Hysteria Gaming is Recruiting!

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    Hysteria Gaming is recruiting members all around the world!

    About Us

    Hysteria is a growing clan that strives to be different in a good way, and hopes to change the stigma surrounding the idea of a gaming clan by being democratic. Hysteria Gaming offers lots of opportunities to all gamers whether you’re into just casual gaming or you want to play at top level competitive. We are currently recruiting members for Call Of Duty Ghost on BOTH Xbox 360 and Xbox One

    ~ 16+
    ~ Mic (Communication is key when getting to know each other)
    ~ Active on our site (We have put countless hours to provide an outstanding website)
    ~ Team Player
    ~ K/D doesn't matter (unless your looking to tryout for our competitive team after joining)
    ~Want to compete? Apply and we will let you know
    ~ Good attitude
    ~ Fun to game with

    We Offer

    ~ Active Leaders
    ~ Ranked members specialized to help with different problems
    ~ Gamers from around the world
    ~Competitive Tournaments/GB/MLG
    ~ Maintained, organized forums
    ~ Advancement opportunities
    ~ Fun family community

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    ....This isn't a CoD forum?
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    Your post was 3 from the top. Isn't a bump kind of unnecessary? Also, you did notice this isn't a CoD forum, or do you just rotate through your bookmarked spam targets and go to town?
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    Shouldn't your clan be 18+ considering Call of Duty is an 18+ game?
  6. lHl GRifF

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  7. DreFromDAL

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    Thanks for your twitter handle.

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