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    A few thoughts, (from what I can remember).
    - One game to add to the generically spun new versions, GRFS. Im pretty sure advance war fighter did not have an L1 aim button. I sure as hell hope R6 Patriots doesn't fall in line.
    - If SOCOM had never left the old game play the game would have just grown adding new fans upon old ones. Games take big hits when they make big changes. Also games take big hits when they don't continue to bring new games out somewhat regularly (like every 2 years). Thats why COD has continued to be successful.
    - There is no way these kids enjoy COD as much as SOCOM has been enjoyed. Its too casual too be passionate about or care about.
    - Now that the Kick-starter is over is there anyway to pledge money to Serellan?
    - Kasbah was amazing.
    - Best map: Entrapment; it was amazing. All the original maps brought back into Confrontation were amazing too. Urban Wasteland. I miss Socom :(

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    This Cod Kiddies are pretty diehard for this shit.

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