S2 r0005 patch v0.4 Release

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  1. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    UPDATE: r0005 v0.5.8 released.
    - No longer compatible with previous versions.
    - Better cheat detection.
    - Spectator tags removed from main patch due to space issue and PAL freezing.
    - Spectator only patch can only spectate patch/normal games and play normal games.
    - Host shows up in scoreboard(select menu) in game highlighted green. This does not check the spectators for host. Does NOT work in the lobby.
    - Improvements made to patch engine.

    Link to patch:

    Link to PAL patch (for those that freeze when connecting to LAN):

    Link to SPECTATOR ONLY patch:

    Patch gameplay:

    *** Known issue and solution ***



    How to
    How to create a PATCHED room:
    How to create a HALO room:
    How to join a patched room:
    Rank icons are based on KDR:
    How to use a clan tag:
    How to create an ISO of SOCOM 2 that auto boots the patch: Does NOT work with ESR yet. May not work with OPL. Use OPL Method below.
    How to create an ISO with the patch already on it for OPL:

    Common questions and answers
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  2. HighDosage

    HighDosage Navy SEAL

    Nice! I notice no clan tags added here
  3. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    I'm currently having an issue with it working properly on PS2. Works fine on pcsx2 but I'm not going to release it in it's current state.
  4. Something else that be interesting if you included a way to create 24 player room.


    Very cool stuff my friend, keep up the great work. Do you think it might be possible to change map's game mode, now tjat I think of it? Even if only to Suppression, I imagine adding objectives and game logic is no easy feat.
  6. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Not with the patch. I'm too limited to alter that much code.
  7. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    UPDATE: New patch released in the original post. It now includes clan tags on LAN.

    How to use a clan tag:
    1. The tag is inserted when creating your name at the login screen for LAN.
    2. Create your name like this: [TAG]name
    Example: [CC]Harry62
    The game will seperate the clan tag and name when joining a room.

    SNIPERofDEATH Strafe Artist

    That is a lot to ask for since the game suffers from massive lag on x link
  9. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    No, It wouldn't be interesting.
  10. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    It would be very interesting, although it's obvious the community would not take to it. Not to mention it would take 24 people to test it all using the same test patch, then additional testing to eliminate bugs. In other words I'm not going to look in to it.
  11. /SS/ PEIPER

    /SS/ PEIPER Finisher

    Just play S-3, Con, or CA if you want that many people playing on one map.
    It is especially retarded coming from a guy quoted as saying S-2 was the worst Socom on the PS2.
    I would think most S-2 fans would find it insulting. I know I do.
    There's some other shit I find insulting and disgusting as well, but i'll try to give the benefit of the doubt.
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  12. Don't really believe xlink is to be blame. Lot of things that could be going wrong that ain't xlink fault. More of common problems I see is people using WiFi may run in some very bad interference. Different programs on computer could eat up lot of CPU usage and cause random pikes with people ping. Example just Windows doing background updating could cause this problem. If that happens it can also cause people to get booted with way game networking works.
  13. Yea I do believe SOCOM 2 is worse SOCOM game on PS2, but that just my opinion. I do still play SOCOM 2 too. Also no public know way to play Confrontation anymore and if someone don't like idea of 24 person room they could just simply not join it.
  14. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Thanks Harry, we really appreciate what you're doing here!
  15. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    Also, one quick question. Do I have to boot the .elf every time I want to run with your patch? I've noticed at times it goes back to r0001 if I do not run your .elf before booting up SOCOM II
  16. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    You have to boot the patch every time.
  17. brad2192

    brad2192 The SOCOM on PC Guy

    alright, thank you. JUst a thought, is there any way to embed this into the .zdb file on the memory card?
  18. lordzhangfei

    lordzhangfei Butterstick

    My input after playing with patch today:

    There were some serious connectivity issues, the room was booting people left and right and I also had a hard time staying in game, the "You have been disconnected" pop up booted me out repeatedly. I tried making the game in a non arena and an arena setting. At first we thought that it may have been someone booting but after the arena and we had legit players in there it continued.

    The clan tag feature is buggy (for the better in my case). I had my name saved in my loadout (LordZhangFei). It's too long to include a clan tag in my actual name because there is a character limit (12). So I inputed [3-K]LordZhang and long behold when I joined a room it was actually exactly how I wanted it [3-K] LordZhangFei. I thought it was weird and when I went to log back in due to getting booted I typed my name as [3-K] only. Again, when I joined a room my name was [3-K] LordZhangFei. So, what it actually does, is it takes the clan tag you insert, in my case [3-K], and applies it as your clan tag and uses the name you have saved to your memory card as your Socom name.

    The rank features showed up as chopsticks but I was unable to get a game going long enough to try to see if the algorithm worked.

    Also, worst problem of all. It made Crossroads a suppression map and even took out the bomb. Not sure why or how, but I imagine the all maps respawn coding that was inserted is messing with the pre determined loadout of each map.

    The booting issue seemed to be the most frustrating but I am confident you will get it bro!
  19. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Thanks so much for the detailed bug list. I will release an update later today to repair some of the issues. Just check back to this thread.

    The booting issue is most likely xlink. I have not altered any of the network code via the patch. My assumption is your connection mixed with the terrible xlink connection caused the booting issues. I have a 30/5 MBps connection myself which is way more than enough to play this game but I have yet to finish a full game on xlink without getting booted and this is without a patch. The only way to truly test connectivity issues is over LAN on your own network.

    The clan tag is a work in progress. Currently the only way to extract the clan tag and name is from a pointer to the saved name in memory. Keep your eyes on this thread as the next update may or may not repair the clan tag issues.

    I have corrected the respawn function so maps outside of the respawn mode keep their original game mode during non-respawn games.
  20. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    UPDATE: Patch r0005 v0.4.2 is now available in the first post.

    It includes:
    - Revamped clan tag function. Seems to work fine for me now.
    - Creating patched game passwords now requires the "@" symbol instead of the "!" symbol at the beginning of the password. The older patches will not be able to join new patched games.
    - Increased the text limits to accommodate clan tags and player names.

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