Moon Landing (Conspiracy Theorists Unite)

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    Its like NASA isnt even trying to be slick about it. Tom Hanks was an astronaut in one of those pictures......

    The Moon isnt even real, bro. Its a hologram projected into the sky at night by the lizard people who live in the center of the Earth. They even forget to project it all the time or the projector breaks because a lot times you cant even see the Moon or only see like a half or quarter of it.

    Heres the true map of Earth they dont want you to see.

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    Has to be real, Howard Wolowitz shot a laser off of reflectors located on the moon that Astronauts put there, Geez!

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    First off that's far from the only video showing what a comical event it was. I posted what is pretty much the starter point which should get anyone with a brain to want to look into more footage. I mean you only need a tiny little sliver of critical thought to realize it's a bit contrived, not just with the old guy standing in both scenes, not just the expensive camera equipment there and ready to go, but also the fact that they of course run right to that path to make sure they get their close up drama shots for TV. The girl track team jogging out on the tarmac acting as fleeing travelers was also a good comedy bit.

    You do have to have a very low IQ to think this 10,000% spike in Columbine scale mass shootings from 2012 to current is a natural spike. Being as ISIS doesn't exist outside the propaganda box in your living room it's a red flag as soon as they claim ISIS in any event. Pulse and San Bernadino are examples of other laughably bad staged shootings claimed to be the work of ISIS. France and Germany have become big in the ISIS false flag game as well. I don't have an ounce of respect for any person who watches the news footage for these events and actually believes them real for no other reason then they don't think the news could lie about such things. The thousands of discrepancies in the footage pointing to fraud doesn't just disappear because people can't wrap their head around how these sellouts could pull it off. People need to grow some balls and call a spade a spade instead of being worried about having the "conspiracy nut" label thrown on them. People can stay in denial all they want, but the end game is to strip all our freedoms at the end. People need to wake up before we get to that point where they feel they finally have enough leverage to pass all the laws they wanted to pass when they decided to stage all these events.

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    Its stinks of bs to me as well. Especially since they are harping on "how" he was able to sneak a gun into the airport. Its seems tailor made for concerned politicians to pass legislation that will "protect us" from people being able to have firearms in their checked baggage and just increase the preposterous circus of pointless and completely ineffective "security" at airports.

    Its at the point where you might as well take a train or drive if you want to go anywhere.
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    Sorry I have to laugh at the thought that every big shooting is staged. Too many moving parts and humans involved to pull something like that off let alone repeatedly. And if it's that easy to pull something of that nature off and get people to believe it then where do I donate to help fund a fabrication studio to further agendas I agree with. Just because people didn't act the way you thought somebody should of doesn't mean BS.
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    If shootings are all staged, what have they accomplished? There hasn't been one meaningful change in gun control. There haven't been any real meaningful changes to security measures in this county either.

    Just because someone doesn't react the way you think people should doesn't mean jack shit.

    I didn't cry at my grandfather's funeral, he must still be alive and it was all staged!

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    They arent ALL staged, and YES legislation was ABSOLUTELY passed after one of these events.

    After the Sandy Hoax event New York and Connecticut BOTH passed State regulations on "gun control" after the "horrible tragedy".
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    Weren't you kicking and screaming like a fucking child when I mentioned you and Sandy Hook being staged in another thread just a couple days ago? Never change.

    'I don't know what you're talking about. I think you're a real piece of shit for trying to tie me to such things.'

    Yet, here we are..
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    Two states with already strict gun laws full of liberals who generally don't give a shit in the first place. You'd think they stage some of these shootings in states like mine (Texas) where we actually fight for our gun rights.


    They did, the two mass shootings at Fort Hood, the more recent one they even put in a craig's list ad for crisis actors for Fort Hood and the event played out on the same date specified that the actors were needed there. You also had the shooting of the Stay family in Houston. Cassidy Stay claimed to be the lone survivor privatized her Instagram page when people started asking how she grew her finger back that was said to have been shot off in the shooting because all her fingers were in tact in new photos she had been posting on there many months after the event. The shooting at the Dallas Police station was fake as well as the man they claimed killed Dallas cops who they then claimed to have killed with a bomb using a robot.

    All high profile mass shootings from the Gabby Gifford event to current were staged events. A large majority of them happened in the same place and time mass casualty active shooter drills were being held for the exact same scenario that plays out. Charleston, Pulse, San Bernadino, Sandy Hook, LAX, the second Fort Hood shooting, the Marysville high school shooting, UMPQUA, are just some examples of shootings that happened in the same place and time where it was verified to happened as either FEMA or FLETC mass casualty active shooter drills were going on.
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    But where was gun control legislation passed in red states in reaction to any of these events? Nothing in Texas because of the Fort Hood thing for sure. So all of these "fake shootings" have had very little effect on the places where "they" might actually need to restrict gun rights. The other places they wouldn't even need a shooting as an excuse.

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    No, I was pointing out the absurdity of you saying "you guys are cool with little kids being gunned down" simply because someone might question the validity of said event.

    Yet here we are again, with you escalating and misrepresenting in order to virtue signal and turn something into something it doesnt need to be.

