Moon Landing (Conspiracy Theorists Unite)

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    Alright, I want to lead with stating, for the record, I am not some wack nut conspiracy theorist (no offense @MACK IS GOD).

    Anyone here ever looked into anything that has to do with the moon landing and whether or not it was staged? I am just curious I recently watched Conspiracy Theory: did we land on the moon on Netflix and I felt like the show brought up some very good points and some evidence of it being staged is hard to ignore.

    - The pictures where lunar landing crafts are super imposed over other images and they match up exactly (one image its there and the next it isn't).
    - The fact that there is no dust or crater at all where the landing craft touched down.

    These two stood out to me as being difficult to explain...among others.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Watch this:

    Room 237.

    Heres the trailer.

    Its a documentary about "The Shining" directed by Stanley Kubrick.

    It shows how throughout The Shining, Kubrick leaves visual clues about how the Moon Landing was faked and he was hired by the US Government to direct the phoney filming of it.

    Its quite interesting and very persuasive. The Shining is littered with examples of what the documentary mentions and its pretty amazing to see how deep Kubrick was and what he did with that movie.
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    Sorry but this sort of thing usually ends up going down a very unpleasant rabbit hole. Locked.

    Unlocked per forum rule update.
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  4. xCaZx-

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    Rejoice! We have broken the chains that bind us.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this stuff? I am interested in hearing other opinions regarding the topic.
  5. Swill

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    I'm all for a good conspiracy theory, and even more so when it involves the government. However, the idea that the moon landing was faked is asinine.

    With a reasonably high-powered telescope, you can see footprints on the moon as well as the flag.

    Moving on now lol.
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  6. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    Of course you can. The moon isn't 238K miles away and is in fact a disc, not a sphere which is rotated around the Earth, which people still believe is ALSO a sphere...

  7. Swill

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    I'm assuming, and hoping, this is pure sarcasm lol.
  8. Animal-_-

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    Actually it's closer to 239K miles.
  9. xCaZx-

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    Do you have any good links to any images? I tried googling and I haven't seen anything that I would say is definitive proof. The ones I see are pointing at random craters and saying "X landed here".

    I have a few thoughts on the moon landing.

    1. They reportedly went to the moon using technology that is less powerful than the phone in my pocket today.

    - Perhaps more importantly, they went to the moon in the 60's and 70s, but we cannot easily go back today? I would think with the advancements in technology that a trip to the moon would be cake work, at least comparatively to 50 years ago.

    2. I am not even fully denying that Astronauts stepped foot on the moon, but I am not convinced the footage and photos produced by NASA as proof are real.

    - There are some serious inconsistencies and weird lighting that cast doubt, at least to me.
    - Numerous photos with back lighting, when in space the only source of light should be the sun, but somehow Astronauts are visible in shadowed areas as though they are being lit artificially.
    - Absolutely spotless feet on the ship and a lack of a crater from the landing. How is this explained? I mean was there no dust disturbed from the jet engine as the craft landed?
    - A few different photos where there is evidence the photos were doctored, and some where the images appear to match up exactly showing the ship in one and no ship in another. Its difficult to explain how the photo would have been taken with the ship not present.

    Idk, I am not much for Conspiracy theories myself. However, after watching the documentary above I was left wondering and I kind of feel as though the Government had a reason to stage the moon landings (patriotism, during the cold war).

    Btw, I am not hating on anyone who thinks its crazy to say it was possibly staged, I am just looking for some good discussion and thoughts.
  10. Swill

    Swill Killjoy

    Conspiracies like the moon landing being faked are a classic example of confirmation bias. It's the quintessential example of people seeing what they want to see. People take small details like the ones you listed and either intentionally or unintentionally interpret them in a way that fits their confirmation bias.

    The reason we don't go back to the moon today isn't because we're not technologically capable. It's because NASA's budget isn't very good and going to the moon isn't a priority compared to other projects.

    Again, there's plenty of legitimate conspiracy theories out there. The moon landing being faked certainly isn't one of them.
  11. Animal-_-

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    Honestly the term theory is almost always inappropriate for these sorts of things, they barely hit the scientific standard of a hypothesis. For comparison, evolution is a theory, gravity is a theory (general relativity specifically), and those are supported by enormous amounts of peer reviewed evaluation and testing over decades of scrutiny.
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    Most of what the government sells us today is BS. Whether they were selling us BS back then to who knows. At the height of the cold war though it sure would have been useful to make the Russians believe we were more technologically advanced then them and ahead in the space game. Cause it would leave them to wonder "if they can get to the moon what other tech do they have that we don't know about". It is odd we've never went back since the 70's as you would think with the advancement of technology such trips would be made regularly and much easier. You have to understand though most people believe when they watch the news or read their history books they are being educated not indoctrinated. Most book smart people still have an IQ so low they would actually see stuff like this in news footage and still no grasp it's clearly fake:

    Society is extremely dumbed down today.
  13. xCaZx-

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    Here is the problem with this being confirmation bias. If you had asked me prior to watching this documentary I would have told you the moon landing was without a doubt real. Confirmation bias would suggest that I went into the documentary with the notion it was faked and hence all the evidence presented I somehow took and used to support my pre-existing belief.

    The truth is after I watched the film and did a little research on the subject my opinion began to change. I will not say I am hardcore in the "it was absolutely faked" basket, but I am beginning to think it was certainly possible that it was faked. Hence, my reason for wanting to discuss it a little bit.

    Also, one more tidbit I came across today, and hadn't realized before was that every single moon landing occurred during the Nixon presidency. This seems odd to me and I am not saying that simply because Nixon was a weasel, but it just seems odd that at no point after Nixon's resignation did the United States even attempt a trip to the moon.
  14. xCaZx-

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    You and DW back in the same night....I would have to say things are starting to look up around this place.
  15. Animal-_-

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    The first point he makes is about the old man's dog:
    Dogs actually are allowed and the fact that the old man is just standing there not running only proves that he's either physically incapable (another reason to have a service dog) or he's just old and doesn't give a shit, a trait I've personally witnessed in many old people. Probably a bit of both.

    The woman he claims is smiling: I can't make out in that footage if that was a smile or not and I rewatched that part a couple of times. I just don't see it, the picture just isn't clear enough.

    The thing about the cameramen sitting there on the corner: the commentator gives no indication of when during the shooting that footage was taken. I was listening to the news on the radio at work during that whole thing and it lasted a couple of hours. Without knowing when that was during the incident there is no way to know when those cameramen got there. And to believe that professional news camera guys don't have A: extremely good response time to things because it's their job, and B: don't know the best place to set up to take good footage, both without some prearranged tip from the government supposedly inventing the whole thing, takes more indoctrination I think.

    That video proves literally nothing. For you to offer it up as evidence while simultaneously criticizing the IQ's of people who don't see it as obvious as you is fairly hypocritical in my opinion.
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    Super Saiyan God level sarcasm, buddy

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  17. Tawok

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    Everyone knows the moon landing was real, but we haven't gone back because it's actually an alien satellite.

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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Not taking a stance one way or the other, but this is false.

  19. Swill

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    Whatever random stranger wrote that on the internet is wrong. Sorry man.

    Anyways, even though this ridiculous theory has been thoroughly debunked a million times, people still cling to it. So, NASA released over 10,000 high resolution photos to debunk it even further.

    Please, everyone stop wasting your brain energy on a dead, useless, debunked "theory" and move on to more reasonable ones lol.
  20. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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    Please, do continue...

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