You know what I’m talking about, and those things are at the top of our priority list. To implement jump-to-climb and ladders, Jason and I need to work hard to make sure that the framework is set and the animations look great when applied. We want to make sure that what we give the community, although first pass, will show how passionate we, and the rest of the team, are about this project. We will be working hard to add in those core features in the coming months and in the mean time I will also be working to add in those other things mentioned above.

    I hope you all enjoy the patch as much as I did when creating my portion of the work, and I hope that this discussion helped explain why you may still see oddities in the animations. Remember that this is all still a work in progress and I plan on touching these animations again to clean them up before we make that final push to a PS4 port.

    Once again, thank you all for your continued support as we continue this journey to creating a game that has only been in our dreams until now. We will continue working on this project until we feel like it is complete and trust me when I say, we are our toughest critics.

    Now go GREEN UP!
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    Patch notes;

    Release Patch 3.0.5 - 02 May 2017

    Highlights of Patch:

    • Now in UE4 4.15 with new tools for custom mapping community
    • Approved custom maps are provided as free DLC -- NO more workshop downloads needed
    • Variety of security features added to secure the game
    • Ranked/Unranked Server framework introduced
    • Audio Overhaul (first pass)
    • Major overhaul of Animations and Character skeleton (first pass)
    • Reworking of Graphics, Textures and Optimizations to take advantage of 4.15 features
    • Weapons retuning
    • Changes to PMN and Flashbang appearance
    • Fall damage changes
    • All official maps updated to new tonemapping and optimized to improve appearance and FPS
    • Networking improvements
    • NEW- Claymores added
    • NEW- 4th Camo including a special oiler worker for those who like to be unique
    • NEW- Memorial for Baskee, original alpha tester and dear friend, may he rest in peace
    • NEW- MiniMap Compass Points
    • NEW- Crosshair Customization (first pass)
    • NEW- NVidia SLI supported
    • NEW- Graphics auto-detect button to quickly set your settings
    • NEW- MSAA now used
    • Steam changes for workshop to DLC and removal of Punkbuster
    • Spectate for late joiners
    • Game Summary display improvements
    • Many, many bug fixes

    Full Notes on Patch:


    Migrated game to Unreal Engine 4.15.1:

    • This was a huge task that was more challenging than any previous migration as Epic made many framework changes between 4.11 and 4.15
    • See Epic’s Release Notes from 4.12 to 4.15 to obtain more information regarding improvements made within the Engine and new features made available to our programmer, developers and community content creators
    • Updated H-Hour Workshop Project and Uploader tool to accommodate 4.15.1

    Began utilization of new Security features available in Engine:

    • Began implementations of Epic’s new framework to better protect critical game files and processes from common exploits
    • This is only the first step of much more work to come, and is only as good as reported exploits and their reproduction. Please keep reporting areas of compromise you’ve seen or found so we may further leverage the new tools at our disposal

    Ranked/Unranked Server framework:

    • Dedicated servers now have the configurable option to enable/disable Ranking (submission of player stats)
    • UCRs & Respawn maps are Unranked (will no longer submit player stats)
    • The Server Browser display has been updated to provide visual information indicating whether a listed server is a UCR and whether or not it is Ranked

    Audio Overhaul (First Pass):

    • Implemented the new Audio Framework since Epic’s overhaul in 4.12
    • These changes allowed corrections to numerous audio related issues, such as sound effect volumes in various areas across all maps
    • Ambient sounds have been reworked, and allowed us to no longer need the temporary “Ambient Audio Volume” setting in game. As a result, this setting option has been removed
    • Audio adjustments are expected to continue to be needed, so please provide constructive feedback we can use to better tune the player’s in-world experience/immersion


    Major overhaul of Animations:

    • Migrated assets to a standardized Skeleton structure
    • Major revamp work performed on Animation sub frameworks to accommodate changes in this patch and future animation work
    • Overhaul (first pass) of character jump & movement systems to address immediate issues and enable future/continued refinements
    • Expanded Animation library by 150% to address immediate issues and enable future animation expansion. Over 200 new assets were added to the library, with more to come in future updates
    • Major refinements made to numerous existing assets for more appropriate placements and interactions with the Skeleton
    • Numerous improvements to Character weapon handling (for example, strafing no longer forces “Guns Hot”), with many more to come
    • With the underlying framework sorted, we expect to see new animations and improvements to come in over the next several patches with reduced “in between” time compared to this release
    • Lean and Prone animation sets now accommodate pistols
    • Character movement sounds volumes now adjust to movement speed
    • Player’s ability to “return fire” is returned sooner when impacted by “Knock Back” (although movement remains impaired until the player fully recovers)
    • Beginning work with smoothing out character movement by use of proper interpolation and aim-offsets. This is a WIP feature, and is not finished, thus has limitations at present that will be improved throughout coming patches
    • Partial reskinning of some characters to new skeleton. This is a WIP feature, and is not finished.

