If getting "querying orbital mesh"

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  1. Team XLink decided to go to only one orbital to solved orbital sync problems. If you get the querying orbital mesh this probably due to trying to manually connect to a orbital that no longer exists. To solve this problem check your XLink Kai shortcut by right clicking and click on proprieties and remove the --orb ADVANCED_? and click apply.

    If you still getting "querying orbital mesh" and you don't understand how to do what I wrote above you can just uninstall and XLink Kai and re-install it. If you continue to get this error after doing that make sure you using the shortcut the installer created. The shortcut the installer created should be in your Start menu and name Start Kai.
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    I can't make my own thread so ignore OP.

    I just got a GTX 1070, is anyone able to play Socom 2 on Xlink with PCSX2 emulator?

    Let me know.
  3. Ignore the OP :(

    Anyways PCSX2 network support is very horrible so you be better off just using real PS2 hardware.

    COCOPOP iDub Scrub

    What's up dom long time no type. How is xlink going ?.
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    So yesterday was my first day setting everything up. I used the information my brother sent me which was to use the "ADVANCED_whatever city you put here". First try and everything and it worked fine. Played socom for a few hours. Then today I come back and launch Xlink Kai and this "Requerying orbital mesh" message comes up.

    I have tried everything and I am very tech savvy dude imo. I've searched every where for fixes and tried them all. Port forwarded, set static IP, tried other browsers, tried what you said here. I used Revo Uninstaller to remove everything and try first method I used yesterday and your default approach as well.

    This message does not go away and I cannot play now. Is there ANYTHING that is a sure fix for this?
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    Sometimes X-link goes down and is being configured. Most likely not you. Restart the computer.

    Edit: WarFalcon once I got home and turned it on it fired right up. There is only one orbital now and you might still have an old version. Try and un-install and re-install. Last time they went to single orb it did the same thing for me. Apparently the older versions had it defaulted to one of the missing orbs. Fresh install cured that I believe.
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  7. Not much. SOCOM Virtual Dedicated LAN going to be coming out soon. People should check http://socomlan.com daily for any updates. Note site is down at the moment.

    Remove the "ADVANCED_whatever city you put here" part. There only one orbital so you don't need to worry about that anymore.
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    Is xlink having issues tonight? Got this same error all night, tried everything in the book, same problem all night.
  9. Your username got stuck logged in to XLink Kai. I logged it out now so you should be able to log in now. I wrote this problem up a few days ago to Team XLink, but no response yet.
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    Ah ok thank you! I'll try it out tonight. For future ref, is that something I can do myself as a regular user? Or admins only i assume?
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  11. Standard users can't do it, but this issue should not happen again hopefully.
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    WESTC0AST Butterstick

    It's happening to me right now.
    Update. Made a new Xlink account. I am able to log in now.
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  13. You should be able to log back in on WESTC0AST now. It got stuck logged in again.
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    WESTC0AST Butterstick

    Both accounts were stuck yesterday. Had to use a 3rd account. Borrowed from my nephew. Westnile.
    Is there something I'm doing to cause this?
    is there anything I can do to prevent it?
    is there anything I can do to correct it when it is happening.?
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    It's not you its XLink. I imagine you got stuck when they switched to single orb. Do you go to the task tray to quit Kai or do you just red X close it out when done? Might be your issue too is that your always logged in and then if they do switch configs you get caught in the matrix. Could be waaaaay off. Dominator94?
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    My xlink decided to do the querying orb mesh... again. I play all the time and itll just randomly do this with absolutely no network changes. @Dominator94
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    Crap, I didn't see this thread and started another. Sorry admins, maybe delete the other thread?

    Any ways, I'm still getting this issue as of Saturday night. Played all day no issues and now it won't let me join for anything. I have re-installed KIA, rebooted modem, sut WIFI off and on, tried two WIFI accounts... everything I know and won't work now? What gives? I have downloaded CA map packs and was hoping to get on and check it out this week. Any help on this would be awesome guys. Thanks


    I got this fixed by just creating a new profile on xlink. Worked like a charm.
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    WESTC0AST Butterstick

    Dom can you please sign out WESTLOVE. She's been getting this for about a week now. Doesn't want to make a new profile. Thanks.
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    Again, real quick, log out via right click system tray XLink icon and select "exit" to avoid.

    WESTC0AST Butterstick

    Sorry. But I'm running Xlink on a raspberry pi. That option is not there. WESTLOVE is also on a raspberry pi.
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