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Discussion in 'SOCOM Community Nights' started by Swill, Jun 8, 2016.

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    2.5637 things, and again I speak only for me:
    1. Why you gotta shit on Soccer talk?

    2. Though I do not agree with Swill's take on the prone dive and never will, him and I are not angrily debating. I engaged in the discussion because out of all of the things SOCOM that have been discussed on this site over the years, (favorite map, jump sniping, etc.) this is the very first time I have seen this discussion come up, so I jumped in and enjoyed the back and forth with Swill, regardless of if I think he's fucking insane for his view. ;) You are right, no one in this thread agreed with his stance, and that's ok. We're all right and he's wrong and we know it.

    .5. I will gladly ALWAYS vouch for @SocomKillah28 as a person and as a SOCOMer. Whether I carry any weight on this site or not, I have a history with him that goes back to the very date of release of S3, and a friendly history with the WG Clan going back to S2. The talk of him lagging and wall sliding is past bro. Swill mentioned it, Killah defended himself. It's over and done. My stance is that the platform to play on is laggy as fuck, and his lagging can easily be chalked up to that.

    .0637. While I was not in the room or watching what took place, I'll agree that it is a bunch of shit what happened. However, with that being said, I think the self policing of that incident has taken place. I have little doubt (God I hope I am right) that shenanigans of that nature will be contained in a room where by the off hand chance 16 TRS clan players are in it, that fun fuckery will ensue. Personally I would have been pissed off in the situation that appears to have happened Friday.

    If I may make a small suggestion, relax. Get angry about the Friday incident, like others here have, and work towards self policing so that you can do the exact thing you are aiming for, and that is to unite SOCOMers. As for the debate here once the lag issue got cleared up or at least looked past, it's all gravy broheem. No harm, no fowl...

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    Being good at X-Link SOCOM is about the same level of importance as sculpting a piece of art out of a turd. As I said, I don't give two fucks about taking SOCOM seriously, so I don't. I play because I enjoy the banter and it's a fun game to play. If I wanted to be a finger-speed douchebag and take it seriously, I would. But, I don't, because it's a 14 year old game and I'd rather just have fun screwing around with my friends then trying to worry about my K/D ratio.
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  3. Swill

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    At one point, the majority of people in this country agreed that slavery was acceptable. So much for the majority agreeing on something.

    I defended my position very well and I made counter-arguments that have yet to be reasonably debunked, so I'm more than comfortable with my position in the debate, no question about that. Anyways, there is no right or wrong in the end, because it's a subjective topic. You're not right for your stance, and I'm not right either. And neither of us are wrong. It's purely opinion at this point.
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    Obvious smart assedness is obvious...

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  6. Swill

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    Well, hey. I have to cover my ass just in case you were being serious. Around here, you never know man lol.
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    Great, now I HAVE to watch this movie tonight.
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    no way would i rather play in pubs than trs rooms. even with "drama" or people fucking around with m79s from time to time.

    the wall sliding shitheads ruin this game on xlink for me and in trs only rooms i dont have to deal with it. its the main reason i dont touch xlink anymore unless its a trs night and now i only log on if there is enough for trs only players. last weeks public room was nothing but wall sliders rushing to grenade spots at the start of each round and thus i get killed in normally safe spots at the start of each match. Not fun at all. Doesnt help that the grenades on xlink are most likely broken/bugged because they are EXTREMELY inconsistent....sometimes they land near you and nothing happens, other times they blow up nowhere close and you fall over.

    I am not going to adjust my playstyle or relearn map routes due to wallsliding shitheads breaking a 14 year old game. If they want to try and justify it by saying everyone can do it, then i just recommend everyone run around with codes on since everyone can do those too. Their justification for doing it is retarded and they do more harm to the xlink community by doing it than they realize.
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    Ahhhh couldn't resist the reply either I see, tsk tsk. I don't take the game that seriously either (unless it's a war) because if you played regularly with / against me you would know I frequently use the worst guns the the game to spice things up regardless of "k/d" (which I made no mention of to begin with). It's simply your lack of depth of knowledge/experience in the game in general, regardless how old it is or that it's running through a LAN Tunneling program. I could care less how good you are at the game but it's when you start trying to dictate your opinion on tactics and make it irrefutable fact on a matter you're just not qualified enough on, sorry.

