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    I've been fan of tactical shooters since Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and have followed the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series since their inception. That said, I've never played a SOCOM game.

    For someone new to SOCOM, how does the SOCOM series and gameplay style compare to the Rainbow Six and/or Ghost Recon games? Can you describe what makes SOCOM unique, using these games as a reference point for someone who's never played SOCOM?

    High quality tactical shooters are hard to find these days, so I'm interested to see what H-Hour can bring to the table. I have feedback that I'd like to provide (not that it will matter at this point) but I want to make sure I'm not suggesting something that's a departure from tried-and-true SOCOM gameplay.
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    I'm glad H-Hour has peaked your interest. SOCOM is/was a tactical shooter but it's defiantly more on the counter strike side of the fence when compared to old school rainbow six/ghost recon.

    What makes the game unique is really depending on who you talk to. For me I logged in night after night for the social and competitive aspects. Even tho some of the more recent titles were downgrades compared to the past I never played a game where social interaction was such a huge part of the experience. It's hard to explain but when 8 dudes all have mics and are communicating the teamwork is unparalleled and the lighter conversations that go on made you feel like a big family.

    The competitive aspects of the series are off the charts. Only on SOCOM can you go into a 8v8 pub match full of randoms and have each match be more competitive than any pub match on any other game I ever played. Once again it's hard to explain you had to be there for the clan wars, intense heart beating clutches, skilled based gun fights, tactics and more. It's a game that you have to put time into to be good and if you wanted to be the best you had to learn and practice.

    I have played almost all of the big name multiplayer console shooters and nothing is remotely comparable to SOCOM in it's prime, hopefully you will get a chance to experience it as well with H-Hour.
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  3. SOCOM was so appealing because it offered a unique community experience and addictive fun game play and added them together.

    The game play was almost like a chess match every match. How you moved and where you went was just as important as your gun skills. At first you felt over whelmed, but once you got into it, you lived for the feeling of out smarting an opponent, and even beating them in the skilled gun battles. Just because you were amazing at shooting and gun fights, didn't mean you would be an amazing player. Being tactical, taking vantage points, ambushes, and other things were very common.

    The elite clans worked together and took areas and operated together, and they actually practiced on blank maps just with them on how to take rooms or certain areas. You actually had 16 guys, all playing this huge chess match during a clan war for 2 maps (3 for the tie breaker) trying to adapt and trick the other team.

    The exciting and fast paced game play drew people in. I'm sure a lot of people will tell you about being down 1 v 5 and winning and feeling like you just snorted a line of cocaine.

    The community was the most unique one I ever encountered on any game. 99% of the people if they didn't know when they first got on, learned and acted the same way. You go into any room, chat it up with anyone, have a blast, and feel at home. Most people chose a server and played mostly on that one, with others and after a while you start playing with the same 1000 or so guys. You create rivalries, and gain friends or even get into a clan.

    The part that made it so competitive with the chess match is a lot of the time, you weren't fighting strangers. You were against a notorious clan who has a rep for whatever, or maybe they came in the server last week and slapped your clan around and you guys want revenge. It got pretty heated. This is where the feeling was unmatched. It was like watching your favorite sports team in the finals, except you were one of the players. You died, and you would re-talk strategy with other dead people while you cheered on your alive team mates.

    The experience was truly unique and it's hard to describe. It's the best game I've ever played.
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    In addition to playing R6 and GR, I was also a big CS player back in the day, so these comments intrigue me.

    I can relate to the enjoyment of the small community aspects. I used to frequent one or two dedicated servers back in the day and getting to know a small group of competitive players can completely change the feel of the game and make the experience all that much more enjoyable.

    That said, and I admit I'm playing devil's advocate here, do you think it's possible your love and the love of the diehard SOCOM fans for SOCOM 1 and 2 may be based primarily on nostalgia instead of something more substantial like gameplay design? It sounds like SOCOM was revolutionary for it's time, a fast-paced console shooter with voicechat support, but given these features have since become a dime-a-dozen, what do you think will set H-Hour apart from other games?

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  5. You'll find a lot of people get defensive to this, but it is a valid point and something talked about on here a lot. For me, I've played the series for over 10 years, right up until earlier this year when Confrontation was taken off. I enjoyed it all the way through, and it was my go to game.

