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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by MR.BLUE, Apr 23, 2017.

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  1. Almericus

    Almericus Bullshit proof warrior

    The bugs you refer to are real but I don't think the H-hour community is to blame... These bugs have been reported long ago shortly after the patch went live.. It is more of a matter of when the devs will actually get them resolved.

    They are taking more time to push improvements on animations right now but are probably aware of these issues. If they are not then they just have to read the bugs reports...
  2. K_M_A_R_T

    K_M_A_R_T Code 9

    H-Hour had $250,000 that the Socom community raised and donated...that money is long gone and the game is in a terrible state. Project Confrontation looked and played better than H-Hour and they were working with no budget....H-Hour doesn't get a pass and doesn't deserve to be played because the people who run it don't know what they're doing.

    Stop trying to get us to play the game again...it's dead let it go
  3. Almericus

    Almericus Bullshit proof warrior

    We got Russ Philips that made several maps from Socom II to work on the game, we also got David Sears as the Creative director and you believe they don't know what they are doing?

    Do I also need to remind you that Project Con failed and didn't even release so we get to judge if this was any better?

    H-Hour is not even completed yet. What do you think Socom was looking like while in the making? The EA release is to help get some money in and testing to find some bugs.

    Sof Studios is an Indie Studios not Zipper Interactive or any stupidly rich AAA gaming studio company. Socom I&II were multi millions games project and had full time programmers on it. You can have your opinion but most people that are playing H-Hour already had reset their expectations on the reality.

    The game is not quite there yet but guess what? It is far beyond the quality of ANY other Socom projects that has ever seen the day. There is still reasons to be excited for the end results.

    Edit: Most of the money was used for merchs, to pitch the game with the POC and pay David Sears, Russ Philips and Kevin for their work. The game failed to attract investors interest but the devs are working for free to polish the game the best they can.

    I salute their efforts, passion and dedication.
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  4. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Both of those people left a long time ago.
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  5. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    people are no longer to be enlightened per the new rules.
    we are supposed to just let everyone run around believing whatever they like from now on. we dont want to hurt feelings and such...
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  6. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    Predictable response is predictable.

    And a mis-characterization of what I laid out. Almericus is clearly aware of those people being gone considering the obvious past tense of his post. You are enlightening no one.
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  7. RaidenXS

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    Internet Rule #9
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  8. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

  9. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    "We got Russ Philips that made several maps from Socom II to work on the game, we also got David Sears as the Creative director and you believe they don't know what they are doing?"

    wouldnt the proper words have been had and were? and you are correct, I am enlightening no one. I was not the one who said it. I am done with that. I am done with all this, I am simply sitting by and watching the shit show unfold with the occasional "i told you so" and random jab.
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  10. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    Got can be either tense so you have one "are" at the end. Hooray you. You really showed me. Grammer nazis 1, actual meaning based on obvious context 0.

    You may have not said the first response but you were the one who couldn't help but jump in and be a sarcastic ass on top of it. And for what? To bask in the glory of someone else's failure for the thousandth time and keep doing that for another 4 years or until the site shuts down from inactivity? These projects may indeed become shit shows in the future, that's one possible outcome. What is certain though is that if this site continues on it's current course it will be a shit show itself, and everyone will leave except 10-15 old guard members jerking each other off about this drama or that.

    As someone who's been one of the only people here willing to step up and make these sorts of decisions, I will gladly choose to enforce what (despite your hyperbolic sarcasm) is a fairly minor policy change, rather than be frozen into inaction for fear of angering a few long term salt factories that up until now seem to think they can say whatever they want because of some perceived tenure in the community. I want to build this place for ALL SOCOM fans, and whether or not you want to be one of the eggs that break to make that omelette, is up to you.
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