PlayStation 4 System Software 4.5 Beta

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by SkiMask, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Smokey_Run

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    A bunch of people have been bitching about it. It's almost like the shit that is in 4.5 was work-in-progress shit when they were first designing the PS4 OS and UI four years ago. "Oh, just lump everything together and then we'll work on filtering later." Nope. This is an update 3.5 years after launch.
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  2. SkiMask

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    C'mon. you knew this shit was dated as fuck! Look at the loading screen. ha ha I was just happy to make wallpaper. Now you just get one big notification garbage heap and just need to pay attention to the "NEW" :rolleyes:
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  3. SkiMask

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    Don't worry, you can't delete them from the website either. I can't imagine they wont patch their own patch, next year.

    You just know they had to get out the bulk of them improvements regardless if the "Notification Bubbas" were finished with their 5 year contract to transform the XMB or not.

    Same company says no market for SOCOM. Remember that.

    People give them all this credit for being a powerhouse they forget the fact that limited console choice in the market coupled with trash IPs on the constant grift and you get people only buying shit shoveled onto the console store which is also a barrier to entry seeing as no one worth a shit can get into there and those that do, are more of the bloatware I'm trying to avoid.

    And fuck it if people like Ubi didn't do more FREE WEEKENDS and NOT just because Steep undersold by about a bagillion and now they can't GIVE IT AWAY.

    Why not let people try your product and offer more demos and shit? Expand your library to include past IPs previously sold in your stores and consolidate your reach? Bet you might sell a few million more consoles if you offered legit backwards compatibility with AT LEAST THE PS3 library.

    Greedy fucks.
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  4. Murphdawg1

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    PS4 isn't powerful enough to emulate the PS3, I don't even think there are working PC emulators yet for the PS3.
  5. SkiMask

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    What the fuck are you even talking about? Lulz
  6. S_L_I_C_K

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    the notification thing is absolute crap, but I do like the fact you can change your party from public to private without having to create a new room.
  7. Murphdawg1

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    Weren't you saying something about backwards compatibility?
  8. everythingred

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    Oh boy, this comment. PS3 is created on a CELL architecture versus the PS4 being an x86 based system. I'm breaking this down into very simplified terms but they are very different platforms. This is why it's not that simple.
  9. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    I just wanted PS2PS4 really. I think that's lost completely now. Parappa my jam now and forever. Confrontation being re-released via PSN has always been sort of a grand troll. Backwards compatibility never withstanding.

    And PSNow or whatever is fucking solid trash at the very surface and something I would NEVER consider. I think the only thing that made it attractive was a sports licensed package for pennies, but I could be totally wrong. The other shit is completely absurd to pay for unless it did something other than "stream" your game to you on your bed. But I can't even fuck with that stupid idea as I game in the main room like a man should.

    Edit: Main Room = Basement

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