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    Ummmm.... ok. LOL Not sure what "lie" I just gave you? I was pretty upfront. I stated, I'm lazy and struggle with technical shit like this. There are certain things in life that I just pay for because my time is worth more. I could change my own oil in my car but I choose to pay a mechanic... because I value my time more. This falls into that category bro.

    Please know I completely support you and admire the passion you show. I subscribed to your channel and have promoted it to peeps also. I am in no way putting this down. Just saying that many in the Socom community are probably like me and are busy with not much time for gaming, much less doing all this tech stuff to get this patch working. I have done well just to get in xlink.
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    now that y
    well thanks for your input and passing on this info .sorry to hear you wont take to time to get a mcboot card when u can just buy it . and as far as the burning of the disc, that its self only takes 10 mins to do . why ppl wouldnt take the time to burn a disc and use free mcboot is beyond me . its a shame ppl are to damn lazy to look in to this .

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    How can we get the HDD maps. Do we need a official Sony hdd. I have a hdd in my ps2 now with HDDOSD to play my backups.but it's not an official Sony.
  4. You need to replace the game HDD driver with a modify one, but also you can't play the game off the HDD and have the maps. So it kind of problematic since burned games play horrible on PS2 and playing SOCOM off the flash drive just doesn't work out well since the game freezes if you use another USB device besides the Mass Device the game being play off.

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    I have actual copy's of s2. would it still work with HDDOSD. Can I keep HDDOSD and use a actual s2 disc and still put the maps on hdd.
  6. Not with it being a unofficial PS2 HDD. You will need SOCOM 2 with the modify HDD drive. I sure there probably away to do it by using code with a cheat engine, but don't think there any public know way to do that right now.
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    [ZIP]SuPeRMaN, thanks for doing the work and putting it out there. Let me know when you need another HDD player to help fill a room for whatever purpose. If I'm not already on Xlink at the time, then just post it up here or send me a PM. I'll do my best to be there in good time.
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    hey guys just wanted to let you all know that we can play SOCOM II maps on a HDD thats not a Sony ORIGINAL HDD . also i have found a way to play SOCOM II with patch right from my SONY HDD how COOL is that =-) . maps don't work do the fact the HDD is being used at the time for SOCOM II with the patch . but none the less the patched burned ISO copy that i have for you guys to down load does work right from the HDD installed VIA Ethernet cord or with IDE to USB cable . you CAN !!! use a unofficial HDD to play SCII maps this was tested today on Xlink Kai just wanted to let every one on know that i can make a unofficial HDD work like a Sony HDD . if u have the time and money for a cheap IDE to usb adapter i can either team viewer with u and set the HDD up for u . or you can do this your self with a lil help if needed . look for me on kai wont be hard to find me lol im always on .
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    you can use a unofficial HDD to play socom II maps just got this working .message me or post a comment here . soon i will have a video of this for show and tell lol .
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    It's already been posted on the site. It's just more steps to do it.
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    i think this is really cool i love the idea of playing the SCII maps on a none sony HDD . a while back you said something about how ps2 plays burned games . it could be a # of reasons why it plays bad for some ppl . ppl who will take time to read a post about this will read it enough to understand why this is . at the end of the the post im sure they will have a good idea what is going on and how to fix or what may need to be done . reasons why a ps2 may not play burned games on DVD-R & DVD+R : THIS IS FOR MCBOOT USERS and the next ppl in line to use it .

    #1. The Burning process was interrupted by running other programs that use a lot of CPU. VERY BAD! for Burning .

    #2. The Burning write speed was set to a setting that will not support play back on the Ps2.

    #3. the game was not ESR.exe patched for the esr.elf app listed in the browser Menu for FMCB 1.8 or1.95 its a good idea to patch an ISO with ESR Patcher.exe to help with playing burned games .

    #4 . MODEL Type NOTE: most model types play burned copies well if burned Correctly and ps2 is not best to shit and dirty keeping the laser from reading the disc . most ppl know how to clean an old ps2 if you do not. YOU TUBE IT cuz this may also be the problem.

