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    Haven't been paying much attention to MWR honestly. I was somewhat interested when they first announced it, but after they tied it around the waist to the scuttled freighter that is Infinite Warfare, I never looked back. Come to find out through a video in my Recommended feed on YouTube that this happened:

    Which lead me to this video (it's a long one, but at 10:45 the guy makes fun of the reticles in the game, and it's fucking hilarious what they have in there. A FUCKING ICE CREAM CONE AND SHIT)

    Man, am I glad I didn't bite the bullet and buy IW. Fuck, this has me scared for any other remasters that might come our way.
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  2. dizee

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    Activision laughed all the way to the bank. Do activision games have the dumb little card packs that every EA game has yet? If not, thats something to look forward to in MW6 or whatever the fuck they are at now.
  3. Murphdawg1

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    I know COD games have had the custom reticles for at least a few games, not sure when it started though.
  4. Ditch

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    I love how they call to boycott it LOL
  5. HTK

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    If you see one big CoD YouTuber complain about DLC or w/e then you see 100's of videos following the same rhetoric. Nobody does any independent critical thinking that's why you should always take their cries with grain of salt.


    Having seen some of the footage of MWR that I have now tells me more than the CoD pundits ever could.

  7. Smokey_Run

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    Knowing there are actual new weapons tied to random drops out of a fucking lootbox in that game. Nah. They don't get the benefit of the doubt. The situation on MWR is pretty fucking disgusting.
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  8. HTK

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    This is what I know, CoD4 was my favorite CoD but then MWR came out and I felt like it's not as good as I remember it....aka nostalgia. I played it everyday for 2 months but then it was just too vanilla. Not a lot of weapons, attachments, etc...

    Lootboxes are nothing new and it's nowhere near as bad as Advanced Warfare. In terms of addition to DLC/Weapons/Customization I actually like it since the game was so boring but then again I'm a fan of CoD.

    If I truly liked the game I would still be playing it but I got bored of it even with all the new content.

    Black Ops 2 looks to be the best CoD I ever played though.
  9. HTK

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    What did this DLC thing do? Showed the 4 new maps? What's the outrage about now?


    The big sell for most people looking to buy MWR was that it was a callback to before the franchise was about making money instead of making games. Now they've injected a lot of the new microtransaction schemes after launch. People feel mislead, cheated, and rightfully so. Especially when you consider that to even play MWR, you need to shell out ~100 bucks for the wacky edition of a fame that less people play or want.

    Having such a high barrier of entry and then adding supply drops into it is one thing, but those supply drops now contain primary weapons. The new AR is competitive, not the best, but unless it shot .50 BMG, it would never beat out the CoD4 M16 anyways. The new revolver is a counterpart to the Desert Eagle, again, not necessarily the best gun, but still situationally preferable.

    The shotgun, on the other hand, is fully automatic much like the AA-12 in later MW iterations. No such gun was in the original CoD4, and it shits on most of the shotguns in most situations. This is the prime offender, really. The other weapons are somewhat forgivable for being earned via Supply Drops because they aren't necessarily the best.

    The Variety Map pack is being released again for MWR, but this time costs $15 instead of the $10 it did in 2008. Considering that MWR launched with only 10 of the original MP maps, this to me is pretty fucking lame, again considering that you need to pay so much money to even play MWR.
  11. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Lootboxes are nothing new when they contain cosmetic items. When you start adding new guns to the game and only award them out of RNG lootboxes, that's when it becomes disgusting as fuck and exploitative. One day soon, lootboxes are going to be ruled gambling in the courts and video game companies are going to get fucked hard on their bottom line.
  12. HTK

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    I don't like lootboxes that impact or give advantage in gameplay, I don't mind them however when it comes to customization.

    ex: Overwatch does this great and CS:GO.

    This industry is/always will be about making money. CoD4 was about money today it's just a different model of how to get that money.

    When they announced this game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered" the title should have told you everything. There is a legal reason why "4" is not in the title.

    Personally, I love CoD franchise but lately if they don't do something I'm done buying them yearly. This year and last year I decided not to do Season Pass and I think many people have. Slowly that will move onto actual sales, at which point they will change their tone.
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