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    God Arli$$? totally forgot about that show. Not saying it should be top 100, but it was outstanding. Robert Wuhl was awesome in that. Hell, the whole cast was. Larry Sanders was also fantastic, and rightfully is listed here...
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    The first three seasons of lost were great, and had me hooked. However, that show went way off the deep end after season 4 and I wasn't a fan of the ending.

    The wire is great..but it isn't #1 material.

    Speaking of HBO, I tried to watch the Young Pope the other night. The show is fucking weird and I was bored senseless about 15 minutes in...maybe I will go back and try and watch if if I run out of other things to watch.

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    I saw it was on and toyed with the idea of watching it, but eventually decided against it. Even if the source material was portrayed in an honest manner without an agenda, I just dont find that genre interesting, and with (((HBO))) producing it, Im sure it will just be another agenda driven hachet job on the Catholic church anyway. That shit gets old after the 30th or 40th time you see it.

    Season 4 of LOST was during the writers strike of the 2007-08 televison season so I cut it a little slack for that reason. You'll find that many shows suffered their low points that aired during that time.
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    Don't let the reality that hipster douches caught on after the fact that this show was great diminish from the fact that it was a GREAT show. You really think it's highly overrated?? How much farther would you knock it down. I think it certainly is deserving of top 5.

    The main thing that I don't like about this list is I think they included too many different formats... like I would not of included things like late night shows, etc.

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    Youre right, "Highly" overrated is too harsh. But it IS overrated. Ive rewatched the series more than a dozen times and while it is as I said earlier, a GREAT show, its essentially just a plot driven police procedural. I would still have it in the Top 10 definitely, but the whole "The Wire is the greatest show ever made" is meme at this point.

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