Just saw this in the XLink FB group...

Discussion in 'SOCOM On XLink' started by rev, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Keep us updated on this since its a closed group and some of us don't facebook lol. Maybe @Dominator94 and or @1UP can chime in.
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    I just wished it wasn't as clear as mud the type of Playstation needed and the overuse of the word "HDD" while appropriate, further adds to the confusion. Be clear, make a checklist or something.

    Introduces "memory cards" and "USB" into the equation and I be like:

    Post the damn video so the rest of us that don't have that shit can get on with recruiting people to just "play".
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    Whatever was posted in the original post doesnt seem to load. So I don't know what the image was supposed to be

    EDIT (image loaded)

    It's just using OPL

    It's not that it was never possible to do this, people have been doing this for any game for a while. The problem was no one wanted to go through the steps to do it.

    His typing in general triggers me to no end though.
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    Yes same. Superman. I respect what he's doing but think it's too early maybe to do. It seems we are just getting players back into this and this is going to split the community up.

    Booting rooms and splitting people up. There's no way ppl are going to do all that for a patched game in my opinion. I just don't have the time to mess with all that. Buying more shit, downloading uploading and installing shit on my PS2... Please. I was lucky just to get on xlink and make it work. Lol
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