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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by HTK, Jul 28, 2017.

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    I think there is proximity communication but I disabled mine because when I play SQUAD I'm in discord with my friends. The whole premise of meeting people and working together is thrown out the window because paranoia. People kill eachother the first chance they get so they can loot you, so its never a good idea nor have I see it work.
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  2. HTK

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    Latest PUBG update on PC has this:

    +You may now play with Xbox controllers, and we will continue to make improvements with Xbox controllers

    Looks like they will let PC folks play with the Xbox pad and probably refine it before it's released on Xbox One X. Now, I'm curious to know IF the Xbox version of the game will do Crossplay and if it does...I feel like it needs to be 60fps. :) One can hope.
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    wow if that old dude fucking killed me on a game, no way would i ever touch that game again.
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    Yea there is proximity chat, either set to push to talk or open mic, there is really no incentive to team up with people, and it's shoot on site anyway, the most you can hope for is some shit talking in a gun fight, and then most engagements are outside of voice range anyway, or where one player doesn't know there is somebody nearby until the bullets start flying. You parachute in, spend a few minutes looting the buildings near where you drop in, then either get a vehicle and get to the safe zone, or run there or if you are in the safe zone continue looting and looking for people to fight. Then was mid game comes it's all trying to stay in the safe zones and stay alive.

    They just added a fpp only mode which honestly works so much better on pc, with m&kb first one to start shooting is generally the winner unless they just absolutely miss, so that on top of the obvious corning camping that we all know from socom, makes 3rd person a bitch on pc and go to the camper majority of the time, First person makes it more so you have to listen and keep looking around you in the distance, if you can't see them then they can't see you which evens the playing field some between campers and those moving into the camp site. Camping is still and always will be overpowered, as shotguns up close are a 1 shot kill if all the pellets hit even with all level 3 body armor, guns are all powerful actually I think they all kill in less than 7 shots and then the weakest are your pistols and uzi, but the uzi fires so fast it kind of balances it out. I'm sure I'm missing ways to better describe the game, but it is a lot of fun and a real adrenaline rush, there are times where it's slow and you won't see anybody until the late game but then it's still an adrenaline rush hearing the people fighting on the other side of the hill or a little ways off, know that the only thing that you could very quickly have somebody start shooting at you.
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    This game will be great if/when it hits PS4. I can see alot of people on this website getting into it aslong as they get the controls and inventory management to work well with a controller. Looting is a huge part of the game and a shitty item management system on consoles will scare off alot of people. Will be curious to see how it runs on Xbox One.

    Anyways, time for a shameless plug. this was from the other night. Think I am over 20 chicken dinners, mostly in squads but a few in duos.

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    I will be all over this game.
    So were these first person only lobbies? Because I like the third person aspect and if everyone just uses first person view because it's an advantage over third person view then that's kind of disappointing.
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    they have both. i prefer first person because on third the campers are way out of control and the game is way easier. both are fun but i prefer fps while I learn the game more.
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    The only downside to the fpp lobbies is the camera is set at about chest level, you are playing as a midget in first person. Other than that, yea fpp is better with this game, there is no ducking dodging and diving to avoid bullets jumping isn't as fast as just running, so a corner camper in 3rd person has all of the advantage to somebody coming to the corner. I will say, my game keeps defaulting to Asian servers for some reason, I forgot to change it just a bit ago and played 3rd person on Asian server, and I felt like a GOD! I got into like 3 gun fights and killed 7 people and won the game. The gun fights I got into they couldn't hit shit, I mean I got tagged but I'm used to being dropped almost immediately, they shoot so slow, and no awareness to what is around them, I followed and stalked a couple of them for about 30 secs before engaging. I'm so used to get absolutely destroyed that it was a relief to get into a game and wreck like that.
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    yeah thats kinda what i did when i got the game 2 weeks ago. played on asian servers and dropped at school every time. helped practicing that way alot.

    i feel like everyday i play im getting better at the game so its nice to see that in a game again. too many games nowadays are handing out kills like candy so its great to play a game where when you get a single kill it feels very rewarding.
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    Yea not to be sterotypical but it is Asia, I figured with how they are with their video games it would be worse than American server, that must just be MOBAs that the South Koreans kick ass in.
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    Haven't played any of the battle royal style games, just been watching streams. Crazy to think if this mode shipped with Socom3 or Socom 4, how different the franchise would have been if it blew up like PUBG did.
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    It's not that the players aren't good, it's that the lag that happens over such a large distance favors a "visiting" player on any particular server. If the Asians play on NA servers, they would get the same lag benefit against us.
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