    Point is back on the servers a lot of talented players used the quick prone & I think they did it for good reason. A lot of talented players use it on xlink too, it's no coincidence. It adds another direction/element to a gun fight instead of just LEFT or RIGHT.

    You're opinion is equivalent to saying drop shotting on CoD 4 is useless lol.
  11. Swill

    Swill Killjoy


    You have a pretty short memory. Either that, or you can't keep track of your own stupid arguments. I'll go with the latter.
  12. SocomKillah28

    SocomKillah28 Boom Boolah!

    I was referring to the BEGINNING of the debate, not what I just said a few posts ago, apologies, should have made that more clear but whatever. I never attacked your skill (or lack thereof) in the beginning which I could have easily done to start with. It led to that because you were not saying it was just your opinion early on (I was telling YOU "that's your opinion".) You eventually hopped off that high horse though, bravo.

    There are most certainly talented Socomers, guys that have naturally better hand eye coordination, and can pick up any game and be good in a short amount of time qualify. There are people who have been playing Socom for 14 years and still suck so that time and practice doesn't necessarily mean they will be good.

    I started playing xlink/Socom about 3-4 months ago, if it was my life I would have been on that bitch since day one. Again, not my fault I'm decent at the game and have a passion for it. It's a naturally competitive game so stop acting like being good makes you a tryhard nerd when I only play a few times a week for a couple hours a session, if that. I'm far from a shit talking douche you're trying to paint me as, considering I never said those words to anyone on xlink in my life, I might have said that when I was 13-14 years old playing S2 in its prime lol.
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  13. Drum

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    TRS Community Night is living up to the original intent conveyed in Swill's inaugural post: an occasion for TRS members and other inactive Socrackers "to play some old school SOCOM online again ..." I haven't seen any reason it should stop doing so. Each week brings some form of trolling, complaining, spats, you name it. Each of us will have engaged in at least one such behavior before long. I certainly have. Nowhere is it promised that our CN rooms would be any freer from those interactive afflictions than any other room would be. It's simply understood that we police ourselves. So far, we've done a good job. Habitual wall-sliders, malignant TKers, vicious TRS-haters, and the like are easily handled with a zero-tolerance policy. Worst case, we make another password-protected arena or room. And we keep rolling. Getting 100+ on Xlink is a worthy goal, but I'm delighted to play with an alternating mix of the same group of known, amicable players every week, warts and all, server numbers be damned.
  14. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    You weren't referring to the beginning of the debate, and you know that. You got caught out forgetting about the fact that you did mention K/D, and in order to cover your ass, you're trying to backtrack in order to come up with an excuse so you don't look like a fool. The only problem is that it's too late. Photo evidence doesn't lie.

    There was no "high horse" to begin with. Again, I've done nothing except state my own opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. What people want to do with it is their own business. If you've invented an interpretation in your head that I've been trying to "dictate" my opinion to people, that's your problem and yours alone.

    No, there are no talented SOCOMers. Again, hand-eye coordination isn't a talent, it's a skill. A talent is something you're born with. A skill is something you acquire. No one is born with great hand-eye coordination. The brain simply doesn't work that way. However, hand-eye coordination can be acquired by anyone. Just because someone plays for 14 years doesn't mean they've played consistently enough to develop hand-eye coordination. If I played twice a week for 14 years, I'm still not going to develop as much hand-eye coordination as someone who plays 4-5 days a week for 14 years. The number of years you play is irrelevant. The number of times you play is, and most people simply never put in that much time with SOCOM, as it's only a video game and most people have lives to worry about, unlike some others.

    You're a tryhard nerd, stop denying it. Again, it's obvious to everyone here.

    Thanks for this debate, by the way. I'm enjoying every minute of it!
  15. Swill

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    Well said, Drum. Now come play Combined Assault with us tonight, even though you don't like that game :)
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    [​IMG] See ya there.
  17. You could always get the patch. I will be willing to 1on1 help people get it. Just message me on here, or email

    There are different methods to get the patch so it be best to just discuss the user current setup and go for there. The burning the ISO method though is a terrible way to go about it. Anyone with phat PS2 could easy get the patch. Even if it not under v7 still possible to get the patch.
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    What is "Wall Sliding" ?
  19. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    It's an exploit in the game where, when running next to a wall or structure, you can hit the square button to jump and it speeds your character movement up way beyond what it's intended to be. You leap forward at a really quick pace and can get around the map much faster than you're supposed to be able to.
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    Man shit got real up in here......
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