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Discussion in 'Clans' started by Archer_58, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Archer_58

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    Riders of the Apocalypse (aka ROTA) has been in existence since 2005. We enjoy playing SOCOM, which is the game that has been our primary focus for the past six years.

    ROTA does have a following that plays other games, such as…Call of Duty, Madden, Tiger Woods, Battlefield, and Red Dead Redemption, just to name a few.

    Our Mission Statement sums up what ROTA provides, no matter which game we play.



    ROTA seeks those whose desire is to play video games online in an atmosphere opposite of that found in public rooms. Free from hassles, bad language, cheating and voiced prejudices. The Atmosphere we endeavor to provide is one of Fun, Relaxation, Camaraderie, and Sportsmanship. To provide a venue to enjoy playing online any given evening of the week with like-minded individuals.


    In addition to our Mission Statement,
    we value Honesty, Tolerance, and Respect for, and from, all of our members.

    There are two things that we would like new recruits to be aware of:
    1. We ask that you please read our Policies/Rules, and post on our forum that you accept them.
    2. Unfortunately, we do not accept members under the age of 25.

    If what you read to this point is of interest to you, please stop by our website and say hello.
  2. Archer_58

    Archer_58 Green Up

    Rota would like to welcome Soul_taker, Dirty fisher and Briman into the clan. Private rooms up on Confrontation up each night.
  3. GoDsReMeDy

    GoDsReMeDy Butterstick

    Congratz on your'e new recruits iv'e seen them on before, seem really cool to play with.

    LUKENBACHER Retired Co-Founder & Co-Owner

  5. Archer_58

    Archer_58 Green Up

    Thanks Remedy. These folks have been a great addition to our clan family.

    Thanks for the offer Lukenbacher.
  6. xStartThMachinex

    xStartThMachinex Rah-he-lah!

    Archer, its good to see ROTA on TheRealSOCOM finally. TRS has a bunch of great SOCOMers. I knew you guys would finally come along :)
  7. erum

    erum Green Up

    I have not played socom in a while been playing ever since i was a kid (socom 1) and looking to get in the swing of things again, just looking for any decent legit players im a 3:1, with great communication so hmu.

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