"Nostalgic Games" Thread

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What was your first major Home console system post '83?

  1. NES

  2. Sega Master System

  3. Atari 7800/2600 Jr/XEG S

  4. TurboGrafx-16

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  5. Sega Master Drive/Genesis

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  6. Neo Geo

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  7. Super NES

  8. LaserActive

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  9. Atari Jaguar

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  10. 3DO

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  11. Sega 32x

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  12. Virtual Boy

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  13. Sega Saturn

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  14. PlayStation

  15. Nintendo 64

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  16. Sega Dreamcast

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  17. PlayStation 2

  18. GameCube

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  19. Xbox

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  20. Xbox 360

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  21. PlayStation 3

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  22. Wii

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  23. Wii U

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  24. PlayStation 4

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  25. Xbox One

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  1. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Could be anything from your childhood or perhaps you were in your twenties like I was when SOCOM debuted and you had 15+ years of gaming prior to that? Post up some games you remember fondly regardless if they still hold up. Could be from 2007 or whatever though too. Let's just keep it at a minimum of 10+ years please.

    Looking backward at retro music for @ChemoFreak7 got me rediscover some strange and cool shit I played in the day.

    Most of these I did manage to play at least once. Give it a look if you were ever into the NES.

    A few standouts for me on NES:
    Double Dragon
    Bad Dudes
    Legend of Kage
    Lode Runner
    Top Gun (that aircraft carrier landing!)
    Super Mario 3
    Ice Hockey

    My first console I had was a Atari 2600 and then an NES. I think I was late to the party by about a year or so. Lived at various friends' houses. For whatever reason I remember playing them both fondly up until the Genesis.

    Of all the shit I played over the past 30+ years, Joust & SOCOM are still my GOAT. Yours?
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  2. S_L_I_C_K

    S_L_I_C_K eSEAL

    my all time favorites.
    circus atari!! pitfall, space invaders, and pacman all kept me busy. i played the shit out of shinobi on i think the genisis? and there was a game where you had to take over an underground base on another planet that i played the shit out of but cant remember the name on the original sega.
    for the playstation I played the hell out of offroad furry and offroad furry 2, then desert storm, then the resident evils took up all my time. then onto syphon filter which was an amazing game. hitman, driver, and gta, after that was socom, then black ops zombies, uncharted, minecraft, fallout 4, and now ark.
    that is pretty much my list of all time greats.
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  3. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    The first console I remember in my household was the NES. However, the first one I can really remember being "mine" was the Super NES.

    1. Super Contra
    2. Double Dragon on Super Nintendo
    3. Mario Kart

    Those are some standouts from that system. The original playstation is probably the system I have the fondest nostalgia memories of playing. There were just so many amazing RPG games I got lost in on that system. Plus stuff like Metal Gear which was just incredible graphically and gameplay wise during the time.

    I still get into a bit of "retro" gaming. I have an old dreamcast and Sega Saturn that I enjoy collecting for and playing from time to time. It is kind of cool getting to experience some game systems that I couldn't afford back in the day (I am looking at you Sega Saturn).
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  4. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty


    throw in a few handhelds during that span. PS2 is the best console IMO.

    some favorite games from n64 era and earlier:

    conkers bad fur day
    ocarina of time
    metal gear solid
    final fantasy 7
    resident evil 2
    streets of rage 2
    tmnt beat em ups on NES
    NHL 94
    ice hockey
    bubble bobble
    chip n dale
    street fighter 2
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  5. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    TMNT games were great...especially multiplayer.

    Streets of Rage also a classic.

    So many good games it's hard to even remember them all.

    I used to like Operation Wolf (I think that was the name). It was best as an arcade game, but I still remember playing it on the NES and loving it even if I was terrible lol.
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    NES was my first "post 83" console and my favorites for it were:

    Black Bass fishing
    Mike Tyson's Punchout
    Super Mario 1 and 3
    Blades of Steel
    Double Dribble
    Ninja Gaiden 1 2 3
    Castlevania 1 and 2
    Baseball Simulator 1.000
    Goal (soccer game)
    Karate Champ
    Double Dragon
    Kid Nikki
    River City Ransom
    Super Dodgeball
    Pro Wrestling
    Tecmo Wrestling


    Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing
    Road Rash
    NHL Hockey and NHLPA 93
    Arnold Palmer's Golf
    General Chaos
    Streets of Rage
    Pat Riley's Basketball
    Speedball 2

    Super NES

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 WoF
    Super Punchout
    Mortal Kombat 2
    Street Fighter 2
    Super Baseball Simulator 1.000
    Zelda Link to Past
    Super Black Bass
    Final Fantasy 2 & 3
    Final Fight
    Sim Ant
    Sim City
    Super Star Wars
    Super Empire Strikes Back
    Super Return of the Jedi
    Chrono Trigger
    NBA Jam

    Those are all the ones I remember investing a lot of time in on the earlier systems, I decided to end there cause I don't feel like typing out more lists for more systems lol.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Holyfield Boxing was way ahead of its time. It was an amazingly strategic and deep game with the different training you could do for your attributes and how they translated into the boxing matches with your character. We used to get blazed out and play that shit all night in High School.

    Really underrated game.


    Holyfield boxing was the first "boxing sim" type game I had liked as before that the only boxing games I had enjoyed were the Punchout games and sim attempts before it were always a let down (Looking at you Buster Douglas boxing lol). It also had a decent career mode so I enjoyed the SP if no one was around to play with. Overall it probably spent the most time in my console in the Genesis days but was close with EA's first NHL Hockey game for favorite. After that it wasn't until the PS 2 that I found another sim style boxing game I could get into with Fight Night 2004 (the first one). I liked the first Fight Night the best where you could beat the guy a bunch of times while he was already knocked down if you caught him in the ropes with the rag doll physics lol. Just keep hitting him while he's out in the ropes like Ray Mercer did to Tommy Morrison back in the day lol.
  9. SGP421

    SGP421 Fish Market Janitor

    Well after atari it was on to NES. Now my memory of all the games are a bit sketchy, but the dumbest game of all was that gyroscope game that came with the robot thing as part of the package.

    Game wise you can't overlook Contra and Super contra. Zelda 1 was legendary obviously but I didn't like any others. Final Fantasy was a favorite, Super Mario 1, 2 and 3 obviously. All of the ninja gaiden games. Always liked the turned based strategy games by Koei (genghis khan, romance of the three kingdoms).

    I'd have to say my favorite NES game was a different RPG and was kind of obscure. Destiny of an emperor was ahead of its time as an RPG. If you're into RPGs and never played that I'd suggest playing it on an emulator. Probabaly would seem dated now but I'd play through it again.

    Also was a huge fan of dragon warrior 1 2 and 3. Dragon warrior 3 is one of the best RPGs all time IMO. Dragon warrior 2 was kind of annoying but still liked it.

    From there it was on to SNES and genesis, PlayStation and N64 and the PS2 and PS3. I haven't played a video game in at least 3 or 4 years at this point unless you count stupid iPhone puzzle games.
  10. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    a few nes games i forgot about

    Punch out
  11. CoolDawg

    CoolDawg #3l173m4573r

    I had a SNES and I use to play Paperboy and Bomberman like crazy. Paperboy was crack at the time.
  12. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Lemme get a Hell Yeah! And here I thought no one else would put up some of these titles. Bad fur day? Stellar. "Nothing Like a Bridge too Short!" Streets of Rage? Solid arcade and port to consoles. Mike Haggar from Streets of Rage was pretty iconic at the time and you saw versions of him ripple through the scene for quite a while. NHL94 needs no into and Bubble Bobble was basically where Candy Crush Tetris and all that other new App shit nowadays came from, IMO. Capcom and Rare were definitely big players at the time and Chip and Dale was also a solid Mario style platformer.
    You listed SO many to talk about it's hard to forget some of these though. River City ransom was my first side scrolling game with quests and stuff that sort of got me aboard the modern FF games. I remember being REAL little, but fascinated with the storyline and finding bosses and extra stuff. It was a weird game for me (outside things I usually played) but a ton of fun.

    Blades of Steel and Double Dribble? Friggin AMAZING. Same with Ice Hockey. SO many hours invested...

    Pro Wrestling and General Chaos? I vaguely remember Pro Wrestling having a "Aqua Man" type character I think that did some form of "The Claw" with his Starfish hands or something? Remembered it was a phenomenal game at the time and was super rewarding with the moves and specials. Can't remember the names off hand but it was a blast.

