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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by Eagle_F15, May 19, 2017.

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    Hello, fans/followers of Project Confrontation, Sourpatch here. I wanted to quickly address the community on where we are devlopment wise, and what our plans are moving forward. Some may have already heard, but Rev, and CodeReaper have left the team. We wish them all the best, and have no hard feelings towards either of them. They were amazing assets to the team, and are allowing us to use/modify any work they did for us while they were still on the team.

    A few weeks ago we had issues in the team(not related to Reaper or Rev), that caused a lot of fighting. Most of us were at each other’s throats. That’s partly why you have not seen any updates in a while. The fighting has since stopped, but there is still a ton not said, and not understood internally, and eventually I see it happening again if we continue on the same path.

    It’s never been about money, or fame for me. I just wanted to make a game I could play that resembled my favorite game growing up, and have fun while do it. Unfortunately the fun has completely disappeared for me, and i’m just not happy anymore. I would not say its the pressure, but its more along the lines of having too much on my plate at once. Trying to juggle family, work, team(Yes making the team happy is a full time job in itself), and project is just too much for me at the moment. Now i’m sure there are people out there scoffing at that, but I dont want to work on the project unless my heart is really in it. If I keep working on it in my current state things will be done half assed, and I dont want that. With that said, I will be stepping away from the project for little bit. I may do ninja updates here and there, but for the most part no one should expect anything substantial out of me.

    The rest of team has expressed feelings that they want to continue working on the project while i’m gone, but I can’t guarantee you will see devblogs, so you may end up seeing drastic jumps in progress for the maps while i’m gone.

    I will be back, just no idea when, but in the meantime there are a few other SOCOM style projects you can support. Taskforce seems really promising to me, even though I have not played it, many community leaders have had nothing but good things to say about it. H-Hour just had a huge update that implemented a whole new animation package for the character, and if the volunteer team can stay at a steady pace with bug fixes, and content updates I think it may actually have a chance at becoming enjoyable to the casuals of the community.

    That’s pretty much it from me. I thank the community, and all the people who supported me. There is no doubt in my mind we will all be greening up together in the future, whether its on project confrontation, or other community driven projects. Thanks again.
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    Explains why Eagle was talking about Task Force. I wish you all the best Sour. Real bummer because this project was very promising.
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    This sucks, was looking fwd to checking it out and hoping it felt like Socom.


    RIP Socom.

    I recommend anyone still searching for that fix to man up, get a PC and check out PUBG and/or H1Z1. They're not the same but they're the best games I've found since Socom 2 and fill my gaming void.
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    There will be NO successful SOCOM like game in the near future.

    Just play the fuckin game on Xlink and let it be....
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    I mean yeah, we should try to get more people on Xlink but I don't see why you would be laughing at this. These guys were nothing but positive and respectful towards the community. Respect given is respect returned in my book.
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    I am just laughing because I knew EXACTLY where this would end up, as nice as the guys are, this would get no further than any of the other failed projects. Sad but true reality.
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    Hope all the best to everyone on the team. I know some of them have side projects and life duties on their plates as well. I hope you guys don't spill the beans on here or on twitter and just let it rest in peace lol
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    With that said, i'd say its up to H-Hour on the indie side of things now. I still have hope for those servers to be brought back (Before my senior years) or Xlink to grow to Halo 2 level of players.
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    Dude the new update made a world of difference with H Hour. The biggest problem now (and its huge) is nobody is playing the game. I mean you get on and there is literally one room up and its generally full. So..even if someone wants to play they are stuck waiting for a spot.
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    Sourpatch just dug his own grave live on bigfry's stream smh
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    Wasn't really feeling what I saw anyway, Soconstipation blew.
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    You are right, dude. If people want to play SOCOM, the game they love so much. Just play it. Create content from it.

    In all seriousness. People are working so hard on all these random SOCOM projects and mods for current games. If all this hard work was put into playing an actual REAL SOCOM game and creating content from it and pushing it out to where somewhere Sony can see we'd have a better chance of them making a Remaster than one of these projects being successful. The odds are about the same and I'd say they favor Sony remaking a game a little more. And guess what? You get to play SOCOM!
  14. xCaZx-

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    These mods and I guess you would call them Indie games are certainly a long shot...but it isn't like there is much else on the horizon right now.

    I am not holding my breath on Sony. I honestly believe we have a better shot of an Indie company making a Socom type game than waiting on Sony to pump out another COD/BF/SOCOM frankenbaby that caters to the casual audience.

    I don't believe anyone streaming a 10+ year old game is going to somehow open Sony's eyes to the possibility of a Socom game doing well.


    Look at this SOCOM whore


    In all seriousness though, this is a shame to see. I have had high hopes in ProjCon for a while, and while it seems that a hiatus is all that is confirmed for now, this certainly does not bode well for the project's future. I hope that the team can overcome whatever strife of scheduling conflicts are of issue and reignite their passion for the game.

    Would I be right in assuming that having the scoop on this situation maybe motivated your recent push for Task Force, @Bigfry?
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    I tried to DM Sour 52 seconds after his first post on Twitter to just unplug for the night and go for a walk. I had the sex and went to bed hoping for the best. I cringe to even play the above video.

    Some of you been on this for weeks and some of you months.

    There's levels to this shit.™
  17. Bigfry

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    No, I woulda tried TF regardless.
    I wouldn't even say it's a push for TF either. I just wanted to play it because my boys were calling it the second coming of Christ so I had to see for myself.
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    Yea we are entitled to our opinions. There have been a lot of indie BS projects that can't and will never make it. The odds are the same and like I said, I'd bet the odds of Sony Remastering S2 are higher than an indie project getting traction. The kicker is, you are actually playing a real SOCOM.

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    I was never a fan of Confrontation but I will say I like the fact that people care enough to even try to take on something like create a game to bring back a game they liked. I mean even if it fails, if they get to a point where they realize they are in over their heads or that creating Socomesque images is a far cry from being able to put together a polished fully functional game, I still respect the fact that people would actually use their free time to try to create something to keep the franchise alive.
  20. dizee

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    I dont know about all of you but I am sick and tired of people hyping up and drooling over these attempt at socom like games being made by a few people.

    1) they arnt even socom, just an attempt to reimagine it on pc hardware.
    2) they always fail because this costs alot of time/money and this isnt their job
    3) even if they were to succeed, its a PC game and 90% of socomers dont give a shit about PC

    These indy games will never take off even if they finished them because they are made by small teams with no idea what the word marketing means. We all learned this the hard way watching HHour crash and burn and its been one after another since. The only reason HHour got the push it had was because of Sears and lies of it coming to PS4.

    Its nice and all to see people want to bring socom back but in reality all these attempts at it have done is drive the community even further apart and I am getting sick and tired of every month a new socom wannabe contender popping up like its a new character for Street Fighter DLC.
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