Need Team Captains (Sunday League)

Discussion in 'Events' started by ninjawarrior-56, Aug 30, 2017.

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    I'm looking for 3 team captains for the "rumored" Sunday eSEALS league sponsored by TRS (Beer League). I already have 2 captains. This will be a live draft for non competitive players / semi competitive players. This will also be a platform for those looking to get into future eSEALS seasons to get noticed. Goal is to have fun. Start date is a few weeks out just trying to get things organized and rolling so I can set a start date.
  2. Flames

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    Let me know what's up I'll play. I just set up email notifi. for this post.
  3. Animal-_-

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    I'm down to captain a team, who's gonna step up and face me?
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    I wouldn't nominate myself as a captain as I can't even manage my own Socom actions let alone a team lol but I think Drum (DRUMnut) would be a good fit for one of those spots. Drum, Animal, and a player to be named later lol. Maybe Paul Awol as the third? Not sure if he'd be into it.


    Lukenbacher would also make a good capt. but not sure if his schedule allow for him to get on as often as us.

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