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    It's been awhile since we had these, but with all the H-Hour excitement floating about we figured we might as well bring them back.

    Back in 2004-2006 we operated a "Top Site" for like-minded clans to serve as a fun way to get a big clans list going as well as have some competition amongst the clans (mostly their webmasters) to try and hold the #1 spot.

    It became very popular amongst our friends & allies and other members of our little corner of the community and soon had over 100 clans in the directory/ ranking. After SOCOM II came and went, we let the topsites die off as clans moved on and their sites went offline.

    So we decided to dust off our old topsites, update em for the modern web and make em nice and pretty for use once again to try and start building that expansive directory we once had back up. :) We gain nothing out of this, it's free, there are no ads, it's purely to form a large directory of like-minded clans and to allow a little site-to-site interaction and competition.

    If anyone is interested please feel free to enlist your clan, it's easy and only takes a few minutes! You'll be given a linkcode so you can show of your rank on your site and rank up as well.


    Below is a screen of a clan's site profile, includes ranking info, their banner, screenshot, bio and a guestbook

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