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Discussion in 'SOCOM Community Nights' started by Swill, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. SocomKillah28

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    Okay you can believe whatever you want, I guess you can't comprehend the word "begin" and that's your problem. Grasping for straws is very pathetic man.

    You were not saying "it's just my opinion" early on, when I told you it was you never agreed (until recently) but you kept trying to hammer down that opinion as if it was the correct answer.

    I played Socom 2, 3, CA with some wonderful people for years and some of them played every single day and never got better than average so you're completely over your head again.

    Yeah but you're playing the same game & are on the same forum talking about said-game with quite a few thousand more posts so I'll just call you a forum dwelling nerd & we'll leave it that.
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  2. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Keep backtracking. You got caught out. It happens. Just accept it.

    No, again, you're forming your own interpretation of what I was saying inside of your own head. Again, if you're going to assume my intention and be wrong about it, that's your problem, not mine.

    Anecdotal claims with no evidence to back it up is anecdotal evidence with no claim to back it up. You have their kill counts and kept track of the number of kills they got over the years and can make a direct, fact-based comparison between the number of kills they had year on year? If not, then your claim is baseless and nothing more than hearsay.

    I am a forum-dwelling nerd, absolutely. I embrace it. You're a tryhard X-Link SOCOM finger speed douchebag. Just embrace it.
  3. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Lol, ehh, the only person who took things too far was Ski. The rest of us were just enjoying ourselves debating a SOCOM topic. It's been nice talking about something besides the same old re-hashed stuff.
  4. Tawok

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    I mean, SOCOM 2 is hands down the best SOCOM.
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  5. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Ahhhhhhhh, you clever, clever bastard.

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  6. SocomKillah28

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    You misinterpreted what I said, not my issue.

    It took a good number of posts before you even once admitted it was your opinion.

    Sorry I don't have screenshots from my NEXTEL cell phone I had back then to post stats of players I played with that never grew passed being average at the game. People are naturally gifted in all aspects of life in certain things, let's say soccer for example as mentioned earlier. You can take a kid at a young age and have him practice, train, eat, sleep, shit, exactly like Ronaldo or Messi but he will never be them or replicate their natural creative gift they have inside their brain that allows them to see/play the game the way they do. People are simply superior to others in things and no amount of hard work the other guy does can surpass it. Now video games aren't to that level obviously but certain people can pick up any game and become good at it quickly while others struggle and need more time or simply never get proficient.

    LoL okay cool.
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  7. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Keep backtracking. You got caught out, and made to look a fool. Accept it.

    It took from my very first post. The very topic itself is inherently subjective, so from the very get go, no one is able to say anything other than an opinion on it. The ability to think critically and rationalize things from a common sense point of view tells someone this.

    Comparing soccer talent to SOCOM skill is so laughably absurd, I don't even need to explain why it's a stupid analogy. It completely debunks itself. Though, for you, I'll probably need to inevitably spell it out in crayon so you can understand that.

    "Get rekt, schrub". Point proven. Thank you.
  8. SocomKillah28

    SocomKillah28 Boom Boolah!

    Your misinterpretation of the English language is none of my concern.

    Again, you kept repeating your argument ad nauseam instead simply stating, well that's my opinion and you have yours like I did so from the start. So maybe next time make it clear not to look so pretentious.

    It's comparable to anything, some people have good hand eye coordination / reflexes and grasp things quicker and better than others, get over it.

    Lol I knew you'd take that meme seriously... Welcome to the internet, where you get trolled by memes and take the bait like a fish.
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  9. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Jesus Christ, do you guys need your own thread?
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  10. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    We're just having a bit of fun lol. It's been stated like 3 or 4 times now ;)
  11. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Got caught, tried to backtrack. Nice try.

    Subjectivity is implied from the beginning since the topic itself is subjective. It doesn't need to be stated.

    No, it's not comparable to anything. You're trying to ascribe something that's a skill into a talent, which isn't factually correct, so you're simply wrong on this one. It's pure science.

    I took the meme seriously because you were serious. Finger speed douchebag SOCOM Leet's love to use that kind of language, so you used it as per your M.O. It's all good.
  12. SocomKillah28

    SocomKillah28 Boom Boolah!

