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    Since this is the only active TPS development going on with the death, or medically induced coma, of h hour I thought it could use its own thread. I can try to field has many questions as I can. Here is the podcast from last night, not an extreme amount of substance just yet as private testing has only been goin on two weeks with weapons tuning the focus.
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    I have no interest until I see solid gameplay changes, but Im glad to see you showing interest in it. Keep me up to date
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    What has improved most since SOCOM:INS?
  4. Yammerhammer128

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    This is a third person that is native in the game build and not a server side hack. Hit registry is now 100% accurate, 100% of the time instead of being altered by player ping. No camera collisions. Dynamic crosshairs that expand and blossom and jump with recoil as opposed to the entire screen moving for recoil. Guns are currently being worked and each weapon will have its own characteristics and uniqueness. Weapon damage has been reduced from standard insurgency and is more along the lines of Socom ins. A one shot kill, hardcore style weapon damage isn't ideal for TPS but the general rule of thumb for weapons now is 1 to the head, 2 to the chest, 3 to the stomach, 4 to the arms, 5 to the legs
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    Looks great. In my opinion, it looks like it could have been a Socom game and it has maps that would have been new versus the old maps.
  6. Swill

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    Is Resurgence redline's game? Or, is it the game of the studio he works for?

    If it's his own game, fuck it and fuck him. If it's the game of the studio he's a peon in, then I'm more open to giving it a shot at some point.
  7. everythingred

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    Resurgence is still his.

    The new NWI game will be on UE4 rather than Source.
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    From what I can gather, Resurgence is a 3rd person mod {Natively} for Insurgency. I think Redline is in charge of that and is working with the devs to improve the 3rd person mode for Insurgency with the camera and other things. He passed down the Socom mod to Bigz to work on Resurgence.
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  9. Yammerhammer128

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    Ok, then just please stay way from this thread. Thanks.

    Edit: Not trying to sound aggressive I just want to keep this as a substantive, informative dialogue of the game and it's progress. We have a competent, accomplished studio putting work in to a third person mode, regardless of what you feel about the lead man, it is a positive. So I just ask we keep this on track and not a debate about past transgression and personal feelings.
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    Right on. Thanks.
  11. ChicKeN

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    Originally posted by SOCOM: Source:

    SOCOM:INS goes for a SOCOM 1 feel, plain and simple. If you're looking for a SOCOM 2 strafe battle you've come to the wrong place. We love feedback and are always looking to improve our development, but with that being said we have a strong vision of what this development should be and have always stated it goes for an original feel.

    The market we cater to is OGs, those that played SOCOM 1 and are looking to gain that same type of feel. There are other games out there that cater to the later SOCOM markets and that's fine, to each their own. Some that never got the opportunity to play SOCOM 1 have discovered our development and that's great, but if it's not for you then you'll just need to come to terms with that. The SOCOM name was attached to many different games with different styles of play, so we'll never be able to satisfy everyone.

    We see plenty of players request that the INS developers add crosshairs or other mechanics you wouldn't expect to see in their game. They always politely decline that it does not fit their core vision and are forthcoming, as is the case here with strafing. So again, while we're happy to collect your feedback, we are not here to mislead you and want to make it clear what our development goals are.

    So with all that being said, let's make sure we can keep our discussions civil, and ensure that you're coming onto these forums asking the right questions and providing feedback to make our development better, not steer it in a direction that only benefits your own personal interests rather than the core vision of this mod.

    MY POST:

    I'd like to have a healthy debate here.

    With that said, S1 most definitely had strafing. For those who have never seen S1, see any of these videos here: .

    The difference was the hit detection was much better on S1 than S2. That is it. I love how people hated SCON for the slow strafing but now love a mod that favors slow to non strafing. It shouldn't be called SOCOM if there is no strafing. Basically you want a literal 3P CS? You pretty much have to involve a spray mechanic like CS if you do not want strafing so the game involves some sort of gun skill.

