Just Got IP Banned LOL

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by LUKENBACHER, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. <)) MR. GREY ))

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    But if we could have both...
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    I don't necessarily have any desire to see Tom in the poorhouse or anything, he's a human being and he deserves a chance to make a living despite my personal feelings about his ability to make this game and support this community. I just don't want him and his community management cronies making their living off of us after the way they've handled things.
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  3. <)) MR. GREY ))

    <)) MR. GREY )) Prejudiced against Pencils

    I agree. failing and bankrupt is an overstatement.

    But fired....
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  4. dizee

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    SOF is the most unprofessional game developer ever and that's really saying something after having to deal with Slant Six's crap. This game is gonna bomb and when people flood their forums with "FIX THIS BROKEN POS GAME" post, I imagine their ban list is going to skyrocket. The only people left will be Tom and his drone nuthugger accounts.
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    Thank you Grey.
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    Mmmmm Analytics Sergeant.
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    that was such a good read!
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    Yeah I took a trip in the way back machine too. Brings back some fun memories. Good old Suade when he was still medicated. I laughed every I read his posts...
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    Investor read everything they can before they invest.Ea is a said investor in this somehow with steam and they don't care about the fans bases like that. It's about upside and potential with them.. Or in english they always see how much they can make off it.

    I honestly think the product is ok.Its a indie studio, They don't expect much, it going to be sold or 1$ at one point on steam. Let's be realistic.

    I think them banning Luke is what it is. That's their forums they can make anything in the nights and call it rules.. IMho Luke should should have not counter replied. Luke serve him his backside with a dose of salt from my reading(pretty epic btw) and the(mod) blood pressure went up. I don't go to that sites or vgames site like that anymore.

    . Just like luke many moons ago i was perm banned from a vgames site for a wellness rant.. But unlike luke i didn't reply back.I bought the whole web page domain and the sponsor too and shut the whole thing down for 2-4weeks. I also offered them a chance to buy it to buy it back for 3xtimes it worth and yes they bought it back. So it worked quite well then, I also met the person who banned me face to face also the leading editors for that magazine. They fired the guy and few other people a well( i dont fire people directly never have). Just know it was a mid popular vgames magazine web forums in back in the day./

    So Luke should have not said anything back . Sometimes you have to lose to win, got to be careful who you talk to, because some people have more money than others. I think Hhour is going to do ok, its going on be on steam and they sell games like that for 1$.. I do think Luke asked a legit question and should have not strayed from his direct question or served the guy...

    IM big on anti-Activision and sometime Ea in some aspects it widely known... All i know is Man they better deliver because Ea is the devil!!!/When you make deal with Ea, you take/make a deal with the devil.
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    For someone smart enough to "Buy the domain and sell it back to them at 3x the cost" You don't seem to understand that EA, in reference to H-Hour, means "Early Access" and not "Electronic Arts"
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

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    Just lel!
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  14. mcbuttz78

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    I don't follow the day to day info on h hour drama, maybe that a good thing since im way off base... you have to understand there Ea access on steam as well.

  15. Bigfry

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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

  19. MvKkilla

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    I don't know how many times my posts got deleted or some mother fucker named "DIRTY" locked my post. He's the real piece of shit.
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    In SOF's forums or here? I don't believe there is a mod named DIRTY anywhere

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