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Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by thaAMAZNblue, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. thaAMAZNblue

    thaAMAZNblue [~X~]AMAZNblue

    Video 1:
    Video 2:
    Video 3:
    Video 4:
    Video 5:

    Reply with a vote of your favorite.
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  2. thaAMAZNblue

    thaAMAZNblue [~X~]AMAZNblue

    Late Entry Video 6:
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  3. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Personally, when I watch gameplay videos, I like it when the video is just pure gameplay and nothing else. No music, no clever editing, just pure gameplay and sounds from within the game.
  4. thaAMAZNblue

    thaAMAZNblue [~X~]AMAZNblue

    That's not entertaining to me, that's why I made these videos 6 years ago. No vote?
  5. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    I like anything Socom and can appreciate the edits. Lol I'm pretty proficient in After Effects. What do you use?

    I have to go with #6. There're all pretty cool.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I enjoy watching videos with music because it lets me know to instantly hit the back button and not waste the next 5+ minutes of my life watching.
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  7. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    For me, the entertainment is the gameplay itself. The music and the graphics distract from the gameplay, in my opinion.

    I guess I'd go with #1 because it's the most simplistic of all of them.
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  8. thaAMAZNblue

    thaAMAZNblue [~X~]AMAZNblue

    So you are saying you liked it lol
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  9. thaAMAZNblue

    thaAMAZNblue [~X~]AMAZNblue

    I have videos of full matches but it's sooooo boring watching myself run n gun die then see these dudes camp the last 2 minutes lol
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  10. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I like to camp...

    Generally I don't watch too many montages, but I do like the "purist format sans editing" but also don't mind a little overproduction from time to time. Hell, even I don't expect a single view from around here when the SOCOM vids I post have been put to music. Just the way TRS is.

    -I liked them quakes when the bass hit in #3
    -Preferred not to have your name and clan plastered in the first frames. Watermark one thing...
    -Color changes and washouts (after grenading or in battle) is kinda cool if not overused.
    -Kinda liked when you were "on fire" in video #4 also liked you sort of choreographed some of the gun fire it seemed with Metallica and sped up the gameplay. That was kinda neat even if unintentional.
    -Video #3 had some cool effects at the 3 minute mark when you sped up and slowed down. The "magnifying bubble" though was more a distraction I thought.

    My vote is for #6 just for the silliness and the minute and a half of dead fuckin air with Eminem, clan tags and name tapes, lol.

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