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Discussion in 'TRS Support' started by Durka-Dan, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Durka-Dan

    Durka-Dan Chopsticks

    Randomly, on some pages, I'm getting redirected to advertisement sites a few seconds after the page loads. Pretty sure it's not me. Something on the forum is redirecting me.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    If you can, please let us know which threads or pages are causing this. The last time something like this happened, someone had a link in their signature to a site that contained malware, and any thread they posted in caused a redirect.

    I have not seen this on my end yet. Keep us posted. Cheers!
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  3. Durka-Dan

    Durka-Dan Chopsticks

  4. Durka-Dan

    Durka-Dan Chopsticks

    Just got this on viewing the main forum:

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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    Thank you for the info. It looks like this has been happening on NeoGaf as well involving some malicious Google ads.

    It happened at another forum as well and there are some links to discussions about Google having some issues with ads:

    So I will block that company from being able to generate ads at TRS and see if that stops the issue. If anyone else is seeing this, please chime in and let us know.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention Durka!
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    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    So after some additional research, this is a major issue that is plaguing Google and a ton of websites out there. (thousands) Google announced that they should have a fix for this sometime today. I will remove the ad banner at the top until Google makes another announcement. The smaller banners at the bottom should be okay, but please let me know if anyone still sees this popup.
  7. Durka-Dan

    Durka-Dan Chopsticks

    Ha! My plan to remove the ads and end the money flow to TRS has worked!!


  8. UnSeenDeath88

    UnSeenDeath88 Butcher Pete

    I haven't seen this yet, but google adservice doesn't miss a beat, as soon as i clicked this thread the ads were for avast, and "remove v9 redirect virus"
  9. Buchanans

    Buchanans Breach Bandit

    Getting this crap. First three pages of If H-Hour Bombs. All pages except last of Fuck you Redline.
    Edit: Just happened in the thread list of the main SOCOM section.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

    It happened to me this am as well. Google is still struggling to contain it, and it keeps coming back through other ways once they block it.

    I added some new URLs to our ad blocker that some other websites found this morning were causing it. I haven't seen it happen since. Thank you for letting us know and please continue to report these issues when they arise. They help me locate ads within a specific time frame and cross reference that with other website owners out there trying to fix this themselves since Google is struggling.

    This is just something we are going to have to manually address as it pops up until a permanent fix is available from Google. If it makes you feel any better, some major websites have been experiencing the same thing.
  11. xCaZx-

    xCaZx- Socom Refugee

    Same thing happened to me yesterday, but it was in the Socom forum (no specific thread). It didn't do it on the main forum page but as soon as I clicked on the Socom section it loaded and then redirected to a malware site.

    I thought it was me so I loaded malwarebytes, ran it, and then the problem stopped.

  12. WarMachine_v1

    WarMachine_v1 TRS Staff

    Thanks for handling this Luke, this was indeed a Google AdSense issue. I saw it happen on half a dozen sites over the past week.
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