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  1. everythingred

    everythingred I once had fish tacos when I was drunk

    I can't even get XLink working since I've moved and can do WiFi only. Also my TV doesn't have Component ports so my Socom 2 screen is in black and white since I don't have Composite cables.
  2. SkiMask

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    I'd be willing to buy one for you on Amazon or wherever of your choosing and send it regular mail to Canada; if it meant a)reasonable price for you b)it got you to play more SOCOM on XLink with us. Totally worth the hassle since Amazon has a really weird surcharge on there for Canadians from what I remember. I think the last mic I bought was $14? Not sure the postage to Canada, but I am pretty sure I could put it into one of the USPS priority "bags" or ship it ground via UPS or FedEx and it only being a few bucks more versus $60 or whatever it quotes you on Amazon.

    Let me know.
    And I use a PS2 Slim, Do NOT have free McBoot, Try and plug your shit on XLink by naming my rooms "Free McBoot" to raise awareness, and I don't see myself ever playing with a patched game. But I appreciate your passion.
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  3. everythingred

    everythingred I once had fish tacos when I was drunk

    I appreciate the offer and I'll reach out once I can get XLink to even work and then still gotta buy a converter of some sorts. Black and white image on night maps would be awful :p
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  4. [ZIP]SuPeRMaN

    [ZIP]SuPeRMaN iDub Scrub

    im gonna help as many ppl as i can cuz i want you guys to have fun again and enjoy the game like its meant to be enjoyed . i WILL do my best to get you guys on my side in a patched game. i wont stop till i have at least a full room of patched player . i want to play with you guys and remember good times in a fully legit pw room asap . and if u have a slim at least you can play patched NO problem . for old schoolers with fat ps2 and a sony HDD with maps already installed can use the patch to activate the maps from HDD .
  5. [ZIP]SuPeRMaN

    [ZIP]SuPeRMaN iDub Scrub

    do you mind if i TeamViewer with you to see if i can get you going . i've helped a lot of ppl get set up Xlink kai so they could play .do you still need help getting this going ? hmu.
  6. Krazy

    Krazy Green Up

    why are they in video format? those iso's wont burn to a disk and work. I hope you can get that worked out I really want demo disk 90

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  7. 1UP

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    It's an ESR patched game. That's why it is like that.
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  8. You can just download the S2 HDD maps. Download link here. http://socomlan.com/s2hddmaps.zip

    After you download it you need to run the uLaunchElf that in that file this one allows you to view partitions content of ones created by retail games. You will need to copy and paste the .cdb files in that file archive in to the partition created by SOCOM 2. You need to copy and paste them in to RUN folder inside the SOCOM 2 partition.

    If you do not see the SOCOM 2 partition you will need to boot up SOCOM 2 and enable HDD support after that you should have the SOCOM 2 partition on your PS2 HDD.
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  9. Drum

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  10. brad2192

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    Just like the map pack tutorials I've provided people will never make the switch unfortunately..
  11. Ditch

    Ditch Requiem

    Only thing stopping ppl from playing the AWESOME HDD maps now is actually having the ps2 hdd
  12. Krazy

    Krazy Green Up

    lol oooooo i c I just hotswapped the discs at the loading screen s3 mod disc style no need for esr patch
  13. [ZIP]SuPeRMaN

    [ZIP]SuPeRMaN iDub Scrub

    ESR Patcher .exe unpatch
  14. [ZIP]SuPeRMaN

    [ZIP]SuPeRMaN iDub Scrub

    great news we got a lot more ppl patched and even a few ppl hdd maps . LONG LIVE SOCOM II PATCHED !!!!
  15. eVo7

    eVo7 Vicious Provacateur

    Okay so. I have a official ps2 40gb hdd, i have a mcboot memory card, i have a ide to usb cable.

    Can someone give me a 101 on how to get the hdd maps and patch?
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  16. SkiMask

    SkiMask Devil's Advocate

    Thanks for reaching out yesterday dude. I really hope we can work together on that mic. Hit me up on a DM in Twitter or here via that PM. Oh and can you hook up eVo7 with that freshness that he's looking for?
  17. Tawok

    Tawok Not *That* Kinda Guy

    Dude people don't make the switch because this shit is way beyond our pay grades to set up. XLINK is already a pain in the ass on it's own, and we're talking about adding another layer of bullshit to set up, and another $20 down the tubes for some modded memory card. And for what, their personal opinion of what "fixed" bullet spread is? For maps that are now daytime that nobody asked for daytime on (Sandstorm, Shadow Falls)? For some clan tags and shallow ass ranking system that re-ranks you after EVERY game?

    I'll totally pass. Just getting people to successfully connect to a game via XLINK is a challenge in itself. When we have 200+ people on every night, we can talk about fragmenting our already tiny community for miniscule changes.
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  18. WAR_PIG

    WAR_PIG Wings

    Well said.
    I have said that from the moment he started this up. I respect the efforts but most aren't kids with a ton of time and do well just to get on once or twice a week. LOL
  19. 1UP

    1UP The BETTER Socom on PC Guy

    Um, wrong thread? The r0004 patch is the official patch that doesn't do anything you stated. All this realistically does is give people the option to play the map packs.

    SHUDRSKI Butterstick

    Would it be possible to create a similar patch for CA to get Clan Tags like in S2? Ive been doing some research but I'm not very tech savvy. Any ideas?

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