Potential XLINK CN - June 12, 2015

Discussion in 'SOCOM Community Nights' started by Tawok, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Ditch

    Ditch Requiem

    I'll be down to play Friday, if it will let me see your room.
    Back to s2
    Back to s2
    Got my usb mic
    Got my lunch all packed
    And my shoes tied tight.
    Hope I get in a fight.
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  2. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Got mine up and running tonight. Hope to see you guys on tomorrow.
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  3. aremsoc26

    aremsoc26 Code 9

    im trying to play tn. anyone up for some s2?
  4. HighDosage

    HighDosage Navy SEAL

    Socom 2 is where it's at on Xlink. Had enough to fill up 2 rooms last night and more and more new people are joining up. Community nights on Frudays would be idealistic the best day.
  5. Tuesdy

    Tuesdy Butterstick

    I am down for Socom 2. If there is an official community night I will be there, but not for s3/ca.
  6. HighDosage

    HighDosage Navy SEAL

    There's usually a lot of people on Friday nights. So my best bet would be Fridays would be the best night
  7. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    Yea SOCOM 2 has been really fun lately. A lot of old faces coming back on and a lot of new faces showing up.

    If everyone that has ever hooked up Xlink got on at the same time we would have over 100 people easily. The patch Harry is working on could really revive the community with the Anticheat.
  8. Medux

    Medux Requiem

    We need to start a fund for 1 person to have a TON of memory cards sent to them. Or have the community just donate there old ps2 memory cards. Regardless, that person can then send out the memory cards with the mcboot for this patch. Simple.
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  9. cbfwebs

    cbfwebs Green Up

    Is there still TRS Official Community Nights on Xlink? When will Luke and company return to Xlink CM Nights? I was only ever able to join a few of the Socom: Confrontation TRS passworded rooms before the dedicated servers shut down.

    Also these unofficial Xlink nights... do you guys still run them? I finally got my Xlink set up after years of silently watching the TRS threads and never getting it going. With the large disappointment of H-Hour (just learned a few days ago that Sears left last year - haven't been following the SOF news much this year at all), I'd like some original Socom II/CA gameplay in if I could. However, I joined last night and only saw 12 people online. That's about as much players as H-Hour is getting.

    Any info about when to jump on for community games would be helpful. Thanks guys.
  10. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    There are a select few individuals who want to cheat, boot, DDOS/IP Flood and ruin SOCOM for everyone. There was a time when 50 people were on Xlink at once and Probably 100 different users over the course of the week. We had pickup wars, multiple streams on at once, and all kinds of fun. Now, we are lucky to get 20 on a night and 10 in the room.

    SOCOM continues to be plagued by cheaters in 2015 and the servers aren't even online. Harry may be able to make a patch to prevent cheating but we can't do shit about DDOS/IP Flooding.
  11. Laziness

    Laziness Free Pizza

    According to do the DDOS person has been taken care of. Hopefully that will bring people back. I know I will actually try and play now.

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