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Discussion in 'SOCOM Indie Projects' started by Eagle_F15, May 19, 2017.

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    I agree Proj Con is a very hobby-only kind of project, but games do get released without major support and small teams. More often now than before. There's that indie game documentary. If you check out the credits of those games featured, they're literally 2 mins long.
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    I for one, will never back your project. I will never support a team that is that dysfunctional. Sour fucked up, and attacked people who only wanted to support him. And if you guys would have been honest with him about all the conversations we had behind the scenes, this wouldn't have happened. That stream meltdown is on you and Ranger just as much as it is on Sour
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    Even though that episode didn't have anything to do with me personally or even TRS in general, I can totally sympathize with your position here.
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  4. Eagle_F15

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    He didn't know initially. You said you talked to ranger and sour when you messaged me. I wanted to meet up and discuss a way to get Sour motivated again and/or a way to bring even Rev back on board or bring in more help if possible. We were to meet up with Sour on that Friday, but Sour said he will not be apart of it. To be honest, we were kept in the dark on what he would write to the community right until he posted it, with no info on how long he needed to take off. That's when it all went down hill. I kept the twitter going and the so to speak hype that week because I wanted Sour to understand and continue to see the backing we have. Dudes in a tough spot in his life, I was trying to keep it positive to see if that would work.

    I never asked him to message you guys to stop asking me whats up and to tell our end of the story. I really just wanted to squash it at he will be back, end of story. But Sour went over board with it and I told him that.
  5. RaidenXS

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    so..., no more ProjCon?
  6. Almericus

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    I guess so. Sourpatch said he would ''maybe'' work on it once in a while but nothing solid for a come back as of yet.

    edit: He did mentioned yesterday he is actively working on it.
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    What about the "team" as a whole? Or is it back to just his show when the project first got spun?
  8. Eagle_F15

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    The team is back to 6, 4 active members. On and off development. Sour is working on it, nothing substantial at the moment. Did some cosmetic customization for the characters and a few other things. He showed us some development skills so that we can help with customization(I need to be shown again, noob!) Lol! But that is where we are at.
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    Are you actively working with them? Or have you left the project and just enjoying it as a fan?

    You should check out Poison's Kazbah on HHour! He plans to make Urban Wasteland after. I know your about that Confrontation life!
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  10. Eagle_F15

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    Im definitely apart of the team. I don't just don't give up like that. Things happen and you either grow from it or move on. We will bounce back!

    As for Kasbah, yes I did check it out. It amazing just like usual for Poison. Me and him talk till this day and he's really talented and I can not wait for Urban. It's going to be sweet to have a Confrontation only maps server in HHOUR!
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  11. deadly004

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    Glad i left ... Was gonna stay around and be a tester. I told myself i was but felt something that wasn't right.
    First i hate to say it but they are using software (CRACKED) but that's ok for company or Dev team to use right (NOT) Major problems when going into production. I know i was a asshole but when people don't listen to what i say no wonder i got pissed. I busted my ass off trying to work on Graphics settings and ETC. Yet got yelled at because it will ruin someones map. Fought with him for months over it and yet still didn't go through his brain. Then he got mad and told me i should go kill myself. I'm sorry im happy i left that shit show of devs. Dont get me wrong liked Eagle , Harry , z3reezy. Then i got a text saying im getting sued for using their game blah blah blah. WRONG !!! Sorry That game i don't think ill support it ever ever again. Good Experience and fun over the times. End of my rant.
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    I know a lot of people have been trying to hang on to something. I pretty much gave up on all of it, i mean... i barely even upload anything anymore as it is, let alone Socom content. I think this Sourpatch kid bit off more than he can chew, he sounds young to me, and young guys often don't know their limits and their ego ends up taking a massive shit all over their ambitions... i know because iv'e done it myself in life. Fuckin way she goes. Live and learn bud.

    Best thing he can do, is shut his fucking mouth and get back to work QUIETLY, and behind the scenes. If i were to do something like this, i wouldn't say SHIT to you mother fuckers until it was beta ready. You let your game speak for you, not to mention the element of surprise = no possibility of hype which = no nostalgia overhyping going on.

    "here's a fuckin game iv'e been working on, check it out" if it's good, then HOORAY! If not, suck my balls, it was free anyways! I don't owe you, you don't owe me.

    But as for future efforts i'm entirely disinterested. I have been for a while and iv'e made no secrets about it. I'm increasingly aware, that the past is the past and no amount of indie efforts, or kickstarters, or anything else is going to change that some experiences, are AMAZING, but they have a shelf life.

    Think about it, Socom was most likely your first online game. It was mine. That shit is PROFOUND for a kid who grew up playing Galaga and Donkey Kong! Iv'e told this story many times, but the first time i fired an unsuppressed weapon, in my first match on Nightstalker S1, i was amazed when my team yelled at me, because the terrorists could track my location from the sound! Forget that i was actually talking to 7 other dudes with similar interests, in a nation that was still REELING from 9/11.

    To say that it was a "unique" experience is a massive fucking understatement folks. That is part of the reason i kind of feel sorry for kids these days, they won't ever experience that TRUE "first time online" it's just... there. Anyways, that's my $0.02
  13. Almericus

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    What do you mean?
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    Not that I'm saying you're lying, but there are three or four bold claims in this post. Can you verify them?
  15. Eagle_F15

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    He posted on twitter he would use Sours game and make his own. That is why.
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  16. Eagle_F15

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    Glad you left? We let you go. If it wasn't for ranger you would have been gone way earlier then expected. Even though you two bumped heads more towards the end, he backed you up the most.

    You were very hard to work with and did not take anyones suggestions, concerns or ideas when it came to the game.

    Deadly, move on dude, good luck out there!

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