    Negative, the straw you've been grasping at broke a while ago, move on with yourself.

    Next time don't take so many posts to finally admit it was your opinion when someone calls you out that it was just that.

    Where's your scientific evidence? So take two people playing any video games, both having never played video games before. One person has naturally quicker reflexes, learns faster, is more creative, and is overall better at every game. That makes them more talented in playing video games than the other person.

    You took the meme seriously because you're an uptight, overly pretentious, pseudo-intellectual that can't understand when he's being trolled.

  13. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    You got caught, tried to backtrack, and have made yourself look foolish over it. Just accept it.

    Learn to read: A subjective topic means subjectivity is automatically applied. You being too dumb to understand that concept doesn't excuse your lack of understanding of that.

    "Your child wasn't born with the innate ability to write her name, draw a picture, or swing a bat and hit a ball. Hand-eye coordination develops as part of your little one's repertoire of fine motor skills blossoms. From the beginning basics, such as picking up a small toy, to more major movements that involve a mature complexity of motions, eye-hand coordination builds as your child grows."

    Hand-eye coordination is a neurological process that begins starting in early childhood and develops from there. No one is born with a pre-set neurological skill, because neurological skills can only be developed through direct application and experience. So, as I've said multiple times, there is no such things as a "talented SOCOMer." It's complete garbage. Once again, you're out of your depth and you don't know what you're talking about.

    Keep deflecting and saying the meme wasn't serious. It was, and you know that. I simply can't grasp it because I'm not a Gamebattles Elite SOCOMer who does finger pushups and gets eye exams from the doctor to play a 14 year old dead game on a broken third party software.
  14. ricjamesbitcll

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    LOL just got back from optometrist and i need glasses, expect better play from me in about a week when my glasses come in.
  15. SocomKillah28

    SocomKillah28 Boom Boolah!

    Say whatever you want to fit your own narrative.

    Again, I called you out on it being an opinion and you could've said "yes it is" rather than repeating "placebo" numerous times. It would've been done with but you like to drag things on for eternity.

    I didn't only mention hand eye coordination, selectively picking out one thing is your style though. So by your logic all gamers have the ability to be the best in the World at any game when there are gamers that practice certain games more frequently and are still inferior to others. Playing certain games require more than just hand eye coordination. Critical thinking, decision making, memorization, ability to process information, how someone's brain processes things isn't something some people can control or develop to become better than others. If a person is born "slow" they can't change that if they are born genetically inferior to a person who's brain processes things quicker, it's simply genetics. People are born with better functioning brains than others, the same way people are born with other fully healthy and functioning organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc) and others come out of the womb with health issues or genetic disorders.

    Summary: People are born with more efficient brains than others, so something like a video game naturally comes easier to process.

    Talent: genetically superior.

    I didn't even play GB on S2 and briefly played it on S3 with @JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz and [WG]. So I guess that's another imaginary straw your grasping for. You're playing the same dead game so who are you to talk shit about how someone else plays it. If someone wants to play seriously / be a "finger speed douche" and relive their GB glory days who the fuck cares if that's they enjoy their Socom? Get over your pompous self. I just get on to enjoy my favorite game of all time which is still more fun than any game I've played in the last 13+ years.
  16. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    What did we do, play that for MAYBE a week or two? I know we stopped very fast, because as a clan, though we were good when we wanted to be, we also liked to screw around a lot too. That and the fact that there we got cheated against a couple times, too if I remember. That was a lot of reefer ago, so the memory is a bit hazy. I know we were on and off GB in the blink of an eye...
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  17. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    The evidence is in the screencap. Nothing else to say. Got caught and then scrambled to cover your exposed tracks. Accept it.

    I'll try and say it one more time. Maybe it will actually click this time: A subjective topic automatically implies subjectivity when discussing it, so a person doesn't have to say what they're saying is their opinion, as it's automatically implied that it is. At this point, you keep regurgitating the same non-counter argument because you don't want to concede the fact that I'm right. Again, just accept it.

