S2 r0005 patch v0.4 Release

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  1. Harry62

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    You do NOT mod your ps2. Everything can be done via soft mods these days. Google freemcboot and look at all the ways you can install it. The easiest way to install it without a hard mod is to use a PS1 game to run the independence exploit. You can run freemcboot via the exploit and install it at that point. Once it is installed your ps2 will boot in to an altered browser menu unless the memory card is removed or formatted.
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    The modded Ps2 is done VIA the memory card. You remove the memory card that has the "MOD" on it and you no longer have a "modded ps2" . Its soft modding. To get the patch you have to have the MOD, so you either have to do the MOD yourself or someone who has a memory card with the mod on it send it to you. Just hit Copy to yours and your ps2 is then modded. The Patch, takes all of 10 seconds to get onto your ps2 once its modded.
  3. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    This is what freemcboot looks like when your ps2 starts up. It is nothing more than a modified ps2 browser:

  4. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Does anyone have any new ideas they'd like to see in the patch? At this point it seems to be stable and I'm ready to move forward with creating an install package so everyone can boot it directly from the freemcboot menu.


    While this would be opening a can of worms in regards to balancing, could some weapons be made available to both teams? For example, allowing the SEALs to deploy with a Desert Eagle, or a 552. I'd imagine you'd be hesitant based on the patch advantage issue, which is fair enough, just wondering if it's possible. Probably is, I'm sure coders had it figured out at one point.

    Would it be possible to apply the day/night changes made previously to single player maps? For example, a night time version of Seeding Chaos or Stranglehold would be so cool. Not high priority of course, just spitballing.

    One other thing. Would it be possible to expand the Jukebox in the Extras menu? Be really cool to listen to other musicpieces at will.
  6. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    Specific weapons can be enabled for both teams and I can limit that to patched rooms only. The day and night for offline will work but I'll have to release that in code form as the patch will not allow it. I have not looked in to the jukebox before.
  7. lordzhangfei

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    R005 0.4.3 Update

    I have been testing the new patch alot. Here is my input

    Algorithm for ranks is not correct on Patched Rooms. I didn't get to check it out completely but I know it's not right because I was an admiral with a 2:1 K/D.

    Night Maps look good, here is some things that would make a lot of sense to change.

    Thermal Scope - The scope on the turrets is really messed up, it's like an acid trip when you look with it. If it was possible to remove, it would be better.

    Night Vision - This is almost a deal breaker for me, trying to lead for a good place to scope into, while switching to night vision is impossible. Since it's not dark the screen gets this brutal white glare and you basically lose all your vision. It makes it impossible to snipe. I would suggest removing night vision in it's entirety.

    Breaking down my findings - What we refer to "Nights maps to Day", turns out to be nothing more than a removal of a darkness filter. You can tell this by taking a look at all the maps with the patch on. Enowapi is glitched out at the bomb plant, Mixer is more vivid and bright and these maps are constituted as "Day Maps", as they don't have night vision. It also explains why in maps like Abandon have extreme fog of war and this white glare to the environment. The code effects all the maps in general, some for the better in my opinion.

    There can be several solutions to this problem depending on what Harry can actually do. The ultimate solution would to edit every map specifically. I imagine that since there is a "darkness filter" (we will just call it that for now) that can be turned off/on, there has got to be a filter that controls the fog of war. With that said, there is even more room for improvement, if you were able to control not only these filters existence, but their opacity, they could be adjusted to each map specifically. If adjusting their opacity is impossible, at least make it map specific when turning them off/on. As this would let us vote on which maps to adjust, and which to not. Sadly one of my all time favorite maps Rats Nest is actually more playable in the dark. The white fog of war filter is very hard to see through and your visability is LOW. I will go onto each of my finding in the maps i have tested.

    Shadows Fall - By far the best adjustment. This map looks amazing and could actually be a fun playable map.

    Sujo - This map has it's ups and downs. The Terrorist spawn looks pretty good but from a terrorist perspective looking towards the seal spawn has it's problems. The fog of war is very strong.

    Enowapi - The Bomb Plant is very glitched out, when you are approaching the entrance from the ramp it appears that you will be put into total darkness, but when you get down there and your eyes adjust a bit. The room is completely lit up. The enemys also appear as these white silhouettes, making it look very glitched out.

    Mixer - I don't think mixer has ever looked better

    Crossroads/Vigilance/Fish Hook/Desert Glory - No real visible Difference

    Frostfire - The fire looks funny but it pretty much looks the same

    Requim - This map is IMO the 2nd worst one, the fog of war is so strong that you cannot see very far at all. Without a working night vision and the strong fog of war it would making Sniping OP in this map (assuming the sniper never zoomed out because of night vision glitch). I could be sniping on the roofs by the terrorist spawn and it would be impossible for the seals to see me, unless they zoomed in on me.

    Abandon - There are a few spots where the fog of war is beneficial to a specific side. The trees have a glitched out white tint to them. Overall though, it looks pretty good.

    Rats Nest - Sadly this map is much better in the day, the white fog of war filter is so strong that it almost makes the map not playable.

    Sandstorm - This is a good one, Fog of war is strong in the seal spawn but it clears up pretty nicely in the terrorist spawn.

