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    Looks like Tom has gone fully pussy and has started preemptively locking his quick look threads. I'm sure that whole "discussion" thing was wearing him thin. Without further ado, the song and dance:

    Hello H-Hour Community!

    The development team rolled out another large patch Wednesday last week for everyone. There was a lot of new content in the patch including a complete rebuild of the framework for inputs to allow better customization for players, the addition of Sony DS4 support for Windows 10, Steam controller support, new intro screens, security enhancements, HUD changes, screen shake, the addition of a Suppression game mode and more. Additional details on the patch can be found here.

    With the amount of new content and the way some of this content changed how the game felt for players, there was quite a bit of initial feedback and a hotfix to adjust the most critical of the concerns raised. It is important now to remind everyone that the game is in development so any new content is always considered first pass. That means we want and need the community to test and provide feedback. It is impossible for our dev testers to have every device or setup for testing to emulate what the greater public might use which is why we follow and note all feedback from the community.

    No new feature in H-Hour will be considered final until the team has time to gauge the community’s feedback and adjust or tweak to meet the needs of the majority. Our primary goal is to follow the original design for H-Hour in building a spiritual successor to the early SOCOMs so we do need to carefully weigh changes to ensure they do not distract from the original design path but we are also always open to constructive discussions on a feature. I ask everyone to please be as specific as possible when providing feedback or suggested changes. The sooner the dev team understands your concerns, the sooner fixes can be made. The team has already identified some work for the next patch based on some excellent content, videos and suggestions received.

    What’s Ahead?
    • The dev team will be looking at improvements for some of the first pass features released along with adding some other fixes the community has been asking them to focus on. Also, Map 5 is moving from the design stage to the block in stage where pathing, game mode and content needs are being fleshed out by the artists.
    • We had an update from the animation studio this morning that their proposal is not quite ready yet but they do hope to submit it to the studio in the next week.
    • The investor front activity has been flat these past few weeks. Most seem to be focusing on portfolio reviews and have little open time for discussions at this stage. Selling a niche game that is this far along in development to perspective investors has been challenging to say the least and as a result we are shifting our focus to other options. More on this next news release.
    • Future News Releases will be more aligned to development timelines and subjects and include messages the team would like to share with the community. Topics may vary, but will relate to any patches that may have come out the week before.
    • Our first in this series follows.

    Developers Topic: DS4 Controller options/functionality

    Community, the integration of Sony’s DS4 driver with the game has brought us a step closer to our PS4 platform goal. However, this new integration has presented challenges that the community has been discussing. So I’d like to provide some details that may help players adjust to this new option.

    Controller Button Mappings:

    The largest topic around the support of the DS4 controller, has been the “Fire” button assignment. Many of us Socom diehards, are used to the R1 (right bumper) button being the fire button from the DS3 days. The thing to note here, is that the bumpers on the DS3 were Analog. For firing a gun, that doesn’t matter, but for something more varying, like throwing a grenade, this is important. For example, the harder you pressed, the further your character would throw his grenade. You want a shorter toss? Don’t press as hard.

    The DS4 controller no longer does this. The bumper and face (circle, triangle, etc) buttons are Digital; which means “All or Nothing”. The only Analog buttons Sony has on the DS4 are the triggers and the joysticks.

    When you go into the controller bindings, you will see that there is a “Fire” action for both the Actions groups and the Axis group. That is because one is used for your guns, and the other for your grenades. We “Bound” various actions together, so that if you changed the key for one action, any associated actions would be updated for you. In the case where bound actions include an Axis action (something that can range from anything between 0 and 1), we put in logic to ensure you could only assign an accepted controller button. You certainly wouldn’t want to be allowed to assign your Triangle button to looking left and right now would you?

    We can certainly separate the “Fire” actions and allow you to assign them separately of each other, but you must accept the caveat that comes with the DS4 controller.

    1. If you are allowed to assign both Fire actions to a digital button like your R1 bumper (aka shoulder) button; you will have no control over your grenade throw strength. This means that using R1 to throw a grenade will always throw it at full force (like when using your mouse).
    2. If you want to still have control over your grenade throw strength, but still want to fire with your R1 button, you will have to become accustomed with firing your weapons with R1 (or any digital button of your liking); and use a separate Analog button (like R2 or L2 triggers) to throw grenades.
    This issue with the Fire buttons is not a limitation of the UE engine, the H-Hour Game, or Sony’s driver. It is simply a hardware change that Sony did to the controllers, and beyond the control of any software or code.

    Thanks everyone and we will see you after the next patch!