    Lol, stupid. Literally everything you described (Critical thinking, decision making, memorization, and the ability to process information) are all SKILLS not TALENTS. The entire foundation of your argument is flawed because you're continuing to conflate skills and talent. They're two completely different things:

    Skill - "the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, etc., to do something well"

    Talent - "a special natural ability or aptitude"

    Critical thinking, decision making, memorization, and information processing are all SKILLS that you develop from childhood onwards. You're not born with the ability to think critically, decipher correct decisions, memorize things efficiently, or process detailed information. All of those things get refined as you experience life and your brain matures and develops. Yes, some people are born slow. They're called mentally retarded. Using them as an example of people who don't or can't refine these things to justify that normal people have the "talent" for them is totally disingenuous. "Normal" people can, with enough practice, application, and exercise become equal with anyone else in all of those areas, except in EXTREME SITUATIONS where you have someone is either mentally retarded or is some kind of savant. Lastly, the reason some people are better than other players at a game like SOCOM has nothing to do with a difference in cognitive skills. It's mostly emotional in nature. Some players are better at handling pressure and tension than others. Many players get into gunfights and get very nervous, which causes them to tense up and shoot erratically or worse than they're capable of. Others are able to play more calmly and not tense up in a gunfight, allowing them to be more relaxed when they play and shoot more to their true ability. That's what makes the most difference, not a player being able to process information more than someone else. And, anyone can learn how to deal with pressure, relieve nervousness and tension, and relax themselves more when they play so they can shoot better. Most people just don't know how and never do. The idea that the difference in quality between SOCOM players is something genetic is so arrogantly absurd, it's laughable. So, once again, you're completely out of your depth on this topic and posting an article you found on Google without reading it that had a headline you thought matched your argument doesn't make up for that.

    Sorry, I don't speak finger-speed SOCOM douche. You'll have to say it again in English. How many finger pushup reps did you get in so far today? Don't forget to schedule that appointment with your eye doctor either.
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  18. SocomKillah28

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    LoL o_O

    NO SHIT they are skills but reality check, not all are created equal in this world so you can only maximize your own potential to those skills. The article shows people are born with more brain capacity than others, you can assume i didn't read it but it confirms not all brains are the same in healthy-born people. Something you cannot change with time, practice, study, etc. is simple genetics. People are born with brains that are better and more efficient at functioning than others that's not even debatable, the same way people are born with other better physical genetics (fast twitch muscle fibers, etc). Someone can maximize their skills to their own potential ceiling but they can't change genetics to make their brain function more efficiently than someone of a superior genetic make up. You want to break things down to a scientific level and that's what I'm doing. Video games boils down to the brain's ability to process information happening on a screen. A person can become the best version of themselves if they put the time and effort but someone with a superior brain will always be better with equal or even less practice.

    I'm actually about to go train legs at the gym, you should try lifting since you seem like a frustrated guy. Socom is something i play with my leisure time, stay salty.
  19. Champ

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  20. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    This is getting absurd.

    You're trying to claim that the reason someone gets 15 kills a game and someone else gets 8 kills a game is a difference in genetics. That is so ridiculously flawed and arrogant it's laughable. Johnny doesn't get 7 more kills than Joey each map because his brain genetics are more superior. The margin of difference in brain genetics between average, normal people is so thin that the margin is often irrelevant. What makes the difference in performance is, as I said, almost exclusively emotional: Dealing with pressure, playing more relaxed, not being tense when in gun fights, etc. There are great SOCOM players who get 15 kills one map and then 5 the next. If brain genetics were the difference maker, than those players would put up 15-20 kills every single map, but no one does that. Lastly, doing well in SOCOM is also hugely influenced by luck. Many kills come from killing someone who doesn't see you or just being in the right place at the right time, while getting killed is often down to the exact same thing. Luck is an overwhelmingly huge element in SOCOM. You don't get 15 kills on a map because you're "genetically superior". You get 15 kills on a map because you're confident, not too tense when you shoot, and because you got lucky. That's you and every single player.

    I've been an athlete my whole life and still am, so I'm good. Debating finger-speed SOCOM Leet's in my spare time is a fun side hobby. And, as I've said multiple times now, there's absolutely zero frustration or animosity involved. I'm thoroughly enjoying this unique debate, as I don't think this topic has every really been talked about before. Not to my knowledge at least.

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