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    Using a gun that is in the game =/= hoping around like a fucking idiot intentionally exploiting a flaw in the game in order to gain an advantage. I cant wait to hear how these sopping wet vaginas react when I ram an M79 up their collective asses.
  2. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    It comes down to ground rules.
    In TRS rooms, one ground rule is always made clear: no wall-sliding. Beyond that, a consensus is determined on a map-to-map basis whether to allow M79s or whatever.
    In public rooms, ground rules are simply understood: no MGL/M79, e.g. Typical public S2 decorum, roughly speaking.
    In last night's non-TRS room, on Crossroads, no ground rules were made clear. There were M60s, M14s, and some wall-sliding throughout the game. And guess what. It was a blast. The last kill of the game was by RPG, yet nobody complained, not even we on the losing team. I thought it was awesome. (Sorry, Swill. lol) Our guy was outnumbered, like 1v5, and the bomb was planted, so it was practically over anyway. Now, if ground rules were being broken, it would've been a different story: there would've been grounds to complain and more, and the offenders would be morally obligated to give some sort of mea culpa.
  3. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Like I said, I'm not interested in having this debate on TRS anymore. Let's go on Skype and record the debate, I'd be more than happy to. Something tells me that you'll decline though.
  4. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Again, you're 100% wrong. Like I told Killah, I'm not interested in clogging up TRS with this debate anymore. If you want to get on Skype or Discord and record a debate, I'd be more than happy to do it. Just let me know.
  5. Drum

    Drum Get to da chobba!

    I'm with you on that. Use whatever gun you want, as every gun can be countered with another gun, tactic, strat. If wall-sliding is rampant, I might be able to alter my approach w/o wall-sliding myself, and still enjoy the game; if not, I'll just go to the next room, make my own room, or log off. I've changed my view on wall-sliding over time. I used to go with the flow, but came to realize that it's not only preferable but also possible to completely remove the issue simply by playing with others who agree not to consciously do it. Case in point: TRS rooms.
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  6. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Don't compare the M60 to wall-sliding. The M60 is nothing but a strong gun. Wall-sliding is an exploit that throws off the intended balance of a map. It allows you to get to spots around the map much faster than you're supposed to. The M60 is nothing more than a somewhat accurate gun with 100 bullets. The person still has to aim it and use it. So, using an M60 is nothing compared to wall-sliding.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I'll do Skype, but it has to be in the nude or no deal.
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    "Skype me, bitch" - Swill
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    And I went like 3 and 7 or something like that. LOL... and we lost the map. I think that's why I posted on Xlink FB about it because it was so silly that they were making a big deal of it. But I really wish I hadn't posted now. Too much drama. I hardly ever post over there and will keep it that way for now on. I just want to play Socom with good people.
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    I joined just to view/laugh from afar, I've already seen some uber pathetic shit on there.....
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    Youre just mad because you got owned. Your finger speed isnt on par with theirs. Im sure many of them played on Gamebattles.

    Only the best played on Gamebattles.
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  12. hexum

    hexum [LiQ]

    each person has their own preferences.

    Most of our xlink pickups are no IWS, RAs, M14, M60s, rps, etc etc. its just how most of the community its. its an unspoken rule. thats how we play. Thats why im comparing it to the wall sliding. How we look at those guns is the exact same way you look at wall sliding.

    I saw someone saying "stop the wall sliding and see how you do"

    I was on a team who won a SOCOM tourney..Eseals...during the prepatch days with wall sliding banned. the game is EASY with or without wall sliding as long as youre a smart player.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I played on Gamebattles and wall sliding was never allowed.

    Only the best played on Gamebattles.

    Wall sliding is a gimmick exploit and is not even comparable to simply using a certain type of gun that is arbitrarily "decided" to be too powerful to use by the supposed community of finger speed autismos who populate Xlink.
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  14. SocomKillah28

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    I can see where the M60 is frowned upon, it was literally the only gun in the game that ever got patched/nerfed. I personally don't care either way unless it's a pickup war and ground rules are laid out.
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  15. SkiMask

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    i don't either. I want to grow SOCOM. Choir brotha, choir. BUT people care. ALOT. Both sides of each coin.
    I'll smoke 'em out for ya anytime you call for it homie, I do love that 203 smoke to choke on that nuttiness.

    Only with people who don't care about winning and losing though. Maybe if some of the Ultra long timers wanna have 10 year hissy fits TK sessions lasting 3 maps (Mastermind, Phantom, etc etc) and room break all double PS2 style like they DO IN PUBS FROM TIME TO TIME then sure; you and me going snipe huntin for that vag BadaBigBoom style.

    Or when I see randoms use the M60, like Blonde, i can try and hang but I suck all the same. So it's moot.