    #5. ALL OF THE ABOVE =-( ... <<< this is LIKE DAMN !!! SON

    post like this ppl see right away and that is what i want. i want ppl to be informed easily about any thing they may have a question to . like what type of ps2 with mcboot will play burned games and is there another way to play them . like from USb or Hdd sony and none sony. yes this has been posted on here many times. but never looked in to that much and ppl really should get mcboot just to try it out at least . if u can buy a HEAD SET for socom II uses on LAN any one can buy FMCB and try out the SC II iso with patch how they see fit . dvd/ usb/ HDD iso. r4 patch install over Ethernet cable . yes USB is laggy loading up to the main menu. but for LAN Game play No lag in game , game plays the same as if its the disc or the hdd rip or Burned DVD using USB will let you play SCII HDD MAPS NO PROBLEM and since the maps are running off the HDD what lag do u think there will be ? NONE . im here if any one has questions about this and i will answer them to my best . if idk the answer i will flat out tell IDK . maybe some one else may know in time. i advise that person post more about there question or problem . i'm sure some one would get back to them some time in the near Future. i think more ppl should play with patch be part of the few who could be many in a short time if we would work with one another since we love the game so much and still to this DAY play almost every night thanks to XLINK KAI .
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    we need to get ppl playing with the patch again (.) having the patch again isn't a bad thing at all ppl would see how much cleaner the game play is only to say WOW GG nice gun fight , nice kill , "the other guy " thanks man you almost had me . this is what socom was about for me growing up till codes fucked it up and the servers went down . BRING BACK THE PATCH MAKE SOCOM GREAT AGAIN "ME " its at you're door step in a box and its called a memory card with free Mcboot so you can play socom II three ways DVD/USB/HDD installed ISO .


    I'm sorry, I really don't mean to be an asshole here, but calling people lazy when you type the way you do, is A. Hypocritical, and B. Going to dissuade a lot of people from trying this who otherwise might.
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    if ppl want to try this who are you to tell them no lol " my point ". and ppl who played back in the day to the end know playing with PATCH buddy was way better than playing none patched games . try you're best keep telling ppl no you cant use the patch , dont use mcboot , dont try the dvd patched game, usb is very bad for game play "when its not" may take time to load but over all in game WORKS !. say what you want ppl have already tried this out with me very happy ppl in the end =-)
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    im only asking but do you still play and how much . also do you have Free mcboot and do you use it in every way ? do you have a fat ps2 or slim.
    when is the last time you were on Xlink kai playing SCII ?
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    bottom line is if ppl can order a mic for this game why not get a cheap card along with the order. have even more fun with the ps2 you still play on KAI. its worth the money ppl should look in to it . sorry if i piss some one off by what they read . but lighting a fire underneath some ones ass gets shit going . didn't mean to be so rude =-) GET FREE MCBOOT


    I don't believe I ever told anyone not to try this, I just said that it will be basically useless since not everyone on xLink will go through the process to get FMCB. Far from even the majority, I fear. I already have a memory card with it installed, but I do not have a PS2 old enough to run it, nor do I have an HDD with the maps on it. Such an investment after already paying for a PS2, the games, a controller, a mic, and said memory card is a tall order, son.

    I fear you'll be hearing the same from a lot of the xLink guys on this matter. If they decide to play ball, hey, that's great. Trust me, I want to play with the patch too. But barely anyone did it when Harry offered his solution, and he is someone who actually speaks English fluently, so again, I implore you to reevaluate your expectations.
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    more ppl are looking in to this and im happy about that . maybe they will help out others like some one help me. i know not to look forward to a hole lot of ppl to just hop on it. the ppl i talk to and know Have a ps2 already or willing to buy one just to play. what comes next is for fun if they want to buy mcboot since its cheap im all for it and having that gives them a way to play patched hdd maps if they have them and all around better game . i know how you feel when my very 1st ps2 crapped out i was hurt . so you not having any thing at all is very sad i feel ur pain =-(...
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    I used to have a PS2 that had MCboot and Swap Magic. I would love to play on a new patch but I play only every so often. If I found a mic in Canada for a decent price I'd play more.
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    man i would love to have you get on and try out harrys patch and also the r4 patch on DVD or off ur HDD sony or generic hdd . you can place the game on the HDD using a IDE to USB cable i got mine just the other day best thing EVER! this lets me down load any game and place it on the hdd with in mins vs 40 mins using HDloader Server to connect to the pc via hard wire. none the less the HDLServer.elf app and the HDLDumb.exe program running on you're pc Will work for sure also OPL.efl app has this feature built in. get back on and have a blast with good friends and newbies aka free kills . we will be waiting if you ever decide to get back on. Xlink kai and the SOCOM II Community is getting BIGGER every day .

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