    Graphics & Textures:

    Reworking of Graphics & Textures for Optimization on 4.15:

    • Lighting adjustments and rebuilding across all SOF maps to adjust to new 4.15 tonemapping system
    • Major work with object Level of Detail (LOD) settings for numerous game & building assets in all maps to reduce system demand when objects are far away and improve overall FPS for low-end systems
    • Corrected LOD materials on numerous foliage assets
    • Updated Character & Hostage textures for proper appearance within the 4.15 rendering system
    • Updated identified prop textures in all maps for proper appearance with the 4.15 rendering system
    • Implemented new 4.15 map tools to improve lighting of character in game

    Updates to Existing Features:


    • Tuned spread on all weapons for more accurate representation of fire power based on class used
    • Reworked weapons bullet read of trajectory/path
    • Adjusted damage distances and accuracy where appropriate


    • PMNs have been returned to their original green coloring
    • Reworked Textures & Materials on PMNs and Flashbangs

    Fall Damage:

    • Damage rate has been reduced slightly; TIP: Jump vs fall from same distance has different results as jumping adds force to the fall


    • Fixed floating trees where identified
    • Reworked tree assets in scenery to address “popping” issues
    • Corrected exploitive mesh gaps in Hostage Building and “Chicken Coop”


    • Adjusted tree movement speeds to be a more natural fit to the scene
    • Lighting adjustments in most interior areas, additional lighting work will be performed in the tunnel in the future


    • Corrected an empty space in the background map scenery by SOF spawn
    • Corrected area where players could glitch through terrain


    • Adjusted electrical props to reduce “popping”
    • Added lighting to Mannequin Shipping building 2nd floor loft
    • Roof Top AC units have moving fan blades to better reflect the audio for operating units
    • Minor lighting adjustments at various locations to improve the effectiveness without compromising the original designer’s vision for Night Vision and ambiance


    • Adjusted default server tick rate to 90 to improve communication speed
    • Improved client logic & triggers for blood spatter through the addition of further checks and validations on the server

    New Features:

    Claymores & Trigger for SOF:

    • SOF Characters can now equip Claymores in their loadout
    • Claymores are limited to a single slot of 2 (like with PMNs)
    • Dropped Claymores can be “scooped” by other SOF players
    • When a Claymore is placed, the player will auto equip and switch to the CM Trigger that is used to detonate all planted claymores on the map by that player
      Players can switch from the trigger to another weapon or back to claymores if they wish to plant more
    • Be aware that the trigger will be the first Equipment slot and other slots will be shifted down.
      For example, if your Grenades are slot 3, and you plant a Claymore.... The trigger now becomes slot 3, and your grenades were moved to the next position over (4).
    • Claymores take 5 seconds to become “armed” but they will detonate immediately if shot; this matches the behavior of PMN mines
    • Claymores can be detonated by the Player’s equipped Trigger (only accessible with 1 or more CMs planted), gun fire, or explosives
      They are NOT proximity detonated
    • Planted Claymores will remain in world after the owning player has died, and can still be detonated with gunfire or grenades
    • Due to the nature of the current planting animation, it will appear that the character can/is planting inside of objects (if too close). The claymores will adjust their location so this cannot be exploited. More work on this animation will come in the future
    • Claymores will only do damage to players that are in the CM’s forward-facing direction


    • Added an “Urban” camo set for all characters other than the Serbian; the urban camo is much darker and appropriate for low light maps
    • Added “Jack Hammer” camo for the Serbian character; which allows the daily oil worker to get involved in the fight!


    • Added memorial for TJ Baudanza (aka Baskee); including pic, frame and plaque to interior of Sismis church by stairs
    • Baskee was an original alpha tester and a friend to many of the devs, staff and alpha testers. His memory lives on.

