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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by RaidenXS, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. RaidenXS

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    Just an article speculating PS5 to launch 2019. Would it be a good time for a Socom push to be developed as a system launch title?

    A case could be made the Socom's prior helped sell systems. A multiplayer intensive title could help launch a system, too. Usually, they end up being single player games because there are less systems out there. But it it was one multiplayer game of many SP games, could we argue it would have a nice slice of consumer happiness/confidence?

    Either way, a push would need to happen prior to release for it to be developed at the same time of a PS5 system launch. Doing a push now would be a 2 year development plan. A bit of a crunch but it might be sell-able.

  2. dizee

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    i hope not since most launch titles are usually shit with gimmicks attached to them to make use of the consoles new bulletpoint features.

    i think eventually what we will get is a "hd" port of confrontation or s4 since they already have PSN incorporated into the game. I think that is the major reason why we dont get a ps2 hd remaster. sony knows the game has to have online support or it wont be supported.

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