PlayStation 4 Being Announced Feb 20th?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by icEdeMoN_EliTe, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. icEdeMoN_EliTe

    icEdeMoN_EliTe Chopsticks

    [video=youtube]http:// [/video]Looks like it to me. Are you guys excited? Who knows, this could mean good things for socom fans.
  2. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    Nice... saw David Doel tweet about this before too. It is our only hope for a new SOCOM honestly.
  3. Bush_Wacker1

    Bush_Wacker1 Rah-he-lah!

    Hey, an announcement for the PS4 may lead to the announcement of a Socom for the PS4. That might be what they're waiting for, who knows?
  4. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    My exact sentiment.
  5. icEdeMoN_EliTe

    icEdeMoN_EliTe Chopsticks

    You and war make a good point. You never know, this certainly isn't BAD news tho. I don't think so anyway.
  6. Murphdawg1

    Murphdawg1 Requiem

    That would be my guess.
  7. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

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  8. xStartThMachinex

    xStartThMachinex Rah-he-lah!

    SOCOM SOCOM SOCOM SOCOM!!!!! God I hope so. Oh and possibly a new system ;)
  9. Bamafan27

    Bamafan27 Devil's Road

    Knowing the brilliant minds at Sony, it is probably Playstation Move 2.0
  10. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    I expect design philosophy talk, maybe a glimpse at the console/controller/OS, and tech demos. If we're lucky we'll see one actual game.
  11. rev

    rev picard is lord

    I came while watching this...
  12. Dirty_Walter

    Dirty_Walter Requiem

    Where did you end up?

    And now, the moment you've all been waiting for........................................
    .................."PS Vita Slim"!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. UrbanTactics

    UrbanTactics Chopsticks

    No way I'm shelling out money on a PS4 without there being a SOCOM
  14. SLAYNE920

    SLAYNE920 Quickscoper

    I've signed up.

    I wonder what it'll be? The 'Orbis' tech reveal?

    But I'm thinking it's just a small taste - appetizer. They'd have to save the brunt of it for the big show - e3.
  15. Slack

    Slack iDub Scrub

    If they announce a SOCOM for PS4 and its not SOCOM, I'm retiring from gaming, I will lose all hope.
  16. icEdeMoN_EliTe

    icEdeMoN_EliTe Chopsticks

    Lol i was waiting for this comment. I can't say the same. I love socom but i love gaming too much to not get the ps4. Of course i hope a socom comes out on the ps4 tho but if not ill enjoy the other great games that are sure to come out on it.
  17. UnSeenDeath88

    UnSeenDeath88 Butcher Pete

    Can't wait to see what it brings, but I probably won't join the PS4 for another year or more, unless PS3 can be played on it. We haven't heard anything yet about new formats for next gen disks, so my guess is they should still be able to play the PS3 disks, but then again I'm not software smart and probably have no idea what I'm talking about.
  18. BiG-LUCK

    BiG-LUCK Crucible

    I wasn't impressed with the PS3 system at all. Think I will hold back and observe from afar.
  19. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    The imagery reminded me more of the PS2 than the PS3. The overall feel of that add resonated better with me than any PS3 ad. That being said I sure hope the PS4 is more like the PS2 than the PS3 because the PS3 era was pretty bad comparatively.

    xPREDICTIONx Requiem

    Can't wait for this gen. to be over, so played out and bland, bring on the future! A new Socom with release would be cool, lots of ips out there though and lots of new ips that we don't even know about yet, these developers have had almost a year to build games for the ps4, lets hope Socom was one of them.

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