    MiniMap Compass Points:

    • Compass now displays all four major points to ease inter-player callout communications

    CrossHair Customization (First Pass):

    • Players can now access the “UI Interface” menu under game options
    • Players can use this new display to adjust Crosshair Scale, Color & transparency
    • Support for different crosshair graphics will come later

    NVIDIA SLI is now supported:

    • Players with 2 or more matching NVidia graphics cards can now run them in SLI and the engine will make use of SLI rendering modes, such as Alternate Frame Rendering 2 (AFR2)
      The referenced instructions above are a little dated, but still appropriate to get setup
    • Until the game is released and obtains an NVidia Game profile, players will need to follow the instructions above for creating a 3-D Profile for their H-Hour executable
      By default, the game’s executable resides in this location:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\H-Hour Worlds Elite\HHourGame\Binaries\Win64\HHourGame.exe
    • Depending on hardware, using SLI can even degrade game performance
    • Epic does not support AMD Crossfire at this time
    NOTE: In testing, we have seen mixed benefits from enabling SLI
    Enabling this feature may not have a desirable effect for all players

    MSAA is now being used:

    • We have changed the Anti-Aliasing system from Temporal AA to the much-improved Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing framework (MSAA)
    • The results in testing have been very desirable, but MSAA may not be supported on all systems, so if you encounter issues, let the studio know


    • Implemented Steam changes to now accommodate Workshop maps as automatic game DLC vs the traditional subscription system
    • Update of maps will be tied to patch updates going forward
    • Players will no longer be required to subscribe and download maps separately before they can join a server
    • Removed PunkBuster from build files


    • Late joiners can now spectate other team players while waiting for the next round

    Game Summary display

    • Now shows the Player’s Round Win/Losses as well as basic MVP player stats

    Bug Fixes/Closures:

    B(017) – Jumping off the back of Sismis Church and surviving with limited damage

    B(019) - Sismis: Various reported Mesh gaps

    B(056) – Offline Games (UCRs) are Ranked

    B(092, 085, 087, 103, 105) – Various Temple texture/rending “pops”

    B(091) – Various Temple false crosshair “shot blocks”

    B(097) – Sismis – map exterior darkness

    B(113) – Factory – stuttering when crossing destructible bridge

    B(123) – Factory – popping shadows

    B(129) – Slow Motion movement Glitch

    B(141) – Factory Shadow Caching issue causes “glowing” characters

    B(149) – Grey Crosshairs remain even after moving away from cover

    B(153) – Starting game with an empty loadout

    B(160) – Joining game as Terrorist can have SOF loadout

    B(168) – Breaking of grenade arc

    B(171) – Wolfun/Sismis – Grey Crosshairs on Windows

    B(173) – Hair clipping on Tina Hostage

    B(183) – Odd thumb placement

    B(190) – Odd loading of textures

    B(207) – Maps are too bright

    B(214) – Broken Reverb Volumes after 4.11 update

    B(222) – Quick turns with Grenade Arc visible will leave “trails” of the arc

    B(228) – Able to shoot over half wall in FPV, but blocked in TPV

    B(231) – Prone to Crouch movement glitch

    B(232) – Terrain/Camera clipping glitch at WolfRun Tunnel River entrance

    B(236) – Picked up weapon not properly attached to player (appears very far away from character)

    B(259) – Unable to “Look” when performing DTP followed by nade throw

    B(265) – Unable to Lean after spamming the Action Button

    B(275) – Unable to shoot during transition from Prone to Stand

    B(282) – Spamming Door actions can break ability to “Look”

    B(288) – At Random times, Lean cannot be performed; can be restored by pressing F

    B(293) – Able to Prone in WolfRun rivers

    B() – Emptying pistol and interrupting reload to switch slots caused reload not to work without stance change or multiple mouse fire clicks (now one click reactivates the reload animation)

    B(301) – Unable to walk slow when holding Shift

    B(302) – UCR Host will keep SOF loadout when playing as Terrorist

    B(313) – PMNs consumed from inventory, but not planted

    B(314) – Impaired character controls when jumping while also planting a PMN

    B(317, 319) – UCR players get double loadouts

    B() – Exploits by a player could allow them to damage another player when otherwise not possible

    B()--Exploits by a player could allow them to mess with critical content

    B() – False blood splatter effects displayed when player was not shot/damaged
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    Thanks all the same for the notes, I will go through them.
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    Yup much better sorting lol.
  20. everythingred

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    Wow, it actually looks like what it should've looked like 6 months into the project.
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