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  1. Made this thread to clear up confusing with LAN tunneling programs.

    There XLink kai, XBSLink, SUS and S.V.D.L.

    Just to clear this up if you want to play SOCOM right now on-line use XLink Kai for the time being. It have the bigger user base.

    There SUS which is SOCOM Unified Server. Which is suppose to be some ground breaking program. The so call first dedicated server SOCOM LAN Tunneling. Which I recommend not using due to the following reasons.

    It's really just a re-branding of XBSLink which is a open source application. SUS has false claims of being dedicated. Which the re-branding part is one of the bad things about open source applications is anyone could easy try to re-brand them and try to give themselves credit. Besides the false claims of what it's the author also violation the GPL license which XBSLink is under by not releasing any changes which will just be re-branding, but still a violation and does no good to original program.


    Even though I recommend everyone to use XLink Kai since it have the bigger fan base, and actually a bit easier to use than XBSLink. XBSLink in itself doesn't make a bad LAN tunneling program for more tech savvy users and also could even be use to play PS4/Xbox One games due to it advanced settings XLink Kai lacks.


    Some of S.V.D.L history. It have a very long history.

    Was originally just a idea of mine I came up with a while ago and was also going to be base on XBSLink, but with addition features like DHCP server, and dedicated instead of peer2peer. I decided to not as decided it be better to just write SVDL from the ground up. I never release my version base on XBSLink as I did not want to broke up XLink Kai player base on something I did not plan on supporting.

    The next version was re-written in Java which was never release ether. I was starting my first semester of college as computer science student and decided since Java was the language they were going be using I will write it in Java. Due to being bloat down with not much time and not liking Oracle practices of bundling the Java run-time with Ask toolbar which is AdWare I decided ways around that one of them will have been to bundle SVDL with open source Java, or with modify version without the extra bloat by removing the stuff not needed by SVDL. Overall I decided it be best to just re-write it as it was also badly written I was just starting college for computer science and I also did not see Java as best suited for S.V.D.L needs.

    So the next and current version started August 2016 when I first starting re-writing it. After few days I did not go back to it until months later than the first build was release to early access users. Which is kind of when we at now. I work on it when I have time I know some people may not be too happy with that, but it not like it pay my bills.

    My high standards for S.V.D.L

    I have high standards for S.V.D.L. I do not want to release something that doesn't meet my standards. One the things with S.V.D.L it should just work for the purpose it made. Which is why I decided XLink Kai needs to be replace. As XLink Kai doesn't just work it require work and it not very abstract. It should do a better job of isolating the user from any type of IT(Information Technology). As people really just want to play SOCOM not learn IT. Which is the art of S.V.D.L it can run on bare installation of Windows without any extra bloat without needing to configure stuff.The only configuration needed is hooking the PS2 up.
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    Dom, I would just ignore anyone else who talks about whatever program they're doing and just focus on doing your thing. I for one am excited to see what you can do and hope it works out. If you ever need someone to test it, let me know.
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    Walks in and sees this post, turns right around KNOWING full well there is a thread FULL of gibberish about the place somewheres. Question is, do I even have the energy to seek it out to find the context?


    Fuck it, maybe next week.
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    @Dominator94 saw a update for svdl today but it doesnt seem to be applying correctly. everytime i try to launch it, it tells me to download the patch, downloads it and then when i login again the process repeats
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    I didn't have a problem with it, I just went and updated. I am willing to try out SVDL tonight if anyone is interested.
  6. If you downloaded the build release yesterday there a issue with the updater not working. Somehow the updater got broken in that build which is fixed in the latest build. There should be a message before you click update with a direct download link for the update.

    Anyways ftw I added testing the auto updater to my QA list before releasing updates as build before yesterday update worked and now the new build I released today auto updater works.

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