    You will find others than will only accept Socom 2 and no less, and I think that yes, your point is true there. They remember all the good things, and none of the bad things. However, it is almost consensus that H-hour shouldn't be a clone for the same reasons you said. That game has been played. What the fans want is the same core gameplay that the series had in the beginning, but with bug fixes, upgraded graphics, some new features that don't ruin the flow of the game, and more importantly, new maps, guns and characters.

    The argument was that COD was so successful because they roll the same core of the game over many releases, while SOCOM took the other route and tried to re-invent the wheel multiple times. Believe it or not, SOCOM and Halo where once the two competing franchises for both systems respectively. The reasons many claim the game is not as popular as it was, was because it took a new route after gaining popularity on the 2nd game, and lost a bunch of fans.

    I played all the games and enjoyed each one, so I'm not worried about Nostalgia. However, if we get the experience we want (a core based game that brings into this decade and gives new maps and stuff), that it will be one of the best games around.
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    It's good to hear your perspective on this.

    I can't tell you how many great games have been ruined by sequels that failed to understand what made it great in the first place, evolving into something else entirely in the name of catering to a broader market. This is why I respect the few developers out there who understand the importance of innovating while staying true to their roots. From Software and the Dark Souls series is a good example. They seems to understand why their game became successful and are content to evolve the series incrementally in order to stay true to their fanbase instead of doing a cashgrab and ruining the series' future prospects.

    It boils down to this:

    A game can grow and evolve in two [beneficial] ways: (1) by introducing new features, or (2) polishing existing features.

    The first should be done carefully, with strong consideration being given to the greater philosophy behind the game. The second is the oil that makes clockwork run smoothly and should always take priority over the first. Unfortunately, new features are flashier and easier to market than polish is, even though the lack of polish can potentially kill a game post-release, even if the players don't understand exactly why.

    IMHO, in order for a game like H-Hour, a game designed to replicate the gameplay experience of an older title, to succeed, it needs to provide an highly polished gameplay experience, with new features only being added after great care and consideration is given to the overall gameplay. By highly polished, I mean it needs to feel modern by way of how sleek and enjoyable the experience is. Character animation needs to be seamless and fluid. Hit detection and lag compensation needs to be excellent. The UI needs to be simple but visually pleasing. Host migration needs to work extremely well or dedicated servers will need to be the standard. Matchmaking needs to be a breeze to use. Joining your friends while a match is in progress needs to be simple and painless. Voice chat needs to be simple and easy to manage. The overall feel of the game needs to be modern and well-executed, even if the overall feature-set mirrors that of a much older title. I think if done right, H-Hour could definitely succeed in today's market with the right amount of polish.

    PS. I gave H-Hour my vote via Steam. I hope it's going well. Is there any way to the game's vote count via Steam and compare that to the developer's target numbers?
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    Did you play Ghost Recon 2 on the original xbox? That game was somewhat similar to Socom except Socom was a tad bit faster speed wise. GR2s style was very close to Socom actually. I was in a few clans that consisted of mainly Socom players and we dominated the GR2 GB ladder.
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    I missed GR2 and went directly from GR1 to GRAW. I was mainly on PC until I got a PS3 and X360. Now I'm pretty much solely a console player.
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    SOCOM was great because:

    1) Community
    2) Gameplay > Graphics
    3) One life per round

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    If you like "pressure" then you'll love it. From time to time the entire round and game will come down to you and you alone. There's no better feeling win or lose. You won't find that in a respawn game.
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    If you enjoyed GRAW you would have been obsessed with Socom. They could be played the same way. I played the hell out of GRAW 2 as well because it was the closest thing to Socom on that gen until Confrontation came out. I'd say find you a PS2 somewhere and a copy of Socom 2 and setup xlink. You can get a sample of what we all enjoyed back in the day. I enjoyed all of the Recon titles except Future Soldier.

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    Thanks for the responses. I really hope H-Hour comes to fruition and can replicate the SOCOM experience so many here loved so much. I love GRAW/GRFS and Counter-Strike style gameplay, so SOCOM/H-Hour sounds right up my alley.

    On a related note, has anyone else here played The Last of Us multiplayer? It's much slower and more deliberate than GRAW or Counter-Strike but it's quite good for a third-person shooter. Very intense and surprisingly deep. I believe it's coming to PS4 this summer so you might want to give it a try if you have a PS4.
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