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    This was something I have been toying with for a few weeks on and off. It was mainly going to be just for me but with more people using PCSX2 and streaming I figured other people might like to use it as well.
    Do note that you have to either be using the default game or harry's patch. This will not work with r0004

    The program itself will show you how many rounds both the terrorists and seals have won as well as the total rounds. It will also show how many of each team are still alive.


    The program out puts 2 text files, one called socomStats which has the round counters and alive players which has the team alive counters. You can have OBS use these text files and make them into an overlay for your streams.


    If your antivirus trips it would be due to a false positive. The reason for that is because of how the program is packed to reduce the likeliness that it can be decompiled.

    Virus Scan
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