PS4 buttons sticking (X,Square,Triangle, Circle)

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  1. xCaZx-

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    I was having some issues with the Square and Circle buttons sticking on my PS4 controller. It wasn't food or grease or whatever either and I really have not used the controller that much seeing as how my PS4 is acting as a dust magnet for the time being. If I pressed the Square button down it would just get stuck down to the point where I couldn't even use it till it just gradually came back up on its own.

    Anyway, I found a few videos on youtube that helped me fix the problem and it did not require taking the controller apart. Although it does require using either warm water or rubbing if your not comfortable doing this than I wouldn't try it. However, I was at the point that if I couldn't fix the buttons than I would need a new controller anyway so I said what the hell and tried it.

    You need: Q-Tip, towel, water or rubbing alcohol, and your controller

    Anyway, I let the water faucet run and heat up to warm then I got a Q-tip wet. Then just ran the Q-tip around the buttons that were sticking. Obviously do not fucking soak it or you will short out the controller. I basically ran the Q-tip around the button, patted it dry with the towel, than repeated 2-3 times.

    Believe it or not it actually fixed my controller and the buttons work like new.

    Here is a vid, beware the kid sounds like an annoying troll, but the info is actually good. Although he uses a tooth brush and I just used a Q-tip.

    Anyway, hope this helps and it should work on pretty much any modern console controller. I was honestly a little worried this was a troll video at first but it does in fact work.

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  2. Tawok

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    If that doesn't do the trick, use rubbing alcohol on a toothbrush. Alcohol won't short the electronics, and the tooth brush bristles will get under the buttons.
  3. cagalindo

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    That's what happens when you auto-M16...

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    Stop watching porn with your PS4 or don't leave the controller within mortar range, if you catch my drift.
  5. xCaZx-

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    Oh I am picking up what your putting down.
  6. Tawok

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    That's a jizz mopers job.
  7. Smokey_Run

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    I'll echo what Tawok said about rubbing alcohol.
  8. xCaZx-

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    I walked into that one didn't I

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