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Discussion in 'SOCOM Community Nights' started by Swill, Jun 8, 2016.

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  2. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    This is disingenuous. As I said, strafing a basic, normal fighting technique. The argument that's been peddled by others in this thread is that diving to prone for a split second is somehow some kind of advantageous technique one can use to fool the opponent and get a kill. I'm saying that's BS, and I've thoroughly explained why multiple times now.
  3. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    No, I missed because I was a bad shot and my aim wasn't good enough to kill them.

    I know. That's what I've been saying. But, that's NOT what's been said by others in this thread. The argument being made by others is that diving to prone mid-fight is some kind of clever trick that fools your opponent and gets you a kill. I'm saying that's non-sense. It's a way of fighting that's no different than strafing, and any idea that it's some kind of tricky, advantageous maneuver to get a kill is what makes it a gimmick.

    Lastly, who cares if a feint works on a bad defender. You don't judge something based on whether or not it works on scrubs. You judge something based on whether or not it's going to work against decent players who know how to play. If diving to prone works on bad players, than it's sufficient to say that just aiming at them and killing them is sufficient enough as well, so just do what's easier on you and keep things simple.
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    It does. Well, it can. If the person you're in a fight with falls for it, you have the opportunity to put rounds on target and kill them before they may have got you. The same way strafing or making it around a wall to reload/reacquire your target gets you out of harm's way, even if for a split second.

    There are a lot more average to bad players out there than elite level players in both sports and SOCOM, which you well know. If a feint works on a bad defender and leads to a goal, which then leads to a win, then quite a few people care if it works.
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  5. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    "The same way". Right, so it's no different or unique than strafing, as I've been saying this entire time endlessly again and again lol.

    If a feint is something extra you don't need to do to get a goal, and you can simply just run by the defender because they're bad defenders, than keep things simple on yourself and just score a goal the easiest way. If you're playing against bad SOCOM players, then you don't need the dive to prone to begin with. Just keep things simple and kill them in a way that's easier and more simple for you to execute.
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    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    It is a technique used to give you a situational advantage if it works, the same way as strafing, the same way as ducking around a corner to reload and draw the other guy around that corner to bait him. While you duck down and have rounds flying over your head, you get a chance to shore up your aim, as well as hopefully make the guy shooting at you empty a magazine while missing you. If you still have rounds available, and he is reloading, advantage you. Granted you have to hit your target still. Bad aim = No advantage.

    The fact is Swill, it's not a useless technique as it has been proven to work in conjunction with good aim. There is no placebo, there is no false gain. Every single person in this discussion that has spoken on the subject has given testimonial of it working both for and against them. Mack saw it first hand. He got fooled. I've gotten fooled, Killah got fooled, and TONS of people have been fooled by it. Thus, prone diving works.

    The thing that pissed me off the most about the prone dive is it did not carry over into S3/CA very well. I was able to do the maneuver when I wasn't engaged in combat but it was hard to do, and it didn't work during a tense situation. You had to be dead perfect with the button hit to pull it off.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I wasnt fooled, I had an equipment malfunction where my R3 button was too sensitive and reloaded when I didnt want it to. Conversely I would have easily dispatched that enemy. Futhermore I request that @Tawok remove that video of me getting pwnd with a Dolphin Dive from the internet or he will be hearing from my aforementioned attorney.

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    Actually, those clips were my doing. Now, if you don't want those plastered all over Reddit, I suggest that you strongly consider a charitable donation to my PayPal fund for a sick as fuck streaming chair, just like all the cool sponsored guys have. Out of the kindness of your heart, of course.
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  9. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    "I wasnt fooled, I had an equipment malfunction where my R3 button was too sensitive and reloaded when I didnt want it to."


    My point exactly. You can keep claiming the dive to prone fools people, but you have absolutely no way of conclusively proving that outside of personal anecdotal experience of yourself and others. As I said earlier, until someone keeps a statistical number count that proves they get more kills by diving to prone than just strafing, and until that statistical number count can be replicated by a large sample size to prove it's more than just anecdotal, the claim is completely baseless and is nothing more than mere assumption and placebo. Period, end of story.

    All of the supposed advantages you listed about diving to prone are already accomplished by strafing, so again, it doesn't give you anything extra that strafing doesn't already give you. You're using something that's absolutely no different and no more beneficial than strafing, because they both provide the same benefits, making it useless and unnecessary to do since everything you want from diving to prone is already provided from strafing.
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    Funny thing is the clip with Mack is the guy that got him did the conventional dolphin dive which is much slower and leaves you far more defenseless than the quick prone. The quick prone requires the player to be in the crouch position, and before you do it you have to almost let the left stick be neutral (it can still be moving just not fully) for that moment in order for the character to instantly drop down. Thing is you can still shoot the entire time if you want to. It adds a vertical element rather than just left or right, and in a close quarters situation if your enemy is aiming high / spraying it drops you out of their crosshair. While they're trying to adjust to the drop, I'm already back up and shooting them. Is it fool proof? No, nothing is but it's viable.