    Night Stalker - Aside from Shadow Falls, this map is the 2nd best. Gonna have to change the name to Day Stalker.


    If there is no real solution to making these map specific and this is as good as it gets, i almost vote to take it out. Rats nest/Requiem/Enowapi/ all look worse, while a day time abandon and shadows fall is cool. I just don't see people playing those maps as much as the one that are effected in a negative way.


    I also tried reallly hard to get the "darkness filter" off in a room that was not patched. I had no success, whatever your doing to make it only specific to rooms with a @ Password is working real well. Also when you try to join a Patched Room without the patch (by knowing the PW). It still doens't let you join. Says "Password Error". So as far as I am concerned, once you make a patched room, the unpatched players cannot join no matter what.


    Keep up the good work as usual! I will keep you informed with any other problems I run into, so far, the compatability with non patched rooms is working great!



    I did notice in the video that the top of the sky was still black on some maps. Looked like a Soundgarden music video. Frostfire's skybox adjusted very well, reminded me a lot of FF Day from Confrontation. If it's possible, porting that box to the other maps could be a quick and dirty solution.
  9. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker


    It looks like I'll have to make day maps map specific. The code is based on the idea that maps have a set value for fog but this has been proven wrong due to enowapi having jet black fog in the basement which is causing the issue on that map. What I will do is write some code to check if the map is shadow falls or one of the other maps that looks great with the mod and exclude all other maps from the day time function. There is nothing I can do about the fog of war as you call it. I have adjusted it multiple times but socom 2 will only render so much of the map. Pushing the fog back and changing the opacity will reveal walls and floors that do not render at that distance exposing players.

    What really bothers me is that you're experiencing the day map mod during a regular game. Are you 100% sure that you are seeing day maps in a regular game or a password game where the password does not start with the "@" symbol? The current function only allows an altered map to occur in a patched game.

    You can not give out the password of a patched game because the password is altered when you create it. If this was not done anyone could use the patch and create a patched game and then give the password to regular players. This would defeat the purpose of a patched game when these regular players may or may not have codes. Not to mention they wouldn't have any of mods associated with a patched game.

    @MR.BLONDE The skybox is loaded with each individual map. Some skyboxes are above the fog and some are not. Frostfires skybox is fairly dark but the fog hides that when I change it. Changing a skybox is possible but not worth the time.
  10. lordzhangfei

    lordzhangfei Butterstick

    I meant that I could NOT get the day maps in a normal room. It is only in a patched room, I tried a few things to get it to work but it won't. Your programming is good, I was just pointing out that all things are working really well as far as the PW Patched rooms are going.
  11. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    No biggie, I just misread it. Which maps do you want as day maps in the next patch? You've tested it more than I have so you will have a better idea of what needs to be day and what needs to remain unchanged. I'm thinking of just doing shadow falls, abandoned, and sandstorm. Not sure there's anything else that can be done to rats nest to improve it due to the intense amount of fog at every doorway.
  12. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Any screen captures of the map changes? I'd love to see the differences.
  13. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    There is a video in the first post.
  14. Smokey_Run

    Smokey_Run Retired 2011-2017

    Thanks. I didn't notice. I'll watch it when I get a couple minutes.
  15. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    UPDATE: r0005 v0.4.4 released.

    Link to v0.4.4: https://www.mediafire.com/?wnv7ts433fkds2v

    This update includes:
    - Day maps only effect shadow falls, abandoned, and sandstorm for now. The lighting and fog is customized for each map.
    - Disabled night vision for the altered day maps in patched games only.

    The ranks you referred to earlier work the same way in a patched game as they do in a non-patched game. When you start a game you are automatically assigned a 0.8:0 KDR. I do this so the player is given a lieutenant rank by default. The problem you're experiencing may be due to the possibility of team killing leading to positive kills for the KDR tracker function. I have not tested team killing but it could be the culprit.
  16. lordzhangfei

    lordzhangfei Butterstick

    Are you going to be able to take out night vision if it's going to be map specific? My opinion on what maps should be changed is none if you can't change the night vision problem.

    If you can, then I think there should be a poll. Some people might not want Night Stalker to be a day map, where I think it brings a few new elements to the table.
  17. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    I have already removed night vision from the maps that are changed to day time. The last post and the main post both state that night vision was removed from day maps.
  18. lordzhangfei

    lordzhangfei Butterstick

    When you say lighting and fog is customized for each map are you messing with the opacity of the fog? I know you stated earlier that it caused problems with exposing people behind walls due to the PS2 not rendering the walls that are really far away, but i'm just curious if that happened even with the slightest modification.
  19. ChicKeN

    ChicKeN Socomologist

    Harry I think I am going to try the soft mod just so I can rock a clan tag.

    Anyways, is this mod possible on PS3? I've only seen PS2 videos.
  20. Harry62

    Harry62 hacker

    I rewrote the day maps function to check which map is loaded then apply specific fog and lighting adjustments for that map. I am only changing the fog color and map light brightness.

    If the fog distance is pushed out even a small bit it walls will start glitching in the distance. This of course does not happen if I make the fog even thicker by moving it closer to the player.

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