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    Hello All, this is sppoc aka copps aka optimatch hero aka pub stomper aka silentsniper2249. i started my competitve gaming career on rainbow six 3 back in december of 04, didn't join gb till a month after in 05 because back then on gb you didnt have to sign up to join a clan.

    i played socom 2 and 3 when my clan on rainbow would get off after matches. played the shit out of crossroads and fish hook in the east servers. i was a silver cookie. never passed that rank ever. played socom 3 small maps. i have never once played socom on gb because i had nobody to play with, all the dudes that i played with eat, shit, and sleeped rainbow six lol

    i found out about TRS when i looked up how to play socom on xlink. you guys directed me to videos on how to set it up. and socom: go when it was released. have never signed up to TRS until early access on h-hour came out because i seen a few of you guys on the steam forum get banned for giving opinions on the game and the suade thread which i tried trolling you guys.

    idk some of you may find this offensive in a way but i like the drama between sof and trs. if some of you hate me for that w/e i just find it interesting. hope some day to be roasted by mack in one of the podcast.

    you can call me a sof nuthugger or white knight but i wont give up on the h-hour project till they do close doors. and really hope they stick to what they said when they opened up the kickstarter(which some of you probably wont agree with). i just want a shooter that plays like 2004 type tactical shooter if that makes any sense.

    anyways gg no re abort and report, vote a player to tell them someones behind them and all that other good shit.


    This place is much funnier then the normal game I follow, and there's not even a fucking game. Top kek. I got some extra popcorn if you want any
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    its like watching a short movie on the lifetime channel. its very interesting i may say.

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