    The reason why there was strafing in SOCOM is because Zipper wanted SOCOM to require skill to play. Since we used controllers the skill involved to aim was higher speed strafing + aiming. The game involved skill to aim. It is what made SOCOM's gun game unique vs all the other games. This includes S1. S1 most definitely had strafing and it is false to say otherwise.

    BTW, I have played SOCOM Source on both CS and Insurgency. Neither are comparable to S1 or S2. They are both more SCON than anything but that is bad propaganda I guess since SCON got a lot of flack from the OG SOCOM community.

    This was over on the steam discussions.
  12. ChicKeN

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    I am all for the support for Resurgence. But, to tell people S1 didn't have strafing and its to cater to the OG community? THE SAME "OG" community that hated SCON for its slow strafing gameplay.

    I could go on about this for days but I have played those mods and they are nothing like the original SOCOMs. They are more like updated versions of SCON.

    I guess this is completely my opinion but one things for sure, S1 had strafing.
  13. Yammerhammer128

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    Resurgence is not the Socom mod. Strafing was a result of too much spread plus poor hit detection. I don't have a strong enough memory to break down gameplay from Socom 1, but I don't think the market is there for a shooter with random spray to the point you have strafe wars. Now you do have that when unintentionally walking into a CQC, but this game is much more rewarding for being accurate. That's the main reason I hate h hour, the gun fight is so unrewarding. I don't think people playing on a PC want junk ass accuracy values
  14. Eagle_F15

    Eagle_F15 Fish Market Janitor

    That's why I like it, the CON resemblance
  15. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    You are only talking about full auto, spraying and praying in SOCOM. Each gun in S1 & S2 was unique and you are right, if you sprayed your gun you will miss a lot. The best players tapped/bursted long range, and full auto up close.

    Strafing had nothing to do with the full auto spray of the guns. That makes no sense. We used a controller and SOCOM needed some way to involve skill. So hitting moving targets is that skill. Not everyone could do it. Just like not everyone can play CS and master the spray pattern.
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  16. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    Nothing wrong with that. I liked SCON it just wasn't as good as S1 or S2. When I played these mods it felt more SCON than anything. BiGz just responded to my post and said they upped the speed recently. So I will try it out again.

    The fact they SOCOM:SOURCE posted S1 didn't have strafing is incorrect though. The gunfights just didn't last as long because the hit detection was far better and people actually died when they should. That is how it should be explained.
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  17. Eagle_F15

    Eagle_F15 Fish Market Janitor

    Yup, it does say Socom Source.

    From what I am told on there steam hub is that the S1&2 style will not be apart of this mod besides the maps. And there will not be straf fights, speed(even though they kind of made it faster so that you do not have to use the sprint button, still no straff fight, actually there is just slow), jump to climb, dive to prone all the good stuff, lol, to me that's ok, they just have to make it clear, like there fan base has backed up, that this is not S2, not 10 years ago and what they have now is far more better then S2 was, and how today's Socom should be. Like I said I am fine with that, because I still enjoy it, as a Socom Confrontation mod ;)
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  18. Yammerhammer128

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    You guys are missing the distinction between the mod and resurgence. I made this thread for resurgence
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  19. S_L_I_C_K

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    I hate to say it but redline seems like the only person willing and capable of creating a socom like game. I dont mean he is going to whip one out in the next year or anything, but if there is one in the future i cant help but think he will have some hand in it. the guy clearly has talents and the passion to build a socom type game, he is extremely dedicated to it. which sucks ass because i would love to play a new socom game...

    but then again...what about stealths game? that baby should be up and running any minute now right!!!:D
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  20. Yammerhammer128

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    Resurgence already has a much different feel from the mod. You guys can sign up for private testing by following the directions in the Reddit page, I know there is a link in their twitter. But it needs to be noted this is NOT the Socom mod, which I explained the difference of the third person modes in my second reply of this thread

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