Okay, this is starting to get really shady

Discussion in 'SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs' started by o3Celerity, Jun 1, 2017.

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  1. o3Celerity

    o3Celerity Quickscoper

    Please give me your opinions on whether this is helping the community or just some dude scamming ppl to make a profit.

    A member of the community is selling memory cards with free mcboot and @Harry62 patch on it in bulk, for 20 DOLLARS ea.

    It's confirmed he has made at least a thousand dollars from this...
    Buying third party cards in bulk for dirt cheap.

    There may be ppl force joining rooms on xlink to tempt ppl into buying the cards from him too once they get booted enough

    On top of that they promote the socom online ladder site with tournaments for Amazon gift cards, I'm not 100% there's Buy ins for these tournaments or not.
  2. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    Who is doing that?

    To answer your question, ofcourse whoever is doing it is just doing it to make a profit. If he was doing it for the "good" of the community, he would be mailing them out for free.

    And again, expecting Harrys patch to have a 100% attach rate on xlink is beyond stupid and unrealistic, people need to stop thinking otherwise. Booting rooms isnt going to make people buy a memory card with a patch on it, it will make them make everything password protected or just stop playing on xlink all together.
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  3. o3Celerity

    o3Celerity Quickscoper

    I believe it's hexum who is doing it,

    Also I agree about the playerbase on xlink, there was a patch room up 8/16 then there was a regular room up with about the same basically could have a full room keep ppl playing together n not discourage ppl without the patch to get off


    Where is it confirmed how much he has made? 1000 รท 20 = ~50 sales, I find that hard to believe.
  5. o3Celerity

    o3Celerity Quickscoper


    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I am also selling Socom related items so I cant really give the guy a hard time about this.

    For anyone interested I have Game Worn used underwear for sale.

    used underwear.jpg

    These items have all been worn during Socom matches over the past 2 months. They are verified as 100% authentic and game worn. Many of the matches were very tense and exciting and played in a 70+ degree room so they are very sweaty. Some have skid marks as an added bonus.

    Each item is immediately placed in a 1 gallon Ziploc freezer bag after a match and stored in the refrigerator to preserve freshness and retain maximum musk.

    I am offering these terrific collectors items for the unbelievable price of just $10 USD each.

    Shipping is $149.95.

    Please contact me here via private message to arrange purchases.
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  7. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    We had a thread about this last week and before the thread creator deleted it, Harry said he had no problem with Hexum selling those. If he's making money from this it's capitalism and I say good for him if the product he's selling is genuine. If you or others really have that big of an issue with the profit thing, you need to take it upon yourselves to provide a competitive alternative that is cost neutral or free.

    If you have concrete evidence that he's conspiring with others to boot rooms to motivate people to buy the cards you should present it ASAP, otherwise you're just going to be stirring up drama and I'll be shutting this conversation down if I feel it's about to turn into a shit show.
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  8. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    All ive got to say on this manner is that Celerity you arent the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth person to call out hexum for making money off of the community.

    Thats all i have.
  9. o3Celerity

    o3Celerity Quickscoper

    Moderate as you please, just know it's easy enough to provide the service for free or maybe have a goal of what the money goes toward within the socom community,

    Locking players out of rooms isn't a community growing effort


    No, it isn't, that's why it's important you share with us whatever inside scoop you have that leads you to that conclusion.
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  11. o3Celerity

    o3Celerity Quickscoper

    Non patch players cannot play with patched ppl in a patch room and it won't let them join it, requiring ppl to get the patch to play the patch rooms if that's the only room up

    So they either spend minutes to hours getting the patch

    Buy it for 20 bucks

    Logoff n not stay as active
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  12. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    There is no inside scoop on that. Harry stated himself non patched players cannot play in patched rooms.
  13. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    I think Blonde was referring to your accusation of people intentionally booting rooms.
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  14. o3Celerity

    o3Celerity Quickscoper

    I said there "may" be ppl booting rooms, apparently it happened the other night with only 7 ppl in an unpatched room it kept getting booted
  15. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    As far as Hexum getting paid, 100% no issue IMO. I can change my oil in my car but don't' do it. I would rather pay someone. My time is more important. It's the same thing here. I could do this shit myself but I barely have time to log on twice a week to play. I'd rather pay someone.

