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Discussion in 'Mindless Ramblings' started by SkiMask, Jun 11, 2017.

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    I sense a great calming in the force.

    Dysfunctional or Emotional. Pick one.


    I'm such a fucking miser, I still went for a free giveaway when the game is 5 bucks
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    Tech N9NE? Congrats on finally sharing some real MCing...

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    After taking a few weeks off from SOCOM on XLink, I had a chuckle at Dizzy and the XLink fucker with the TRS hate. So hilarious the hatred TRS gets when some of the fruits come out the woodwork "It's not like I was raw dogging your girl" bawhaha. I miss that shit so bad. That's not the toxicity anyone has ever referred to. That's just good natured shit talk. Props to Dizzy for telling him to fuck right off.

    In my opinion the toxic shit is TRS acting as if they are better than those who also play the same retro game albeit in some organized fashion and think it doesn't have any repercussions. It does. It perpetuates that TRS is a bunch of fuck tard closed minded dick holes that don't want people to join in on the "fun" and only clown on the "try hards" with some nose up better than them fashion.

    Fuck outta here with that shit.

    Tryhards were also people such as myself and a few others that came out week after week despite the website that purportedly was all things SOCOM sort of cringed and laughed at the effort for the better part of 6 months. XLink was putting up maybe 20 people nightly on Fridays this time last year.

    It was a joke. Everyone here laughed at the pathetic losers trying to get that busted ass shit to work for the first OR second time.

    Some of us stuck it out because we didn't want to be fucking hypocrite homos on a dead website talking shit about all things SOCOM, but wouldn't ever play the thing everyone talked about and would only laugh at those who did, the efforts (failed or not) that went into it, and of course all the laughs to be had at those trying to recreate the game we all loved. Present it to us to make the SOCOM self professed "Gods" happy with their bounty.

    TRS was drying up at that time and had almost been killed off for lack of participation by it's owners. Still was only just a couple months ago. Remember when Rev left? Only when folks started jumping on the bandwagon this past fall and acting like bonafide fuck tards to everyone not affliated did it get a little cringey and toxic. Shit was said, it was knocked off almost immediately. Fact.

    Last Friday from what you all talked in the thread seemed like it was heading towards being fun again. I might bop in here or there on random nights for a 3 set. About all I can handle is 3 matches at a time lately.

    And hey @eVo7 we get it dude. You too cool, old, and have no time for that competitive shit. How many times must you enter a thread and post that exact same bullshit? Gets old as fuck homie. I chuckle though cause you TRY SO HARD NOT TO GIVE A FLYING FUCK YOU MUST TELL EVERY SWINGING DICK AND MOOSEKNUCKLE willing to listen to your same old tired song and dance that you ain't got time for it.

    Old. As. Fuck.

    Community Nights used to be a lot more fun before some of you cock smokes showed up. Toxic? I am not even sure I want to put it under that banner anymore. Some of you just aren't fucking cool and your jokes aren't funny. Some of you just plain fucking suck at life, SOCOM, relationships, just being a good humans to fellow SOCOMers whose active numbers aren't even in the thousands anymore. So yeah, why sometimes I'd rather go play in a public room with people HAPPY TO JUST BE PLAYING SOCOM.

    Tripp, Hexum, April, Dark, etc immediately come to mind. I never NOT have fun (or clash with personalities) so that might also being saying something if I am the type to get along with everyone.

    Put up 200 by Christmas if I'm wrong and I'll eat crow all day long, but since I set the 100 the first go around, I saw what it took to even get to that number. It took a lot more than "I don't have time for that shit" It took passion, persistence, tech support at all hours, thirst for knowledge, money out the pocket, time, energy, collaborative efforts, patience, and above all else, compassion for my fellow SOCOMer.

    Some of you just don't have it or don't get it and that's cool; world full of stupid fucking idiots. Green up!
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    Sounds like you and yours really blowing up. Been wanting to mention that for quite some time now. Man, props! New job, new scene, new house? Girl probably growing up quick too. I bet life a blur. Stop and sniff homie.
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    For real. Getting my COE done for the VA Loan now. I was pre-qualled to 480K. Not getting a house that big though. I don't want to be house poor.

    Life is definitely moving pretty fast. A lot faster now at 40 than when I was a youngin'...
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    You ain't kidding. I search some days for minutes. Its weird. Priorities change and all of a sudden things that were paramount to a version of success you envision from years prior melt away once confronting reality and making actual change and progress. I sort of love the push forward regardless of readiness and appreciate that it all works out regardless because of the prior planning that goes into just being ready for anything.

    Funny how a VA loan can fuck with a person's sanity and I even imagine there was a couple moments you were like "WTF?!?" even being from the banking sector. I HATE that paperwork.
    Rather dig a tank trap.
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    Luckily for me, the loan processor will fill all of that out LOL. I just need to provide the DD214 and she takes care of the rest. I mean, i know I'll be giving her info and filling some things out, but she's going to do most of the work...
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    I'm only going to post once and will not respond to any reply here Ski....

    I have serious concerns for you. You seriously... and I mean seriously sound completely mental. The above two post best show exactly what I mean. In one post you are completely off your rocker ranting like a drunk, crazy person.... and then all the sudden it's roses and puppy dogs to Jung. You seriously need to check yourself.

    I haven't and won't respond to any of your post on this site. You are insulted me and others here far to long for be worthy of any response. I just wanted to voice my concerns about you. That's it. If you seriously think it's so horrible here, why the hell are you still here? You make little or no sense at all buddy. I wish you all the luck and hope you find what you are looking for in life. It's quite obvious you have something else going on in your life that has nothing to do with here. It's a shame you are taking it out on all of us.

    Good luck to you.
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    Sorry you feel that way dude. The "We need a hero" post was because I heard Luke was back and playing and mingling again. So yeah that was about that. Well that and I have become somewhat a villain as you have witnessed. Double entendre. Sometimes its fun to play with words. Haven't you figured that out about me? I know I reached out about the symbolism in the past. I play fast and loose with it. So what? And me and Jung are somewhat friend'ish so the pleasantries are just that; common courtesy towards a fellow vet and someone I consider good people.

    Sorry you feel this is mental. I find it cathartic. I also NEVER expected people to EVER reply--here.

    I can also separate my SOCOM persona with that of my real life personality. Nothing mental about that homie.

    People were doxxed around here dude. Ever know that? I personally have an issue with someone posting my real name out in the open. Do you? I find that one of the most disgusting things you can do around here. Its happened.

    I feel your barometer for bullshit is so far off you sometimes have your head firmly up your own ass. You've mentioned taking a break from the site FOR YEARS and yet don't understand when someone gets called out the simple response around here is "your fuckin crazy" and your dismissed. Some of us know more than others. Plain and simple.

    Some of YOU have been kept in the dark on purpose. Not my problem.

    I prefaced my thread with the point might be lost as some of you liken some of these towards yourselves and they are just not about you. So in that regard, you're absolutely right, I got other shit in my life to deal with far more important than SOCOM. But my thread is on topic and stays relevant to SOCOM whether you understand it or not.

    Again, sorry you feel I am mental and taking something out on you or the site when I decide to talk just as much shit as the next man around here and shouldn't be held to some other standard as you hold me currently. I don't agree with herd mentality and think for myself. I didn't ask to be loved or respected for it. Just the way I am. Deal with it however you choose.
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    Dude, you're all about that Metal Gear today. Even on twitter.
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    The answer is unequivocally, yes.
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