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  1. WAR_PIG

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    So with all the talk about the patch and I'm not creating this to talk about the yay or nay... but just thought about the day/night aspect only of S2 games. Maybe @Harry62 can enlighten us to what ones are done and on deck and which ones look good and which ones absolutely won't be done. Like Sujo I believe has been said it horrible as day.

    I was thinking of what ones might be really cool and Foxhunt at night just came to mind!!!! How cool would that be? I think that would completely change that map up all together. Might give seals a better chance as I always thought it was a terrorist leaning map. Any others? Thoughts?
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  2. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    The day/night maps are in the most current test version of the patch. This version is going live today and may still have a bug or two in it.

    Download link

    Map Lineup:

    Shadowfalls day
    Abandoned day: Adjusted the fog.
    Sandstorm day
    Crossroads night: looks interesting, suffers from daytime skybox. Overall is good.
    Mixer night: This one looks better imo. Sky was already dark before the change.
    Blizzard day: Looks great all around. Adjusted the fog.
    Frostfire day: Looks great all around. Adjusted the fog.
    Desert Glory night: Same as crossroads.
    Night stalker day: Same as frostfire.
    Ratsnest day: Looks great all around excluding some objects that are altered by the fog color. Not sure why. Does not impact gameplay at all. Socom 1 nostalgia.
    Bitterjungle night: About the same as crossroads.
    Bloodlake night: See crossroads.
    Deathtrap night: ^^^
    Ruins night: ^^^

    All maps in their unaltered form are available in the map selection menu. Due to the way the map menu works the altered versions of the maps still show up in a regular game. Altered maps will NOT work in regular games. Selecting one for a regular game will result in a freeze for the host and anyone else in that lobby.
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  3. Junked

    Junked iDub Scrub

    Any plans to have a vigilance night ?
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  4. ChicKeN

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    Fish Hook. Talk to me brother. I just want to see some screen shots of FH Night. Lol.
  5. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Vigilance doesn't have fog. Turning it in to a night map isn't possible.

    FH looks terrible as a night map.
  6. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    @ChicKeN ... however it looks fine as a CA map pack map. I love that map as breach @ night!

    Do you think Foxhunt is a possible @Harry62 ... ? Or is that a fog issue too? I am all amped up for that map at night now. LOL
  7. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Foxhunt looks bad too. Any maps left out of from the custom list look terrible.
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  8. brad2192

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    Can you use this without your SOCOM II Disc? Some of us don't have the disc or prefer to boot up via HDL.
  9. 1UP

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  10. dizee

    dizee Lucille is thirsty

    *removed link to ISO file*

    ISO with harrys latest patch
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  11. Harry62

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    You should delete that and only share the link privately. Posting links to copyrighted content is probably against the rules of whoever the web host is.
  12. Animal-_-

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    Agreed, the patch is one thing but that's the whole game there. @dizee please handle that in private.

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