Happy 25th Anniversary To One Of The Best Metal Albums Ever!

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  1. ChemoFreak7

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    Just felt like reminding everyone of how fucking brutally epic this album was when it dropped 25 years ago today! You've probably heard people say this album saved metal, i have to agree. I was there at the time when grunge pretty much DOMINATED everything that wasn't R&B which hung in there with it's own thing.

    I remember a much more toned down Metallica, all shaven and clean cut. I don't recall any legendary arena bands since the Van Halen/Metallica era, until these guys picked up the torch and melted everyones faces with pure 101 proof intensity. So i guess this is just my nostalgic tip of the hat! May this masterpiece forever grace your speakers!


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  2. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Saw them open for White Zombie... Should have been the other way around. One of the most soul shaking bands I ever saw. Crazy, intesne cocert. Never forget it.
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  3. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Nice! Saw them with Anthrax and Coal Chamber. Still got my stub!

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  4. Animal-_-

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    Cowboys from Hell was a great album but was still hanging on to the hair metal sound from their beginnings. Vulgar Display of Power was the first record that was 101% their unique sound that they would carry forward for the rest of their time together. Nothing in the mainstream was as heavy as they were when this dropped.

    And I agree with you Chemo about this saving metal. Metallica may have elevated themselves financially with the Black album, but Vulgar elevated the entire genre on the artistic level.
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  5. oni64

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    I'd say this album is probably my favorite from them. It combines Heavy Traditional Metal, Speed metal, and some of their glam from their beginnings.
  6. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Yeah dude, they really found their sound with this one. Phil mentions that in the documentary loud wire just put out. (i hesitate to call it that, since it's so fuckin short) but seeing all the remaining members reflecting was good. Just wish they could bury that fuckin hatchet, some really bad blood there as i'm certain you are aware.

    It's crazy but it's easy to forget in 2017, that pretty much nothing sounded like Pantera until they came on the scene. Squeaky clean sounding, and THUNDEROUS! The best way i can describe seeing them live. Hard to imagine a band that was ever more in the pocket than Pantera in their prime.
    I'll never get used to seeing them all "Poisoned" up like that. More immersion breaking than a 40FPS drop in a shooter game lol. I can't say shit, even my beginnings on fuckin YOUTUBE are embarrassing. I can only imagine how awkward of a transition it was for them back in the late 80's early 90's.

    This is my first video... CRINGE!

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  7. ChemoFreak7

    ChemoFreak7 Desert Glory

    Leaving this for anyone who hasn't seen them live (on video, obviously) nothing matched seeing them live back then. It really was a once in a lifetime moment, if you seen them you consider yourself lucky after that PoS killed Dime.

    This is some of the best i can find on youtube to showcase how clean and tight they were, and this was a post heroin Phil, with a very fucked up back and HIGH tensions in the band. But that shit was all business when they hit the stage! Also including the documentary below.

    OH and i also added this for the lols. I actually had that book as a kid.

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