    Never change.
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    But Florida is one of the most gun friendly States in the Union. I think certain elements try to use these things to have Federal laws passed and sway public opinion. Whether or not some of these things are "staged" or not is really irrelevant to the overall goal of the people who use the events, staged or not, to push their agenda. At this point its moot anyway with the current state of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, a chicken running through Ethiopia has a better chance of success than any gun control legislation.

    I honestly havent looked into this event at all past what was being reported that day. The one thing that really stuck out to me was how they were pounding the message home about how he was able to bypass security. I can see the narrative being set up already. "We need to do something about how easy it is for veterans to travel with firearms!"

    It just smelled fishy to me. I havent watched any of the videos.
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    In my opinion, the left is primarily targeting gun control at the Federal level. They want "assault" weapon bans and they want "high capacity magazine" bans.

    As far as I can tell the jurisdictions with the toughest gun laws tend to have the worst statistics for gun violence. Gun free zones are a victim buffet for criminals who can rest assured that no law abiding citizen can defend themselves (unless you happen to be Chuck Norris).

    I would also like to add that this is the moon landing conspiracy theory thread, not the "any conspiracy theory" thread. Go make your own conspiracy theory thread you clowns!
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    Doesn't matter if they passed any laws or not, they believe that if they just keep doing these things on schedule every few months the sheep will finally break and start asking them to do away with the guns to make them safe. The tact of tyrants is not to blatantly take your rights away as they know that would be political suicide. So they need a propaganda or psyop campaign until they get enough people to start begging them to take the guns away. They want to come in as people "answering to the will of the people" rather then tyrants taking the people's rights away with no good reason. If you actually watch the footage of most of these events it's not hard to figure out they are staged. From giddy family who smile when talking about their alleged freshly slaughtered loved ones, to moments where their crisis actors get stuck on a line and you can hear them having a line fed to them during their live interviews, to moments where they are caught using dummies as victims as was the case with LAX, Planned Parenthood in Colorado, the claimed shooting of 2 cops in NY by a black muslim, and in a cafe in France during the claimed three pronged terror attack there. It's not a far fetched theory, it's actually blatantly obvious with the discrepancies in the footage. The problem is just like North Koreans, Americans have been trained to believe that their news can't lie to them and everything seen on the internet that contradicts their stories is "fake news". The reality is the mainstream media is the fake news. A government propaganda outlet and nothing more which is about as accurate as the National Enquirer. You have to understand the mindset of the people that served in this last administration to understand why they would want to stage mass shootings to gain leverage against the second amendment.


    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I guess @Animal-_- was right all along. My apologies for doubting you.
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    We get at least one stupid law or more for every high profile shooting. The Isla Vista shooting we got "gun restraining orders". And San Bernardino brought forth a whole slew of shit laws. No lending of firearms now without doing a 4473 both ways with 10 day waits included. Bullet buttons redefined to be the same as detachable... the media did a first class job on that one describing them as a device that allows you to reload faster, they did the opposite. Grandfathered 10+ magazines from prior to 2000 now flat out illegal. And background checks for ammo will have to start next year. These things may not be happening on a federal level but these high profile shooting do absolutely prompt gun control laws. And those are just some of the ones that became law.

    Still I think the idea of them being staged and gotten away with is absolutely ridiculous. People always say that they don't think certain people cried enough or acted how they should of, etc, etc. and it's not believable. The thing that is even more unbelievable is that you could pay a hundred actors shit wages to propagate a shooting hoax and non of them ever flips or blows the whistle on it. That is less believable then somebody not crying enough or some santa clown with a dog not running when you think he should of.


    The footage goes way over your head. And by "not crying enough" you must mean not crying at all lol. Go look up as many interviews as you can find of the Sandy Hook parents doing interviews in the immediate days after the event. Let me know when you see a single tear roll down one cheek while trying to talk about their 6 and 7 year olds who were allegedly gunned down by a madman. You can't comprehend why people wouldn't blow the whistle because you're probably not familiar with what it feels like to know you and your entire family will likely have a "murder/suicide" incident if you chose to say anything they didn't want said. I think you guys are going on confirmation bias anyways as you don't want to believe they can fake stuff like that so you will go out of your way to make excuses for the very obvious discrepancies showing the event was fake.

    It's not really about whistle blowers either as if you got any whistle blowers you'd likely pass them off as liars or convince yourself they were just doing it for attention. There were many whistle blowers for 9/11 , no one seemed to care, at least two of them were "suicided" for telling their tale. Most people still believe the official story so there is nothing to gain for whistle blowers and everything to lose. The people will still cling to the official story for dear life unable to accept what their government is capable of doing to them and so the only thing a whistle blower has to gain is the threat of being murdered. It's very easy to understand why there would be no whistle blowers. One just has to weigh the pros and cons "Do I want to give up all the aid money I collected for my fake dead family member, face jail time, face assassination, and have to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life, or do I want to keep everything I have and suffer no consequences". I don't think you'll find many people who have the sack to be the next Michael Hastings or Barry Jennings all in the name of telling the truth lol.

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