R0005v57b OPL Compatible ISO

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    Good afternoon guys,

    Spoke with @Harry62 about the issues with OPL Compatibility, there was issues with it freezing at LAN
    screen. First off, I recommend using the Latest OPL version I am using for this to work which is here. You could also download the OPL pre-modded ISO with R0005v57b on it here.

    To fix this use Harry's ISO tutorial with the following modifications:

    1) Instead of editing the SYSTEM.CNF file, keep it the "stock" one as the boot file as SCUS_972.75

    2) Download R0005v57b.elf and rename it to R5.ELF (all caps)

    3) Add to your HDD whichever way you typically do

    4) In the "Custom Elf" selection in your "Game Settings" of the newly added ISO type "R5.ELF"

    5) Boot the game, make sure the game version on the bottom displays "R0005 v0.57" and try it out.

    Credit goes to @Harry62 for helping me out with this.
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