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    Disclaimer to Tawok and whoever else's lol. This is not what you predicted I'm not here to say H-Hour sucks. It's still a fact the game has gotten much better, the new devs are kicking butt and I really want to see this game finished and ported.

    However, it's also a fact that SOF are morons and you all were right regarding Tom sinking the ship and the game was RIP until the volunteers stepped up.

    Anyway with that said, I thought at least one person here would get a laugh or a kick out of this.

    There is a thread on SOF called help from David. Apparently Sears reached out to SOF asking or offering to help on H-Hour again. SOF ignored him and/or declined him.

    My friend who told me about it said there was a Screenshot of the convo with Sears and that it was in Dec 2016.

    Of course the SS is gone. I do believe the guy who told me about it though even If I didn't get to see for myself. Rosie had a reply to CYA and said it involved some "offer". Maybe Sears wanted Money and that's why they ignored him? Who knows. But I don't believe much of what sof says since they lie and hide everything.

    I was shocked that I didn't see It posted on here so I figured I would. Sof sucks but the game isn't all that bad imo. Oh well maybe nobody cares but I figured at least one person would.

    I donted money because of Sears and the whole idea, not because of Tom. For them to turn away Sears is probably the dumbest move to date imo.

    Hurry up with the game because the politics is sad.
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    Not really, they ran out of money by then so whats the point, David sears is a creative director, hes not a developer, how much money do you need to waste on a guy whos basic job function is to say "See this PS2 game? do that but with 2017 graphics" if they had a crap ton of cash then yeah keep him on, but if they are drowing I'd rather see a good developer than the hobbyists they have now
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    At this point it is being developed by SOCOMers for SOCOMers.
  4. Bigfry

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    Even though his title is "Creative Director" I believe you are grossly underestimating what he actually did during that UE3 Prototype
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    oh I wouldn't be surprised if he built the entire thing by himself, but then again how many socom fan projects are being started on this website that all look better then H-Hour with little to no coding background? If I raised 250k I could probably learn UE4 and piece something together thats better then H-hour too.
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    It probably wasn't posted here because I don't think people give a single molecular fuck about neither SOF nor H-Hour. I rather just have my nostalgia than have those insufferable fucking idiots tamper with it any longer. I've been a lurker for years and I know that people are full of shit on both sides-- but nobody can fault anyone at TRS for simply saying "fuck all of you" and reviving the real-deal on a small level through X-Link. Nobody is going to pause the fun to reminisce or look back at the smoldering pile of garbage that robbed us years ago. I think it's safe to say most people have simply moved on. That's how I look at it anyways.
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    I member Stevie Bizzle. Poor guy. Hope he never gives up on SOCOM.

    #ThreeThousandDollarLesson #TomsACrook #MattressKing
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