    I just want more players playing together. Clan out with your cock and tits out, but for fucks sake, let's do some RedvsBlue from time to time and mix it up. Wall sliding DOES suck HUGE monkey balls as I have RUN out terror spawn on XR and by the time I jumped to Fish, SEAL out the room blowing bridge and poop deckin ya wipe style. Bugs for realz.

    Doesn't mean both TRS and others don't hate to see me using that IW-80. It's disrespectful and lacks integrity to some. It shouldn't be this huge line in the sand though. That should be reserved for those who actually cheat, IMO.
  16. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Again, stop comparing wall-sliding to using certain guns. It's a terrible comparison and they're nowhere near the same thing. People are trying to make excuses to justify their use of wall-sliding even though they know it's a known exploit.

    Lastly, it's a bit hypocritical to talk of game etiquette and "unspoken rules" when, once again, entire public rooms are wall-sliding and using a known exploit on purpose. That's the complete opposite of game etiquette and if there's going to be any unspoken rules that people follow, it should be no wall-sliding, not banning people from using certain guns.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Its laughable that a group of people who advocate and practice wall sliding, an exploit which completely changes the entire dynamic of the game and the timing of choke point engagements and the ability of the other team to employ their strategy has the gall to whine about OP weapons.

    The "everybody does it" excuse does not apply because I guarantee if "everybody" on the opposite team used a weapon they dudnt "approve of" they would cry a river.

    Wall sliding is a lame tactic and by definition a cheat.

    Using a gun that people cry about that is available to use is not.
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  18. MasturbaterNV

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    Holy shit.

    I just read the last few pages of this thread and it's an embarrassment.

    • I had no idea there were divided TRS and XLINK communities. Considering there's like maybe 30-40 people on a night at best it's outrageously hilariously sad there's segregation and division amongst SOCOM players since we're all that's left of a dying community.

    I have played with hexum since week 1 of SOCOM 1. We've been on, socombattles, and gamebattles through the peak of S1-S2. If anyone knows anything about the history of the top flight of the game he'd be one of them for sure.

    With that said, wall sliding happens. It happens when I try to jump over a barrier or fence. I'm not annoyed with wall sliders to be honest. I can win against opponents that wall slide and those who don't. The best always rise to the top no matter what shenanigans the opponent is pulling.

    Going back to Day 1 of SOCOM2, everyone was pissed the aks-74 sucked. People said in the beta the AKS was just like S1, it was on par with the best seals weapons and only got nerfed for release day. I remember when the m14 dominated clan wars and pub rooms. I remember when the m16 was somewhat viable. I remember when people liked playing on Enowapi and before maps were getting banned from competition.

    I've been off and on, on xlink since the real servers shut down 5 years ago. I've used the IW for fun. I've dont' recall the RA-14 being banned on GB. But I do remmeber the idub, m60, m14 all getting bans because of the lag and cheese back then.

    I think using cheese weapons especially ones that cause lag, is 1000x worse than wall sliding. No question. I mean the rooms already have some bad lag in them on XLINK as it is. I was there in the beginning of S2 when people using m14's in FishHook rivaled S1 Bitter Jungle as lag festivals.

    For as long as I played S2, after whatever weapons were banned by the community in principle, for seals I've only used M4A1SD, M4A1, AK-105, M87. For terrorists it's mainly been STG, AK-47, 552SD, or m16.

    I assume most people on XLINK at some point knew or were part of gamebattles. While I'm not gonna stress out about people using weapons that were banned 13 years ago, I will say if you've played SOCOM2 long enough, you know the etiquette about the dos and don'ts. You know better than to use historically laggy and cheese weapons in a pub or war for that matter. Don't be the guy that ruins everyone else's experience.

    Frankly, if someone made a patch to get rid of wall sliding, I'd love it. I'd also hope they could return the M4A1SD and AKS-74 to their S1 levels so we'd never have to worry hearing about the IW, m14 or whatever else anymore.


    Should I mention now that the M60 is available to both teams at all times? If we're going to use the "everybody can do it" defense for wall-sliding, well, everybody can use the M60.
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    Actually, someone did make a patch, but unfortunately the steps required to use it are too much for some. I'm almost there, I just need to find an older PS2 than the one I have.

    I have to disagree with your "wall sliding happens" point though. While I do agree that it is easy to do accidentally, it's also pretty easy to do intentionally, as evidenced by just about every round start I've played in xLink. It seriously looks like some people timing the boost perfectly in Mario Kart while others burn out at the start. Again, it seriously hampers the game experience for anyone unwilling to get dirty and do it themselves. That being said, rather than try and force the regular xLink guys to stop doing it, as they've shown little willingness to do so, we can just play in our own room and let them be.

    For what it's worth, I'd like to see both crowds be able to comingle with one another, but it quickly becomes a hostile situation just about every time they do.
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