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    This pretty much nails where I stand on the issue. The fact that patching SOCOM 2 is even possible is fucking amazing, and I really hope that this debacle doesn't stifle progress on that front. Right now we can see night and day versions of just about every map in the game. I would never have thought that was even possible.

    When it comes to this issue, I do share that concern. It goes without saying that no one here wants cheating to become more frequent. Having said that, if cheating was always as easy as getting an FMCB card and stuffing your pockets full of codes, would the patch now being distributed really affect the frequency of cheating that much?

    Let's say for the sake of solution that it does. Is hexum responsible for what his customers choose to do with the cards he sells, if he does so under the pretense that it's for the patch? What can he do to prevent this issue further, barring not selling the cards at all? I suppose he could more thoroughly vet who he sells to, but that's his choice and not mine.

    I feel it's worth mentioning that in the video, Harry proved that his patch can rectify the problem that was potentially created by the card distribution. I'll be logging onto xLink a lot more in the next days to see if I spot any cheaters, hopefully not.
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    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Ooops. You forgot that you were talking to the most incompetent computer retard on the planet. I would have a better chance understanding Chinese than anything you just said.

    Free Mcboot? What is that? An organization to get a drunk Irishman released from prison?
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  3. o3Celerity

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    FMCB are the memory card being distributed with the mods you can load codes straight from it with no cheat device

    Yes it's basically necessary now to use the patch to play games on xlink 100% legit, unpatched games are no longer safe due to the outbreak of so many cards
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  5. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    If it's not it should be. Think of it like this. You can open an chrome on your computer. No problem. Chrome is an EXE program. The patch is an ELF(EXE for playstation 2). By default we can not run ELF files without the exploiting the PS2 or using an ELF launcher program(included in freemcboot).

    Nonsense. That's like saying the streets are no longer safe due to the sale of guns. If we're going to speculate about cheating then I can easily say someone is cheating in order to discredit the patch.
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    It's time to simply admit that even actions taken with the best intentions don't always go as planned and have unintended consequences. The method of delivery for the patch has made it easier for people to use codes. On top of that, someone who wanted to help the community by distributing cards with the patch just eliminated a lot of technical hurdles for people to cheat. I'm the perfect example, I vaguely understand the stuff, but I'm not going to take the time and effort to actually do it. However, since I got the hardware, all it takes is a Google search to learn how to load the codes. It's like wanting to rob a bank, but you don't want to go through the hassle of getting into the vault and then someone comes along and says, "Oh, come in and check out the vault, gotta run, don't do anything stupid." Someone along the way is going to try to take some money.
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    I just fell off the couch laughing. I love you Mack... Hahaha!
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    Were not the ethics police. We cant stop every shitty person from doing shitty things. We can only build those vaults and hope it does its job against said shitty people.
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    This thread has gone like 4 places that have nothing to do with the OP, and the OP itself was just drama bait off the bat with no evidence to back up it's accusatory tone. So I'm going to do what I probably should have done right after it was made and lock it up. This sort of thing is coming to an end, brace yourselves.
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