    That being said, I have NOT got the patch yet and most likely won't. I am happy playing with my TRS brethren in private rooms. I said this in Superman's thread months ago when he was burning disc to do this. I saw this potentially splitting an already small base up. PPL are getting lost in all this and forgetting to just login and enjoy the game.
  16. Animal-_-

    Animal-_- Incurable

    Aren't there other ways to boot rooms? It could just be a run of the mill cheater. One room on one night isn't enough I don't think to believe some sort of conspiracy might be going on.
  17. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I concur about the value of time, but that signature tho...

    I logged on last night to test an audio ground for a headset that was modified to pipe in the mic chat in-game to a LIVE stream. Little did I know what I walked into, but needless to day, I thought I recorded conversations of people talking about this in a room. I also didn't know at the time that my mini cord connector was only the two ring kind so my mic wasn't passing through.

    All I gotta say is that there are more than a few people upset about this and not even about the $$$. They voiced their concerns that folks been told they would be "left behind" if they didn't adopt the patched life. So these folks are taking upon themselves to start a smear campaign to either get on board or... I stated that no one knows better than I what taking such a stand like that might entail. They informed me my mute was on.

    I then realized I only piped in the convo to my speakers and not into the recording software because of the lack of the three rings. Needless to say, don't care about the $$$ aspect when Harry mentioned he was cool.

    I also put a few BRAND NEW members onto Harry many months ago before they could even PM and I believe this is the result of that. It's now swelled to 60. Can't say I enjoy splitting the base this way, but at the same time; capitalism rules my world, people will always be new to the game and wont have the patch, and folks will always make their own arenas regardless of camps. So Celerity, I understand your plight, I really do, but just don't worry about it. Do your thing and many are waiting on you to do exactly that. I saw that poll on FB and it was clear.

    I say leave them be to play the game as they see fit. Booting rooms has been happening with or without the patch for some time now. Just spam the X button. Done.

    You wanna talk nefarious and REALLY DAMAGING STUFF? How about skip the money and let's TALK CODE 9. Let's finally air out that dirty laundry if we're gonna move past all this shit.

    Cheating happens as Fry was made painfully aware the other night. I knew once I saw that room he was in that he was really in for it. Those that play SOCOM on XLink fairly regularly saw that as well I'm sure. Cool dawg and one other were just innocent bystanders. Everyone else was just an alias of an alias to fuck with Fry.

    Then let's have a patch discussion with @Harry62 himself. Hey Harry, how you feel about arming fucksticks with code9 to play "honest games" like these people were saying last night when they describe these same folks being absolute scumbags about it just because they can?

    And for the record, @hexum and Tripp been nothing but cool to me and I've played some great games with these folks and so have a few of you in the last couple weeks even. $1,000 bucks aside, let's talk about the effects of the patch pro and con and hash this shit out TRS style, shall we?
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  18. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    I feel like there is a massive misconception here. Cheating on LAN requires nothing special. Anyone could load up gameshark and do the same thing and that requires nothing at all. It was a commercial product and a pressed disk. So don't blame homebrew for the reason people are cheating. The original way to even run it to begin with required a cheat device.

    Everyone is always looking for a reason to blame someone for something they have no control over.

    As I stated in another thread on here, if someone wants to cheat they can and you do not need a cheat device to do it.
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  19. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    The sig is awesome, no? LOL

    And let's not... I'm only allowed one drama a week and have hit my quota this week. Maybe we can just let this die? Just saying.
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  20. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

    JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz Pizza Shitposting CIO

    Love that sig, brutha!!
  21. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Are you implying the patch is code9?

    @everyone else
    I'm down for a Q&A. However please read the first post in the patch thread first. It covers 99% of your questions.
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