    Wow, Tom is finally being candid about the investor front, and gave us 10 paragraphs talking about how hard controllers are to program. It's hard to roast something that's so long winded but with so little substance. Maybe I'm losing my touch, maybe I'm getting bored of my own schtick. Have it boys.
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    What exactly is a portfolio review and why can't HHour fit in that puzzle?

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    What are the other "options" they are focusing on for investors?

    A fat Russian in a track suit with a brown paper bag filled with 50k to keep Toms lease going in the.strip mall next to the dry cleaner and nail salon?

    At this point I think he just wants enough money to be able to leave the house every morning and actually have somewhere to go. It seems like an elaborate troll where Tom lives off his pension while he tries to get funding so he can pay the lease at the strip mall where hes been having an affair with Ming Lao the nail technician.
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    At one point they announced that they were fully funded. I don't even want to diss Tom anymore. This is just sad what has happened with this game. The game Squad was made on a voluntary basis, they made a Kickstarter and have a functional game (from the minimal knowledge I have).
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    Cause people usually want to make money back on their investments.

    MACK IS GOD VP of Toxicity

    I feel the same way. H Hour has been stripped bare of almost all comedic value at this point and the game, studio, and the studio's supporters are pathetic at this point.

    H Hour is like a 30 year old stripper who just cant give it up because she has no life skills other than hanging from a pole and grabbing dollar bills with her tits. And much like the used up 30 year old stripper, H Hour fanboys make the rounds over here when they climb down off the pole that is Toms cock, and present their disgusting, saggy, 30 year old tits to us hoping we'll stick a dollar bill inbetween them.

    And just like a used up stripper, their desperation causes them to try to push the envelope even further by making troll threads in the same way the stripper would try to entice you into the "private room" hoping you will allow her to degrade herself even more for a few extra bucks.
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    I feel like one day you should write a book and just let your imagination go wild...you always go for the extreme comparisons and it makes for a good read
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    I told you to stop hitting up my sister.
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    So much conflicting information with this one. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in seeing what is coming next. Quick couple of questions:
    • Why is there a "Map 5 is moving from the design stage to the block in stage" all of a sudden? Who is the "official" mapmaker in this scenario? Not them tards who made that Jungle map? How is this separate from what has been happening with the Workshop? Is there still going to be official maps being worked on while these other bums still push their own product?
    • Why is "animation studio this morning that their proposal is not quite ready yet but..." being teased simultaneously while financial "shifting our focus to other options." is spoken out the other side of mouth? How can you have both? Or are you taking bids for animations because that costs nothing and only furthers the charade?
    • Same with above point, did you just promote one map maker to official or something, but are paying them nothing still? LOL.
    • Is there no more room for discussion for those who didn't get a chance at the Kickstarter? You know, the new customers? How will they provide critical feedback for which you seek if your new communication method is a closed forum "series"?
  10. LMNOP


    Because when they go to PS4 we aren't going to have workshop content. Especially considering sony rejected Skyrim/Fallout mods, they wont allow HHour with a bunch of custom maps.

    Animations take time and cost money. The people doing the animations have to work along with Kevin and whoever else to fucking add the animations dimwit. You don't magically put animations into the game just because someone sends you a set. Their animations have to be what you want, and fit in the game.

    He in no way promoted a community map, not sure how you can be this retarded but he's specifically talking about the 5th vanilla map that will be on PS4 when they port over.

    Everyones opinion is considered. Including your shit opinion.
  11. S_L_I_C_K

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    But is H-Hour the portfolio or does the studio need a collected body of work to be provided as a basis of the developer's capabilities? If the latter is true, then how do start ups, start up? I prefer an answer from Blue if he is around.
  14. everythingred

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    LOL This guy still thinks Kevin is around...
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    Um, you sure? How is that achieved when they have no access to forums and the newest quick looks are closed? They supposed to write a letter to the Mattress Giant in Southern Pines and expect them to hand it to the store manager?
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  16. JuNgLiSt_TAcTiKz

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  17. Tawok

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    If Mack did a weekly/daily vlog he'd be famous or banned within a year.

    Man, has anyone ever told you it's damn near impossible to read that kind of response on mobile? Tapatalk doesn't have font coloring bro
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    Have you not been to 4chan? To be completely honest, it's not that impressive. It's actually kinda gross to get a rise out of people just because. Read an article on that community and it completely put Mack into perspective for me.

    I'll just continue thinking I'm a "normie"...

    Quick question, where is all that spewed hate, bigotry, murder photos and other despicable shit gonna go when the site folds up shop at the end of the month?
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    Portfolio review would be happening with the potential investors. They're looking at their portfolio and seeing where they need to expand and contact.

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