Just Got IP Banned LOL

Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by LUKENBACHER, Mar 26, 2015.

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    One does wonder...
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    Right! So it's a matter of utilizing those tools to generate attention (see below).

    That's actually a good idea. I'll mention someone actually utilizing their current tools/accounts rather than relying on fans.

    One of the major cons with that though is if it's on the main channel it turns into the official word on top of it being live. Having fans do this let's them off the hook for any mishaps that could happen live (PewDiePie) or prevents them from over committing to features (No Man's Sky). Marketing and development are only two parts of a video game development team.

    Maybe they could host streams on Twitch? But again, would hosting streams be an authorization of the hosted streams ideals?

    Maybe they could get permission to re-upload a fan's video capture to their own YT channel? Then this way they could preview the upload prior to committing.

    As for Tom playing HHour, I don't think he's ever played it. But like DICE, I think it would be an awesome idea to have the team play joes. I've mentioned it before don't know what ever happened to that. I believe the volunteer dev team plays pretty regularly. I know the mods are on but they're just glorified SOF team members.

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