    And General Chaos? That was my brief little introduction to RTS style games, IMO. You really had to set up and prepare for the war and if you didn't anticipate your opponent correctly you were screwed.

    Fantastic picks so far. Keep 'em coming!
    Yes, Paperboy had that SUPER ADDICTIVE gameplay like Marble Madness. You just HAD to play another one to beat your score. Just HAD to.
    The Contra series should always remain in the top 10, IMO.

    I also did not know you're in such a video game slump. Sounds like you need a slumpbuster to cure what ails ya.


    Pro wrestling was good but when Tecmo wrestling came out that was the one I really couldn't put down, some nights a friend from school would sleep over, we'd turn the volume all the way down so my mother would think we were sleeping and play it all night till it was time to go to school in the morning lol. It became an art form where we got good at light finger tapping on the buttons to not make much noise and simply look at each other and just mouth our anger or trash talk without actually speaking lol.

    Off hand the only character I really remember from Pro Wrestling now was "Great Puma" who if memory serves was like the last wrestler you had to beat for the title or some shit.
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  14. CreepinOnAhComeUp

    CreepinOnAhComeUp Night Stalker

    Actraiser - SNES

    That game was dope!
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Cmon man:

    nes pro wrestling.jpg

    Everybody knows King Slender was the shit. I would just throw my opponent into the ropes and closthesline him 20 times till he had no energy left and then jump off the top turnbuckle as a finishing move.

    Tag Team Wrestling was good to but the move selection was a litle wonky. You had to engage your opponent and then shuffle through like 30 moves.

    Bet Nes wrestling game was WCCW Wrestling.
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  16. CoolDawg

    CoolDawg #3l173m4573r

    Look at the rack on "The Amazon"...wowee
    Yeah this game was before my time. I played WWF arcade on snes.
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  17. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    My Post '83 system was the NES. In no order:
    1. SMB 1-3
    Ghosts n Goblins
    Legend of Kage
    Ninja Gaiden
    Metal Gear
    Kid Icarus
    Punch Out!
    Top Secret Episode: GOLGO 13
    Pro Wrestling
    Bases Loaded
    RBI Baseball
    Tecmo Bowl
    Double Dribble
    Blades of Steel
    Kung Fu
    Karate Champ
    Rad Racer

    Tomb, I do not see Metroid on your list; therefore, said list is a complete failure. :D
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  18. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    No Burgertime?
  19. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    For me Metroid was too fucking hard. I found it a blast to meander about and gain the first skill of roley poley thunderball or whatever the fuck. Beyond that I was utter shit. Then I heard that it was a chick all along! WOW.

    Funny how that was a HUGE reveal at that time.

    Excitebike? Now forgetaboutit that was my jam and I LOVED the level editor and doing wheelies. Something about that game always put a smile on my face despite never owning it. Metal Gear was also one of my favorites on the NES and I liked it much more than I ever did Zelda. Something about them top down games though never really interested me. Although, I did REALLY want to like the Tomb Raider Guardian of the Light or whatever that was called that used the top down approach.

    The only one I did REALLY enjoy off the top of my head was Gauntlet. THAT was King of the top downs for me.
    I played the hell out the arcade game, but hated that conveyer belt type stuff. There was another one I think with beer mugs if I remember correctly.

    I also for whatever reason just thought about that arcade game "Toobin" I think it was called? That game was also one that I would get a pocket full of quarters and play all afternoon at the Circus Circus in Northtown Mall or the one in Brookdale Mall. That and P.O.W.: Prisoners of War; I think someone mentioned Operation Wolf or whatever with that Uzi? POW was pretty awesome too and I also remember how fucking dope that Shinobi arcade game was when you got to the second level and could throw stars. SO amazing at that time. Too bad I sucked to barely ever pass the first level.

    Oh and the original Street Fighter arcade game? That was fucking amazing at the time. SO hard.
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  20. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    Conveyor belt game = Root Beer Tapper and yes, I did not like that one as well. Burgertime was my game arcadewise.

    I had a love-hate relationship with Metroid. The reason I love it so much is because it was hard. That game took WORK to beat, so when you finally did beat it, it was one of the greatest video game accomplishments ever for a 9 year old.

    Crap, for my NES Games, I totally forgot Skate or Die. That alone would have caused a failure of my list. Tomb, it's not on yours either, so now you double fail.
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