    I'm clearly not alone on this, as evidenced on the thread and I see a lot of very good players doing it, guys that can drop 20+ kills on any map, there must be a reason for that. I'll stick to my guns & keep doing what I do and not let one guy who can barely break even most games tell me what's up about playing S2.
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    Shots Fired!
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    After reading the last few pages, I would rather play in the public rooms for awhile, personally. I tend to have more consistent fun there anyways. I hate wallsliding, but I LOVE having fun more. TRS has taken the fun outta SOCOM for me lately. Sucks cause I don't mind losing to better players, wall sliders, campers, rushers, glitchers, code9ers, people who teamkill, talk shit, etc, etc, etc.

    BUT I cannot STAND people bitching and moaning all night and they're cheating this, cheating that. E-tags, Jokering, Prone dives, feints, your shit you iDub scrub while I M16 you right out the game, fucking SOCCER talk, hit boxes not being discussed in a hit box argument, etc. etc. etc.

    Would rather play with randoms who engage in funny bants, reliving their glory days, watching someone get a kill after so long of NOT knowing SOCOM still existed. Giggles and belly aching laughing. Regular talk from regular people ENJOYING what they're doing. Believe it or not, THEY EXIST!!!

    Strangers making fun of each other and laughing. That kind of shit.


    This TRS Community Friday Night shit has become dreadfully and painfully boring at times, not fun, inclusiveness through exclusiveness and down right fucking toxic to the point where I wasn't even a part of these shenanigans last Friday and yet once I came in you could cut that tension it was so thick. So gross seeing our own cannibalizing each other. I don't need nor want that shit. I wanted to UNITE SOCOMers. TRS SEEMS FINE TO CIRCLE JERK.

    I just ain't trying to be about that anymore. Never was, actually.

    I stuck it out last Friday, but I'm shedding that TRS tag for good. FUCK IT AND WHAT IT REPRESENTS.

    This ain't my fucking clan.

    My clan would've been fucking ashamed a bunch of our own clowns came through and fucked the night to the point we would've cut them from the A or B roster. Fuck 'em that'll teach them. Now? Don't mean fuck all cause most you pussies couldn't be bothered to organize a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (Pro tip: PB and J go on same slice)
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  13. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Not at all. I play for fun, pure and simple. I'm not at home doing finger pushups and working on my strafing speed. I get on, throw back some beers, shoot the shit with the other guys, and play pretty carelessly most of the time. I give absolutely zero fucks about my K/D ratio, and anyone that takes their K/D seriously on a 14 year old dead game that requires a third party software to play it is in a much worse off position than me.
  14. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Dear lord. Good riddance.

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    Says the guy who tries to be some kind of TRS good will ambassador (telling everyone who they can and cannot engage with on this very site or whom you deem a troll) yet goes on a shitty opinionated diatribe 99.9% here DON'T AGREE WITH and are embarrassing everyone here reading your crummy ass logic.

    Worst part? You actually took offense to a XLink Regular who you didn't even know was also a long time TRS member. Had to have one of his own vouch for him like an asshole versus you not being such an alpha prick. You's a classy bitch though, huh?

    I drop a dumb fucking tag And BYE? I see you buddy. A true cunty hypocrite back peddling bitch who couldn't be bothered to take his own fucking advice.

    You couldn't get rid of me even if you tried Swill. Not a fucking chance. So go on and be your little SOCOM TRS gatekeeper telling everyone willing to listen to your bullshit about how to play their game. Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to have some fun here not listening to the echo your loud inconsiderate ass seems fine to perpetrate on the weekly. But do go on and have the last word. I don't mind.
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  16. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Anything else you want to get off your chest, or are you finished?
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  17. Champ

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    This thread is becoming painful to read, just signed up on here but I doubt its that serious. I though that you guys would be happy that you can play the greatest game ever created online again. Just play Socom and dont make things weird online we already dont have that many people playing. I dont want this thread creating a clique of guys that play in locked rooms and that ends up ruining this game for a 2nd time.
  18. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    It's not that serious. Skimask is just unnecessarily freaking out over nothing, so that you can ignore. The rest of the thread is just SOCOM players having a friendly, enjoyable, heated debate about a SOCOM topic, something that's not new in any way. There's no animosity involved. Just fun ribbing and an exchange of viewpoints.

    We're playing CA tomorrow night at 9pm EST and S2 on Friday at 11pm EST. Come on out and join us Champ. And welcome to the site!
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Overreaction, the post.
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  20. SocomKillah28

    SocomKillah28 Boom Boolah!

    Gotta love those Monday morning quarterbacks that want to tell players what works & what doesn't when no matter how serious they took the game they still wouldn't be good lol.

    Even better when they think you take a game ultra seriously when you're just good at video games, I'm such a try-hard.
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